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Apps are currently closed | The magusar like to be dispensers of the wisdom and musings they have accrued over years of watching the world. However, as they 'speak' by sending the thoughts directly into the listener's head, this results in the listener hearing the answer exactly as the magusar thinks it, unfiltered by language, and thus distorted into a somewhat-nebulous statement. They do not like rephrasing their thoughts, and generally feel they are doing a great service unto them just by "talking." Magusar usually prefer to stay in one place, as they likely have picked that spot and slowly adjusted it for optimal viewing. Putting them in spot where they can't see anything is something they very much disapprove of. If one continually agitates a magusar, they will eventually decide to remove the offending individual by flooding their thoughts with mental white noise anytime they are within range.


Apps are currently closed | The rise and fall of the shrapnihil centered around one simple psychic ability, albeit one nearly unparalleled in power. Shrapnihil could alter and copy matter in any way imaginable. They could change the shape of a stone, instantly making it into a sculpture, change the atomic structure of a stone, turning it into gold, and could even create an image of the stone in their mind, alter the air in its image, and effectively make a perfect copy of that stone. A single shrapnihil could only alter around a cubic meter of matter per day, but the range and strength of their powers increased exponentially when they worked together. Since shrapnihil could create whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, their society had limitless resources. If a shrapnihil was hungry, they could turn a small part of the air into bread. If a shrapnihil wanted to rest, they could simply shape a boulder into a house, change its composition into hardwood, and make a bed out of whatever was left. Of course, man...


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Apps are currently closed | Culturally, the cth’leans valued knowledge over nothing else. Keeping a secret from somebody was considered a great insult, at least, not without divulging why it must be kept secret. But after that was religion. There were thousands of religious orders, based around various values. Those determined to seek knowledge were, naturally, many of the largest and most numerous religions, such as my own order, or the Second Church of Aa’Rii. Others, however, would be focused on the ideas of providing services to others, whether in spreading knowledge to those outside a specific religion, such as the Collegiate Temple or Wings of Literacy. Yet others would see a practical need in the world, such as farming or maintaining electrical networks, such as The Holy Growth or Ordo Electricia. Regardless of one’s motivations or desires in the world, it would be achieved through organization and faith in higher powers. As most cth’leans acted on a desire to benefit the greater good, som...

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Apps are currently closed | From what little data is able to be salvaged from quotillic vessels and documents, it is believed that the quotillics were a violent, warmongering species. They took glory in combat and killing and they solved the majority of their problems with these two methods. Several childrens' books that have been recovered present this glorification of violence as well, suggesting that this glorification was present throughout the entirety of quotillic society.


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