[Cosmosdex] The Universal Encyclopedia


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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



Zadrixes are peaceful and often very friendly, being quick to befriend those around them. The zadrixes love nothing more than seeing new sights and telling the great tales of their history and gods. They're natural storytellers, often voicing characters and adding flourishes and movement to add emphasis to their tales.


Naturally joyful, and very eager to learn. Zanni are characterized by being an incredibly friendly and lively bunch with a love for entertaining. More than half of all existing zanni have some sort of profession in entertainment; most taking up the typical comedian job, but many have branched out to all forms of entertainers to fit all different cultures. Their intuition is keen and quick to pick up on the types of humor of the people around them, in the hopes of being able to make them laugh and smile.


The zektrons are a cruel species that hates all other civilizations. Be it organic or synthetic, it matters not to them. For they despise all beings that are different to them, thinking that they are savages. Though they might hate all races, that doesn't mean they won't manipulate them. Only fools make deals with zektrons. Zektrons only seek one thing, total conquest.


The zuid'tian are peaceful and logical beings, with their interest being in creating fantastical gizmos of extraordinary complexity. As clockworks they are outcasted from the rest of the universe but the zuid'tians still attempt to hold their heads up high. They have great pride in their own race and are willing to argue for hours with people who do not think zuid'tians are on the same levels as other organics.