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Green paper sea

“No! Don't swim in there, you'll get papercuts!” — Speddari lifequard

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Dominant Residents: Speddari

Fauna: Giant paper eating animals.
Weather: Money falling out of the sky.

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Charity, Entertainment, Power plant

Original Creator: curiousFellow

Physical Description

Everything that could possibly be made out of money on the aptly named planet of Cashmoney is made of money. The planet is covered in miles of pure, worthless cash. This is very convenient for the locals who can control it with their psychic powers and just change and repair their architecture at will. To top that off, there is a small group of speddaris who generate money so quickly that they can literally burn enough money to provide power for the entire planet with no effort. Some factories and businesses gladly make use of this and offer the planet a bit of protection in exchange.

Life is easy on Cashmoney to the point where food is handed out for free and most of any work that's done goes towards entertainment. The downside to this is that this attracts so many freeloaders that cashmoney has developed a crime problem as visitors fight over large but limited handouts from the speddaris. The speddaris make some efforts to try and minimize the crime on their planet but they mostly go on giving out stuff for free and trying to have fun.


The speddari's history is closely aligned with the history of their homeplanet. Cashmoney was used as a garbage dump for money and it worked out great for everyone.


Poodlin Park: Poodlin Park is the main tourist attraction on Cashmoney. It's an enormous, flashy theme park made mostly out of money paper machee. The air in the park is filled with the sound of excited barking and the smell of burning money used to cook free snacks. It's often described as overwhelming. There are lots of rides to go on and a ton of prizes to be won, but as the park attracts huge amount of visitors, it also has the most crime out of any area of the planet.

The Paper Plains: The Paper Plains are a wildlife reserve where the Speddari have confined the giant paper eating fauna that developed on their planet, notable for the gigantic termite heap in its center and the giant silverfish that sometimes burst out of the ground. The speddari often host hunting parties and expeditions into the tunnels for fun.

The Pound: The detention of criminals poses big challenges when they are psychics that can move the walls at will. The speddaris' solution is The Pound, an underground prison facility where no money may enter. With the difficulty the Speddari have running a prison without their psychic powers, prison duties have been outsourced to a group of eager notails who have turned the place into a horror show of mutation experiments. Some speddari turn violent, break out and haunt the halls of the pound. Travelers are advised to do their best to stay out of the pound, as it's rare to leave unscathed. The notails running the pound are often on the lookout for mercenaries to clean up their messes, however.




• The most common snack that's handed out on Cashmoney is the termite-on-a-stick. It's extremely impolite not to throw the stick once the termite has been eaten.

• Rumors are that the speddaris' transportation and attractions run on psychic power, but speddaris are by far not strong enough carry people like that. Everything with moving parts has a metal skeleton and at best the spedari use money to push things forward or steer.

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