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“The heavily Delphik population here leaves Svarinth with a dubious honor. It has the highest density of couples thereapy clinics out of everywhere I've visited. And in my opinion, they still don't have nearly enough.” — Field Notes by Madero Scadero

Art by, Splendid

  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-2
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-3

Common Jobs: Engineer, Designer, Artist, Matchmaker
Likes: Working together, Combining things, Sharing ideas
Dislikes: "Lone wolf" types, People who think multi-headed beings can't get along, That look people give them like the person is thinking about what they might have done to be stuck here listening to them talk.

Attack Method: Flail and / or run away.

Homeplanet: Unknown/Not Important
Lifespan: 100 years
Size: 6'5 ft tall
Diet: Plant, Meat

Bodytype: Bipedal
Type: Arthropod
Social Class: Lower High Class
Rarity: Common
Common Traits
[Collector] Neutral trait
This character has a collection of items or does lowkey hoarding of random objects they find. They are more likely to pick up just about anything they find and check it out. If an item is removed from their collection without their approval they may become minorly distressed.
[Inventive] Positive trait
This character is able to easily come up with new ideas and may be able to lessen the cost for current items. In a tough situation this character is likely able to use simple items to create make-shift weapons or items.
[Boring] Negative trait
This character is just boring to be honest. Nothing to see here. Most people will lose sanity just hearing them drone about a subject.

Delphiks honor and respect most gods but hold a special place for gods who work towards helping people and improving the whole universe.

Gods: Helper (Union), Creator (Innovation)

Original Creator: nonexistentPumpkin

Physical Description

The delphik is somewhat insectoid and humanoid in looks. They have a pale exoskeleton as well as a compound eye on each head. They are commonly 6 feet pre-merging, although most of that height is their neck.

Merging refers to their reproductive action in which two delphik will become one. The heads will remain separate; while the process itself preserves all limbs, two or three are removed and eaten during it in order to sustain the energy required for merging, so once-merged delphik commonly have three arms and two legs. Although once-merged delphik have all the organs required to reproduce, they must repeat the entire process with another once-merged delphik in order to do so. Twice-merged delphik usually have 8-10 limbs, although it can be as many as 16. There are no documented examples of thrice-merged delphik, and they are only depicted in legends and bad fanfiction.

Three headed delphik can result from 3 delphik merging at once, but this is a rare occurrence and can often lead to medical complications. Five and six headed delphiks can be made from a variation of this.


Delphik will often have their first merging partner picked out at a very young age, and the two will do everything together even before merging. Sometimes they will even have their secondary merging partner(s) picked out and travel in groups of four. Because of this, pre-merged delphik are rarely seen by themselves.

Delphiks are a peaceful race, never resorting to violence unless absolutely necessary. Their goal as a species is to unify what once was separate until the universe has taken its most perfect and efficient form, and so will often suggest ideas for what can be improved through combination, sometimes even acting as matchmakers for other species.


A large ship crashed on the delphik homeworld during an exploration mission, and when the crew awoke they found that the ship was fully repaired. In fact it was even better than before, infused with delphik technology and metals that greatly increased its capabilities. The crew decided to take a few delphiks back with them to demonstrate how useful they were. The crew thought; if they could do that to the ship, think what they could do for all of galactic society.

The delphiks had ideas. Galaxy-changing ideas. Too many galaxy-changing ideas. By the time they were halfway to their destination they could no longer stand the delphiks' constant suggestions, and proceeded to send them off in an escape pod back to their homeworld, hoping they would never see another one of those infernal multi-headed bugs again.

From that escape pod the delphik made a mining ship, and with that they gained the resources to make more, and then make exploration ships, and finally colonization ships. Before they knew it the delphik were a part of galactic society, and they were there to stay. However, like the crew of that initial ship, most species can't stand the delphik's incessant suggestions, and few crews will take them.


None / Unknown.




• Delphiks can "smell" the natural lifespan of most species, an ability originally developed to be able to tell the natural lifespans of other delphiks and help find a merging partner. Few species are interested in knowing when they'll die, but this ability comes in handy when making new hybrids.

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