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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



The most notable thing about chriilth'tyn is their movement, which has been described as "off" even by other species that ambulate via tendrils. Chriilth'tyn prefer the term "fluid" to describe their motions. They describe the movement of other species as "stiff," "jerky," or "choppy," comparing it to stop-motion animation. Second only to their movement in strangeness is their speech, which contains many thoughtful pauses and awkwardly constructed sentences, regardless of whether they are using their original musically-based language or tapping out limlish with a keypad.


Despite their large and imposing size, most cnidanii are relatively peaceful and friendly, even going out of their way to greet anyone they meet with hugs aplenty from their hundreds of tentacles. Not much else is known about how the cnidan act, as most of the society still lives deep in the oceans of Plokam and only the first few brave members have left the planet to start integrating into the universal society.


All Comrades will only refer to other members of their species by the name "comrade" no matter how close they are to them, even though they are perfectly willing to call people of other species by their real names. Comrades are very friendly in times of joy and happiness, always willing to greet friend of friend and welcome into the group, to invite stranger to bread table, and to share drink with traveler in the night.


Individual consciences in the wild are no more than flora, waiting patiently for a creature to come near it. When someone does come near, it devours them, lets them steal a seed, or attaches to the creature to use it as a host for transport and food. After gaining a host, they then protect said host viciously. Consciences can become so integrated into the creature that it doesn't even try to remove it. When a conscience takes root or grows directly from an intelligent species via its seeds, it connects directly to the host species brain. This allows it to learn and experience the world through them.


Contractors often approach individuals hoping to make a deal in which the contractor gives the "client" in question exactly what they need... But at what cost? There's always something in it for the contractor hidden between the lines, and even "trustworthy" contracts can go Monkey's Paw fast.


The copez are very logical. They tend to view themselves more as a unit within the team than as an individual. Copez will often travel in small groups, or in pairs, preferably with their own species. Copez will work alone if the situation calls for such, however their work is far better when teamed up with others. Copez have a hard time functioning on their own, without others to bounce ideas off of or communicate with they become paranoid and anxious.


The cortz are work-oriented, calm, and strong. They are physically sturdy, but neither violent nor socially adaptable. They do not require sleep, and are not given to particularly strong emotions. The older ones have a philosophical side. They lack natural reproduction. They treat walking upright versus knuckle-walking, or with "fists-and-feet", as a very serious debate.


Pragmatism, curiosity and a realistic view, these are the traits that are valued the most in a craheii individual. It is rare for other species to enjoy the company of craheii due to their weird obsession with corpses though. Craheii try not to associate with this trait to leave a positive impression, but they often fail, since they cannot see other species as anything but a spare body. This attitude does not only apply to other species but for other craheii as well.


Crawlerz are most characterized by being slow, both in movement and mind. Whether this is due to feeling comfortable with this slow pace living or the fact that there is literally a mushroom rooted into their brains is unclear. Motor skills vary, a crawler can be exceptionally agile for their species, to only being able stumble from place to place, often with a limp or stagger. Same goes for the processing of information, while some could have a sharp wit, others may be completely unaware of their surroundings.


Like a box of chocolates, criumbs have a wide variety of personalities and cultures. Sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and savory criumbs tend to hold a temperament similar to their respective taste. Despite this, a large number of criumbs do not fall into these categories or do not feel such influences upon their behavior. From the first time they open their eyes, criumbs recognize their place in society. They instantly memorize the information on their packaging and take its few morsels of information to heart.


Culturally, the cth'leans valued knowledge over nothing else. Keeping a secret from somebody was considered a great insult, at least, not without divulging why it must be kept secret. But after that was religion. There were thousands of religious orders, based around various values. Those determined to seek knowledge were, naturally, many of the largest and most numerous religions, such as my own order, or the Second Church of Aa'Rii.


Cuteyes were adorable, (mostly) affable and (mostly) kind, as well as intelligent, mature, and strong-willed. They also seemed to adore pain and suffering, and were infamous for watching, and giggling over a dying man, doing nothing but asking about how they feel. How would they describe their pain? Despite their best efforts, cuteyes were never able to completely shake this off of their public image. They didn't adore the people and things that cause pain and suffering, however.


Daemons are above all else, aggressive, cruel, and arrogant. They are hateful, spiteful beings only driven by their profound dislike of all that is generally considered "good" and "reasonable" in this universe, as few and far between as those things can often be. A statement often made about daemons is that they're "heartless", which isn't merely referring to their literal lack of heart, but their profound difficulty with developing or displaying genuine empathy.

Relationships with daemons are often tiresome for those sorts of reasons.


Darknidows are most well-known for their love of sin. Any action that is seen as "sinful" in the eyes of the universe is beloved and approved of in darknidow culture. In addition to this, through a bizarre anomaly affecting the entire species, darknidows can feed off of the concepts of suffering and pain, and enjoy doing so. Due to these facts, the Ninthircle System that the darknidows call home is a lawless place where murder, crime, and decadence are celebrated.


While each datos is a singular entity, you will almost never see one outside of its colony. Datii network between themselves, meaning that a colony of datii is a lot more intelligent than a single datos, and they will never express an opinion until the colony has reached a consensus. When attempting to discern the reason for something, the colony will often suggest multiple possible reasons, before dismissing all but one of them as "unlikely".


Delphik will often have their first merging partner picked out at a very young age, and the two will do everything together even before merging. Sometimes they will even have their secondary merging partner(s) picked out and travel in groups of four. Because of this, pre-merged delphik are rarely seen by themselves.


Deltines are calm, cool, and collected. Only a few reported cases of a deltine being taken by surprise by a species other than their own have been recorded. They love to think about their past, and will try to avoid something new unless they have to. If you try to introduce too many new things to a deltine at once, they will 'overload' and possibly die. They have, however, been known to be natural leaders.


The history concerning the detix is fairly short, as their introduction to the space age was a more recent occurrence and records of actual detix history is hard to come by. Upon being discovered and introduced to the space age, detix were seen as more of a novelty or even a commodity in some cases, sought after for their innate ability to seemingly cure disease on command. Crews all around the universe would seek to enlist a detix into their crew as a living medical kit.


Diachrons value history above all else. They firmly believe that all problems can be solved by looking to the past, and will do anything to retain an accurate story. Due to this, it's rare to catch one lying, since they fear their lies might muddle documentation of a situation. Diachrons in general don't talk much, and when they do they're short and to the point. However, many diachrons can't resist good gossip, as long as it's proven to be true.


The didaskaloi tend to be thoughtful and intelligent. They love to teach others and they hate hard work, which is why they are often perceived as condescending. They are mostly interested in metaphysical questions. Knowledge of practical use is only gathered to sell it to others.