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Planet Submissions


Among the many known strains of clockwork infection, there have been several documented cases of K-class viruses, or "dryads": clockworks so virulent they infect entire planets, converting mountains into machinery and forests into blood. Tok is one such planet. However, unlike other infected planets, Tok is the only known case of multiple dryads all congregating on a single planet. As a result, Tok is in a constant state of war, as the various clockworks devote all their efforts towards producing overpowering eachother through both natural disasters like floods and landslides as well as more conventional weaponry. From space, Tok has several rust-coloured "continents" with ugly black lines snaking their way between them, giving the appearance of scars.


Notail Planet 572893 is a hot and dense planetoid around a very young star. It's surface is heavy cratered and a great ocean covers large part of the surface. It has an above average gravity, and an atmosphere made out of nitroogen and a small amount of oxygen, too little to be breathable, plus a small but considare amount of methane, enough to poison most lifeforms. The land is covered in huge mats of fuchsia photosynthetic bacteria, and small meadows of primitive grass. The ocean instead is drowned in a algal sludge, stopping higher lifeforms from evolving in the sea. It has considerable amounts of iridium and since it's a virgin planet, valuable minerals are abound, albeit no goverment wants to colonise it due to the undesirable conditions and the abundace of such planets. Apart from the craters, there are no rivers nor mountains to speak of.


From orbit, Lauzurek is largely covered in multilayered, multicolored clouds of swirling chemical pollution, lit from within by constant lightning. Its small, shattered moon forms a ring around the planet; occasionally, chunks of it drift into the atmosphere and plummet to the earth as meteors. On the ground, the land surface of the world is almost entirely covered in endless ruins, mile- wide craters, and twisted metal, being slowly worn down to nothing by the corrosive monsoons. Even shattered the vast constructions retain some of their grandeur; broken towers still reach high into the sky, crumbling industrial complexes still stretch from one horizon to the other. The ground and water are stained strange colors with toxic runoff seeping from the shattered factories.


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