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Four-Winged Politician / Buzz Speakers

“Don't get me wrong though, I did it for the art and the experience. The philosophy conversations I have watched happen over these cocoons have been some of the most "Mind blowing" I've ever witnessed.” — Lechugaa

Art by, ZombieMaggotQueen

  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-8
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-1

Common Jobs: Artist, Sociologist, Psychologist, Researcher

Likes: Learning, Teaching, Art, Nectar
Dislikes: Work, Adventure

Attack Method: Tries to resolve things peacefully before resorting to violence.

Homeplanet: Scholae
Lifespan: 175 years
Height: 5'10 ft
Diet: Nectar, Plants

Social Class: Upper Class
Rarity: Uncommon

Common Traits

[Social Butterfly] Positive trait
This character is more likely to start conversations with others and bring people together. If a character wishes to speak to someone in a group this character is in, this character will likely be the first one they go to.
[Philosophical] Neutral trait
This character is very philosophical and likes thinking of the deeper meanings in life.
[Lazy] Negative trait
This character dislikes working and will never go the extra mile. They also have a lower standard of what is too much work and may endanger themselves and others by cutting corners.

Patrons and Gods

Didaskaloi honor what they please and there's no defacto god for the didaskaloi.

Patrons: Apollo, Minerva, The Muses
Gods: Any, Helper
Original Creator: King of Clubs
Physical Description

Tall, thin creatures with insect wings. They greatly resemble dragonflies and butterflies. The male didaskaloi tend to have blue skin, whereas skin of the female didaskaloi is usually green. The didaskaloi have 2 pairs of wings.

Personality & Traits

The didaskaloi tend to be thoughtful and intelligent. They love to teach others and they hate hard work, which is why they are often perceived as condescending. They are mostly interested in metaphysical questions. Knowledge of practical use is only gathered to sell it to others.


The didaskaloi are governed by a democratically elected council of the most wise and intelligent citizens. Technological progress is very slow within the didaskalos society, as many important inventions are discarded as useless toys. Because of this, they were still at an early industrialisation level of technology when they were discovered about 100 years ago by other, luckily peaceful species.

After this discovery many didaskaloi began to travel the galaxy as passengers and gathered knowledge from the more advanced species. Due to the conservative forces on their home planet this hasn't led to much technological advancement, but the travellers began to sell this knowledge to the less advanced, so that they could buy their own spaceships and protect their home planet with mercenaries. The didaskalos society is now well protected against threats from the outside, but it is more unstable than ever, as the rich progressive former travellers are starting to challenge the conservative council.


There are many different patterns and wing types didaskalos can have but none of these are considered a subspecies.




• The didaskaloi have lost some of their practical knowledge because not many of them were interested in preserving it. There have been a few times where the didaskaloi had to buy back the knowledge they sold.

• A large group of didaskaloi thinks that the kuppa's work centered mentality is primitive and several kuppa Teas have been convinced to run art studios on didaskaloi funding. The didaskaloi are happy to help the kuppas out, but the kuppas find them condescending and won't return the favor.

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