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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



The athonae are very bee-like in behaviour. They work in colonies across their world directed by queens. Unlike beehives however, there is more than just one queen, there are multiple queen athonae scattered about the empire. Despite appearances, athonae are not generally hostile, unless provoked. They are a territorial, industrious civilization that occasionally goes to war, but prefers to stay at home.


Loud, proud, and confident, auctorocors are mainly business people who thrive upon making their main water services better. Their culture is unafraid of friendly critique and swearing, and can often be described as having 'tough love' to outsiders, especially with a complicated language laden with odd polyphonic overtones.


Very little is known about this species true personality other than that they are rough and aggressive. Obsessed with murder and the genocide of the entire universe, they are very dangerous, and it is recommended to avoid them at all costs. Despite wanting to kill everything that moves, they enjoy listening to music. Slow moving songs will make them pass out for two to five hours.

Axeex Arax

Axeex arax evolved from small scavengers which were frequently preyed upon by the many predators of their world, and many of their behavior patterns stem from this origin. They are most comfortable in small, enclosed spaces too large for most of their ancestral predators to enter, and conversely are quite uncomfortable in wide, open areas. Additionally, they prefer dim lighting conditions to either bright light or no light.


Equal parts cautious and curious, axeni are a highly social species by nature, eager to both observe and interact with their spacefaring neighbor races. Adapting to unfamiliar environments is never a concern for an axeni, provided their suits don't scare their potential crewmembers away. One of the most notable species-wide principles is their remarkable hygiene. In axeni culture, cleanliness is not a courtesy, but an obligation to your peers.


The baphometti appears to be a scary beast from afar. Many who meet a baphometti for the first time see them from a distance, looming and looking their way. The baphometti are often mistaken for beasts of legends, due to to the fact that many can be found high up on mountains of snow and around volcanoes. Baphometti are very private, and that, mixed with the fact that people will hunt them down, causes many to avoid getting too close to anyone they are unsure of.


It should be noted that the only truly sentient member of a bivouac hive is the queen. The workers of a bivouac have barely a mind of their own, instead only being content when completing the tasks ordered of them by their queen. If a worker is permanently separated from its' queen, it will frantically rush around, growing more and more panicked, until it finally collapses and dies from stress.


Bloomin are known to be very private and shy creatures. They will hide away from any newcomers or threats by easily camouflaging into their surroundings. It would take a lot of patience to try and befriend a bloomin due to this reason. In their family circles, they are very caring, loving, and will share all their food even if they don't have much to give.


Bogemn behavior and personality is quite a rare sight. At best, the most an average person will ever see is their love of hiding and tendency to run away when discovered. Beneath their timid and frightening exterior, Bogemn are quite curious. Bogemn find new sights and new people incredibly fascinating, and will stalk and watch them for days. They may even kidnap people and drag them back to their home planet in order to study them better.


The boog are friendly by nature. They will not usually pass up a good opportunity for a friendly conversation, which will usually segue at some point into trying to sell you something, even the ones that don't actually sell things for a living! It's like a verbal tic for the boogs. Some boogs get a little bit embarrassed when they accidentally start pitching products to somebody, but most just roll with it.


Brewdians strive to be, above all else, helpful. They view their very unique ability as a responsibility that they must utilize to help those they consider close. They often aspire to contribute to the wellbeing of their crew or peers in whatever way they can, and these ways are as varied as the fluids they carry. As such they can often be found on crews acting as the either the cook, using their fluid as an additive or the main dish, or as a janitor or handyman, again utilizing their fluid and its unique properties to help.


Modern budryft are friendly, steadfast, and diligent workers who stick together to endure the hardships thrown their way. They are also stubborn, defensive, and a tiny bit... boring. They aren't too fond of the upper class in general, but they will often make exceptions, and it's rare to find one that is full-blown classist.


BVo9 love to drive fast. They enjoy going fast, and being fast. Despite their crazed appearance and constant movement, they generally have easy-going outlooks on life, requiring nothing more than grass and an open road. They speak in dense lingo. For instance, "waystays" are obstructing people, things or events that are staying in the way of their continued moving around. At most they get mildly annoyed and move around a waystay.


While carcili sleep, fragments of their mind drift loose from their body and 'stretch out'. If these fragments encounter another's mind, the cariclli takes control over the mind's body, a process referred to as "being dreamed". Carcili are unable to direct their dreaming at long ranges to anyone they have not already dreamed. At short range however, they are usually able to determine between potential dreams and direct the drift.


The catlas males are extremely protective of their teams. They see what they own as something to be shared with the whole group and thus think it's extremely rude when someone refuses to share an object if they're in the same group as them. Catlas males are known for their habit of borrowing items which they do not own, to the distress of everyone else who doesn't wish to share. Catlas males fully believe that as long as one person in their group is still alive then they themselves are still "living through them" as they see life lessons taught as part of the spirit and thus will jump at the chance to teach someone a lesson.


Celiracks have always been deeply in tune with nature. Their psychic abilities enable them to receive sensory input from all non-sapient life, both plant and animal, in a radius of around a hundred feet. While bearable in barren areas, this grows quickly overwhelming in places full of life. Even a swarm of insects can send a celirack flying into a rage.


In more ways than one, cereustratuses are hard to pin down. Emotionally, they cycle through feelings much more quickly and intensely than most species and have new moods triggered by minor perceptions. Those they interact with can feel intimidated or put off by their extreme variability of temperament, often coming away from interactions with them thinking they're prickly or distance. A stractus's personality grows from this in many different directions.


Cerveth live for the drama. No matter whether it's a minor change in their coworker's schedule, or a political scandal stretching back decades, if it'll cause a stir at a social gathering, a cerveth is telling everyone who will listen. Every cerveth has their own 'rules' on how they gossip; some may only be interested in gossiping about people they don't personally know, some may decide to only spread harmless rumors, while others may share exclusively positive rumors.


The easiest way to tell if a chira is nearby is to listen for the sound of chirping. This is because chiraam use echolocation to get around, letting soundwaves map out their path for them. As a result, their hearing is very sensitive, and they will often easily be able to pick up whispers or mumbles, at the cost of leaving them in pain in noisy locations. If a chira snaps at someone, most of the time it will be because everything is too loud and it's stressing them out.


Having bodies made out of glass has a great variety of detriments. Able to scratch their skin on most objects and shattering with a single misstep, chistile are extremely anxious and cautious when anywhere but their home planet. Despite the overwhelming pit of anxiety created over possible injury and the massive amount of debt already incurred from injury repair, chistile are extremely proud of their scales and will forget all their troubles when complimented on their look.