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Acrisius Cloud

Cloud of Prey

Acrisius Cloud
“A nebula full of fauna. A space hunter's dream.” — Local Artemis unit

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Dominant Residents: Angels
Other Residents: Attracts large crowds of Artemis and Diana units

Fauna: Space Fauna, Solar Deer, Stellar Drakes, Space Tuna
Weather: Dusty

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Unknown/None

Original Creator: Will Duskgazer

Physical Description

Acrisius Cloud is a relatively large proto-planetary nebula in the process of becoming a solar system. It's unusually dusty and clumpy in there, with many decent sized planetoids cutting lines of dust-free passes in the disk.

For some other reason, the cloud is taking lots of time to fully form, and it has almost never changed when the notails dropped by for the first time. Due to the anomalous features of the area, many space lifeforms tend to gather, such as space tuna, solar deer and the passing stellar drake. These concentrations of fauna, plus the gravitational distortions and dust eddies of the planetesimals make the nebula one of the strangest hunting grounds of the universe.


When the notails visited the cloud, the nebula was teeming with resources, which it still is, but they didn't bother to colonize. The first settlers were the angels, which established many temporary space stations in order to hide from the rest of the galaxy, failing. They were later followed by the many species interested in both earning money by offering shelter to incoming hunters, or by capturing and killing the beasts of the cloud. One day a lucky aftik discovered that one could surf the dust disk near the clear trails of the planetesimals, bringing more popularity to the cloud. Every four years, many hunters and surfers alike gather together to participate in the numerous events of the Ascrisius Cloud Olympic Games, such as dust riding, and drake stalking.


The Drake's Corpse: A space station made with the remains of the questionably largest stellar drake ever killed, this hunter-only club is the top tier in blood sports, with special suites for the best of the best, relaxing swimming pools, special training simulators, and a plasma-proof stable for the live captures.

Diskus Resort: A base located in the smallest of the major planetesimals, it looks like a frisbee. Here, many dust surfers gather in the artificial ocean to practice, relax and meet other wave riders. It also features many magnetic launchers to hurl the surfers into the waves of the trails, and a fleet of drones to salvage the misses.

Angel Refuge: Nothing is known but rumors tossed around about one of the few colonies of angels in the universe, which is very hidden in the depths of the dust. Every attempt to track down a denizen or the station itself has suspiciously failed. All expeditions to it have been unsuccessful and some argue that the refuge is located within the proto-sun itself. Many others argue that it might not even exist considering all that is known about it are rumors.


Stellar Cloud: This body is not a planet, and it's very large compared to one. It's mostly made of dust and a young, cold proto-star in the middle, thus making it inhabitable outside of the stations and bases. The only sentient beings capable of surviving here in the long term are those who do not need planets, such as angels.


• There are theorists that conclude that this is indeed the homeworld of the angels, only to be denied by scientists after telling them that the cloud is way too young.

• Tourists are the species with most causalities in the nebula.

• The most well known competitors of the cloud are Artemis and Diana units. Due to their extreme skills and rivalry, they aren't allowed in the games because the AIs wouldn't let anyone win. They still can be found competing outside any events in hunting duels.

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