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Whispering Tree / Cats & Birds

“The grasses themselves seem to whisper to me! I like to lie in the sun and let the words wash over and around me...” — A duyami poet

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Dominant Residents: Duyami
Other Residents: Emoza

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Hot, windy or still

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Homeplanet

Original Creator: Qweerplx

Physical Description

Chyta is covered in grasslands and plains of all types, clusters of tall forest trees interrupting the otherwise perfectly covered grass planet. Prairies, savannas, meadows, all kinds of lengths and types, it's quite varied in grass, and nearly nothing but it.

The few forests have tall trees that seem to never end, wide gaps, leaves, herbs, moss and pine needles from the trees coating the ground, all is quiet when entering these forests, as if the very trees are whispering and everything is straining to hear. Chyta is full of creatures that seem strange or more mythical, and though most were wiped out once civilization hit the planet, some can still be found with determination, or in animal shows.


At some forgotten point in time, every inch of the planet was simply forest. Ordinary trees, nothing quite strange, the planet was just strictly forest, with no other sort of diversity. Through some sort of means the species that lived in the branches began discovering clearings of grass. Over time these clearings would become more common and more spacious, the trees giving way, growing farther upwards instead of outwards.

Some inhabitants of the planet continued to live in the trees even as they grew progressively closer to the sky, while others found it better to remain closer to the ground, losing their ability to fly as both parties civilized themselves.

As societies formed within the two majoring species they found disagreement with each other and their differing environments, seeing the other's reasons for staying or leaving within the trees ridiculous. While no actual wars were ever declared, there are plenty affirmed records of battles, any other violence that may have happened undocumented. After time and time again of pointless negativity that did no help, tensions cooled, even if only to stop the constant bristling they felt in each other's slight presence.

The two species of chyta agreed to let each be, even if the aftermath left the power scale unbalanced. Which side has the shorter end of the stick is debated scarcely, in case the discussion sparks into a genuine war. Even now the occasional scuffle can be found, even if fighting does not happen regularly.


Emoza Castle: Not an actual castle, but treated and thought like one, in the thickest part of the biggest forest the trees twist together to form a platform that the emoza have built a large building on, made to host the royal family. Visitors are allowed to land and come see them, though not without good reason.

Duyami City: A city hidden in the grass, undetectable by above flight. On ground, it sprawls out and covers the largest grass continent, housing hundreds of duyami. There, prices are much cheaper than anything in the emoza's forests.


Talking plants: The trees in the forest as well as some of the longer grasses, actually do whisper. Listening closely, there's a chance a snippet of someone's conversation could be heard. It's unknown if this is a trick of the wind, memory, or even an anomalous blessing.


• The emoza and duyami have wordlessly divided the planet between them. Forest for emoza, and the grasslands for the duyami.

• A book series called The Chronicles of Sleep, stuck high on the #1 charts for nearly 150 years before collapsing in a heap due to too many people suddenly dropping into comas. By trying hard enough, one may be able to find someone who's willing to sell them copies.

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