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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



It is obvious to many that divirots think highly of themselves. Believing to have a "happily ever after" in the end of their story, many of them hold a high opinion of themselves. Someone who was already born to be a queen cannot be horrible after all. They may hold themselves to high standards, in accordance with their "fate." They will usually train themselves to become a person worthy of saving a kingdom or ruling it, or to be someone worthy of making a pretty good capitalist empire.


Dobro are a very social species. They enjoy meeting any and all people they come across. While they may come off as annoying at times, they are willing to help almost anyone with any minor problem they have. The crocodiles also have a tendency to gather any and all items they come across, finding beauty and interest in the world around them.


Drakons are extremely powerful and have psychic powers. What these powers add up to depends on the drakon; many have just telekinesis and telepathy, but some other powers a drakon might have are pyrokinesis, pseudo-necromancy, minor mind control, and more. Almost no non-enlightened or malevolent drakon has more than one of the other powers that aren't telekinesis and telepathy. Learning a power can take an extremely long time for most drakons which causes many to not bother with it.


Drattles spend their lives trying to cause unneccecairy misery and destruction only to stop whatever they're doing once someone asks them to. This leads some people to think that they are actually good deep down and are merely acting evil for fun or attention, but this is a common misconception. Drattles are fully behind every evil act they attempt to undertake, but they are so terrible at saying no that they'll easily drop the evil plans they are so excited for.


Dretherne are a telepathic species, able to communicate with each other using only their thoughts. Their psychic abilities are limited strictly to telepathy, and are best used with each other. They can pick and choose which thoughts the other receives without giving away their own privacy, and can mentally block others off if they don't want anyone to enter. Their communication is through imprints of thoughts, feelings, images, and sensations, creating a language of experiences rather than words.


Ducklings of the duckariums are generally shy, which is the opposite of adults who are extremely social. Although they wear pots to hide their feelings, they love to make friends and usually will try to make many, and even though they can be irritating and noisy they are never malicious. Sometimes duckariums will suddenly isolate themselves from acquaintances to meet other people. One of the most notorious things about duckariums is the pots that they wear on their heads.


Duyami are a social species that places importance on respect. There's a standard gesture of greeting that duyami share with each other, that being either a chirrupy call or pressing paws to each other. It is similar to high five, but is far gentler. Occasionally both may be done. To not perform one gesture or another upon meeting each other is considered disrespectful. Not disrespectful enough that a duyami would start a fight over it, but disrespectful in the same way that it's usually polite to reply to someone who's said hello.


Dvmeret are individualists by nature, and there is nothing more the average dvemeret loathes than being helped when they did not ask for it, as such they tend to brush off advice and do things "their own way." They tend to not hang around large groups often. As soon as a dvmeret reaches adulthood they are given money, basic supplies, and sent off to start a life of their own. This is not due to law but simply due to ancient custom. Some dvemeret regard those who do not practice this ancient custom as childish or immature.


The entire species is xenophobic; they're scared of aliens. Very few are actually allowed on the home planet, although there are plenty of illegal landing sites on the planet. Thousands of years of contact has allowed them to open up a bit, but only a bit. This has lead to the creation of a space station for visitors around their planet.


Ectons hold a strong belief in tradition, which many researchers across the universe have described as "obnoxiously stubborn." Aside from adamantly refusing to accept their unique organ as anything other than a soul, they're often reluctant to adopt modern technological solutions to problems. This doesn't mean they reject technology altogether so much as they're liable to stick with what they know rather than accept newer advances in areas such as automation or medicine.


Every eeemen is born with a strong, natural short-range telekinetic ability which allows them to manipulate objects within about a meter's distance from them. They are also born with a 'sixth sense' often compared to a bat's echolocation that allows an eeemen to scan the area around them with peculiar "psychowaves," as an eeemen would put it.


Emoza walk around constantly promoting a certain emotion, and their behaviors and personalities are heavily based on such. An emoza that promotes grief will approach people with a very heavy walk and a dragging, slow voice. They will constantly frown or look ready to cry and their wings may never fly unless needed. An emoza that promotes excitement will often walk around peppily and always tell people to cheer up, ready to take off at any moment. The emotion an emoza promotes is often one they were influenced by for the majority of their childhood.


As the masque is a reflection of the ideal self the actual behavior of an enmasque is fairly variable as they will often have a personality reflecting their masque, or merely their own self with the masque as a depiction of what that self is. Given the high-accuracy work masque-creation entails many enmasques work in the entertainment industry, and through that they often find themselves going above and beyond to ensure a pleased audience.


Enotir are very observant and enjoy pointing out little details, whether it be a simple pattern to a puzzle or a small yet catastrophic mistake in a plan. Most enjoy detail based puzzles and are likely to have a hobby of solving and creating these puzzles themselves. Enotir are tolerant by a majority of standards, and as such often take the role of mediator in conversations between opposing sides, able to see the reasoning of both parties.


On first impression an eoijal seems extremely distant, mournful, and even as though they have nothing to say. This tends to be both due to a general worldly outlook, but is also because of a commonly held rule of etiquette that one should not display heavy emotion in a public setting until the conversation deems appropriate.


Known as one of the friendliest species in the universe, the eolins are natural-born peacemakers. The happiness of an individual depends on the society that surrounds it. Eolins, if asked what their life goals are, will mention things such as "world peace," "more parks in the city," or goals that are impersonal to them. The species is happy being homeless and without any possessions as long as the area around them is at peace.


Eparai are passive emotion feeders with a tendency for more intense emotional response than most species. They are incapable of disabling the collection of "food" for more than a few minutes. They can do this by eating, or discarding their orbs, but these will naturally reform shortly. Touching the orbs intentionally is considered impolite without permission, but isn't a very big deal.


Ephemyrma are normally found working jobs that they've been specifically created to do. Either because someone paid their queen for an employee or because their queen needed a worker. Ephemyrma colonies have a giant brain at their center and knowledge from this brain can be copied into a brain chunks to let a newly created ephemyrma have this knowledge as well. This allows the ephemyrma to provide people with very specialized knowledge in a very short time.


Since the dawn of their sentience ethewe have been plagued by their feeble physical forms. Huddled together in forests with other plants they did their best to hide even as they suffered as the bottom rung of the Polaber food chain. Slowly but surely a great resentment was born in the minds of every ethewe. Never again would they let the whims of the world control them. They would rein supreme above all else. And so this struggle still plagues every ethewe and, even more so, those they choose to exert their influence upon.


An ethraol will analyze a person's likes and dislikes before making contact with them. However, this is not to say they get it right, and quite often make bad first impressions on people- but they are worth knowing for their kind natures. They will often attempt to "protect" friends they have made, whoever it be from someone being insulting to someone attacking them.