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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



Powerful, Distinguished, Chivalrous.

These are the common words to describe a typical ieiernapwgtia. Their chivalrous behavior shrouds the fear and disgust at everyone and themselves, for what they and the universe had become. Every day they wake up to drag themselves to attain the impossible goal, to make the universe virtuous.


First and foremost, ignalisks value song above all else. They are always humming or singing, and if their voice is shot they will not be able to stand not having at least some kind of white noise. The concepts of song and story share a word in ignalisk languages, and songs of historical events, songs of passed loved ones, and songs of anecdotes are all sung with the same enthusiasm.


Ignivis are a very friendly race. Even if their prices are extremely high, some people would rather buy from the ignivis due to their charm. Each clan has different beliefs however. Rounds believe the only way to succeed is with wit. Pointeds believe it must be done with magic, while Fours believe only with physical combat can this be done. Even with their differences each clan will often trade with the other, and if any ignivis sees another from a different clan, they will often have a friendly reunion.


The illusorii are a quite timid bunch, preferring to stay far away from the spotlight. Sometimes they choose to go anonymous, whether for job purposes or because they are just weary of being recognized. These anonymous illusorii can be any shade of gray and wear the plainest most boring clothes they can find. They will also go under names that give no link to their identity like Anon.


Skittish and untrusting, inermi are the main prey animals of their homeland. Inermi always live in family groups of around 10-30 individuals that are constantly mobile, feeding on the thin grass and roots on the cliff sides where they live with their powerful tusks. The inermi are incredibly family oriented, with most groups consisting of a few mated pairs, their parents, and their children. Inermi children are able to walk and run a few hours after they are born, and expected to keep up with their families as they roam and feed.


Isments are generally kind, friendly, and open to everyone. They're likely to bring donuts to work for everyone to enjoy. They can also be likely to stab a person over people actually wanting to eat the donuts they brought. These things can happen depending on where an isment is on the two relevant scales/axis. Many believe the isments to be imaginary, or have no idea what an isment is. This is because isments have a biological ability to cause potential predators to forget that they exist, and as a part of their government (which they will refer to as "The Government"), it also attempts to erase evidence that they exist in the Universe.


Although itzels are commonly mistaken for drakons, the two are actually very different, both genetically and mentally. Both species do have hoards, but an itzel will commonly go out and swap or even sell items in their hoard with other individuals. Itzels are also very outwardly affectionate, often offering to help groom or preen their families and close friends. An itzel by default is also rather noisy, often chirping softly to themselves or others. Large groups of itzels are constantly chattering and chirping to each other, only going silent when larger, more predatory species go by.


Jerce are typically skittish, and will jump at sudden appearances or loud noises. They take a while distinguishing from ally and enemy, as they were practically abducted to the space age from a competitive tribal lifestyle.

John Rodriguez

There's really no other way to put this. John Rodriguez is a sad little creature. He doesn't have many reasons to exist anymore, and yet it's almost inspirational how John Rodriguez manages to keep trucking along. That doesn't mean he's accepting his fate with grace or anything though. Instead John Rodriguez appears to be in a hole that's just slightly too high for him, and instead of learning to jump he has instead decided it doesn't matter and has made the hole his home.


Jugoroo are a mostly affable species aside from their inability to keep their claws off of others belongings. Shiny things, art, entire planets, they want it all. They are always in a rush to go do something, except when lounging with their stolen goods. Valuing cooperation, they often live in large groups with other jugoroo and occasionally other species.


A simple species, jupettes are content to float around, taking in their surrounding as they head to their destination. As weightless in emotion as they are in mass, most only feel very strongly about things that are cute, adoring them and wishing for them to live happily, prosperously, and safely. They have proved willing to take a drastic action to ensure these actions, as the Aftik Betterment League attacks, the Metaparxi Freedom Society attacks, the Gong-an De-notailication Front attacks.


Kaikians are typically decently friendly, and only attack when they are provoked or logically deduce that they need to. They typically are very knowledgeable, and can provide information on a large range of subjects. They usually enjoy sharing their knowledge to those they trust, and will often give enemies misinformation in an attempt to trick them. They will always break down the scenario they are in logically in an attempt to come up with the best solution, however in situations of pure chaos this can lead to them simply freezing up and being of no help.


The kapricani are a nomadic species, travelling along the numerous aquatic landscapes that form their most comfortable habitats. Kapricani have been seen settling along ocean coasts, rivers, lakes, and rarely in swamps. There was one documented case of a clan of kapricani settling in a rice paddy, though the kapricani that were born that year were observed to be stunted and ill, as well as a reduced harvest of rice that year.


While the kavr flutter in the peak top gales of Wist, the victi forge their lives in cities and castles of steam and machine in the valleys below. The two subspecies largely live separate, the more numerous victi having their eons-old civilisation thriving and populous in great mechanical cities, whilst the kavr usually live alone or in small family groups.


Keysmashes are fully sentient, congregating in cities where they, for the most part, pursue their greatest passion: having the biggest, most gallant, gaudiest, fanciest, most awe-inspiring hat in their side of the cosmos. To them, hats aren't vanity, but rather, an extension of their selves, as hats represent everything a keysmash can strive for: elegance, surprise, and perfection.


Rude, malicious, villainous and purposely so. As a race, the kheiron pride themselves in how absolutely despicable they can be. They are a mostly female-dominated species, as the females of their species tend to be physically tougher and more apt for combat than males. Some more than others; kheiron that have proven to be the worst of them all often take the role as the planet's "supreme overlord", which only the most mean-spirited and callous of their kind may claim.


Khraast move slowly, with a diet of what vegetation can be found during their slow crawl across the desert. When standing, they have a bulky humanoid shape, but while sitting down they are closer in appearance to boulders. After being lifted to the space age, khraast often found occupations in guard duty for their inherent ability to easily stand in one place for hours, as well as their sheer immovability when do so.


Kitlins all share one dislike: the organic limbs that hinder their fighting ability. To combat this, a common right of passage is to get their weak arms and legs replaced with sturdier, more robust metal cybernetics. They range in quality, depending on how much money the kitlin has to spend. Instead of wasting all the excess limbs and leaving them to rot, many kitlins see them as a delicacy,


The kitsche, while absolutely adorable, are not the friendliest creatures in the universe. The kitsche have a sort of "Napoleon Complex" due in no small part to their diminutive stature as well as the fact that the other civilized races of the universe seem to be unable to take them and their demands seriously. For the most part the kitsche are unhappy with their treatment as an adorable and nonthreatening race, they believe themselves to be the mightiest creatures in the universe.


The most common klannec and most likely to be seen off their homeworld, the low class are typically curious and talkative, loving conversation with races they have yet to meet, and just conversation in general. They are ready and willing to speak to total strangers.