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Sandswept library

“Grammar for the especially pendatic, volume five? Wow, I couldn't even find that on tweepdock!” — Grammar enthusiast

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Dominant Residents: Ephemyrma

Fauna: Bookrats
Weather: Dry with the occasional sandstorm

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Library

Original Creator: curiousFellow

Physical Description

Ante-Heyl is a planet covered almost entierly in sand. The planet is littered with sandstone buildings, most of which are libraries. Since this is the Ephemyrma homeplanet, most of these buildings are abandoned, save for a few ephemyrma that hang around them to greet visitors. The ephemyrma treat the entire planet as a giant library, and visitors will have to buy a library card for the day in order to enter anywhere. The ephemyrma have cameras installed next to their bookshelves, so visitors are adviced to treat the books with care and to not take them with them on accident.


Ante-Heyl used to be a lush planet full of cities and towns, but it was refashioned into a research facility after the planet became a desert and most of its life died out. Once the ephemrma met the intergalactic community, the buildings were repurposed again to fit all of the local ephemyrma colony's used books as to try and make money off them. Ante-Heyl doesn't make a lot of profit, but the ephemyrma luckily don't need a lot of money.


Borrowburg: Borrowburg is the only place on Ante-Heyl that's free to enter. Borrowburg is host to a few oasises that the ephemyrma use to raise cattle. Borrowburg also has a marketplace for visitors to eat and stock up. The most impressive structure in borrowburg is Bowkant, a bookstore the size of an apartment building. The ephemyrma colony in the settlement is likely larger, but it is placed entierly underground. There are a few busses going in and out of borrowburg to allow visitors to easily access other parts of the planet.

Odoctah: Odoctah is a tower where the ephemyrma keep a collection of books that consists entierly of cheap doctor romance novels. Bafflingly enough this part of Ante-Heyl is visited quite frequently. Authorities suspect that visitors are using the tower to partake in illegal activities but so far they have been unable to find anything.

The Citeadel: The Citeadel is a library built in front of a statue of a giant scope. It's where the ephemyrma keep their most obscure and extensive science literature. There are a pair of small weapon development companies that intend to use the citeadel to save costs on research subscriptions. Vol-Automatic, which is lead by a volkronn entrepeneur, and Warwaffles, whis constists of a group of Noxis-Noverum. Both groups don't want to share and while the camera presence stops them from killing each other, they are constantly trying to chase each other out of parts of the library. Over time the two groups have begun to care more about winning control of the library than actually using the books, going so far as to hang up warbanners to show that they've claimed parts of the library.




• The Ante-Heyl police force is rather small. On account of how poor ephemyrma are at combat, it consists mostly of robots that they've brought in. The force is very well equiped however, since the ephemyrma have been trading library passes for prototypes with the companies of the citeadel.

• For ardent literature fans, Ante-Heyl offers theme parties where ephemyrma dress up and act like the characters from a chosen book. Sadly the ephemyrmas' acting skills leave a lot to be desired.

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