[Cosmosdex] The Fictional Encyclopedia


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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



Most people in the universe will know a goopmick or two. Many find this strange, since nobody in the universe will identify themself as a goopmick. Goopmicks do not exist in any official capacity. They do not appear on censii, are not mentioned in any records, and have no government. This is a safety measure. If it were not the case, billions of people would die.


To call the gorgorse narcissistic or self centered would be far to simple a description for such an absolute garbage fire of a being. It is by no means an over-exaggeration to describe the gorgorse as "the worse species that has ever been discovered" as the majority of the universe, notails included, will likely agree with that sentiment.

Great Filter

One would be hard-pressed to come up with a species that is as merciless as the great filter. Information on their social and personal lives is lacking, but the reports that do exist paint them as a cold and calculating species. Their manipulative nature is heightened by their wide vocal range, allowing them to stalk and attract prey unnoticed. Unsettlingly, the great filter is infamous for their "torture drive."


The grol had a complicated society, the details of which administration remain somewhat unclear. Due to their lack of faster-than-light travel, direct enforcement of central power was effectively impossible, leading to a decentralised nature in which, despite all populations being theoretically subservient to a central leader, actual power was absolute in their local administrators.


Hazcots all share one personality but are not a hive mind. There are some minor differences between them but their drive makes them very similar on the surface. All hazcot are driven by a drive to perfect and bring out the full potential of the species of the universe. They go from planet to planet or capture small vessels to abduct the inhabitants in order to run foul and highly illegal experiments on them to turn them into ferocious weapons and monsters. They show no remorse in doing this and find the things they do to their victims 'cute.'


These beings are extremely eccentric and often obsess over random objects. They make for excellent laborers, due to their tenacity at performing repetitive and long tasks. They are also quite good captain material, as they are incredibly good at planning and micromanaging, though are often poor in the actual execution and therefore must delegate these tasks to others.

They despise ledges.


Information deserves to be free, and thoughts are just information. That is one of the mottos of the heredoggo people, and is why they treat the invasion of privacy as a routine. If one has nothing to hide then one should have no issue with there neighbor sending them live reactions to their browsing history. As such anyone who desires their thoughts be hidden must be malicious, or completely unlike a proper person.


Of all the facts pertaining to the hokkans, one stands as the most surprising: their adoration of language. Once a far more sophisticated creature, these ancient fliers still have a substantial connection to words and music, and enjoy repeating words and songs they find appealing. While this seems to be a simple case of mimicry at first, they can connect meaning to sound, a fact that took many years to find out. Bigger, more complex meaning words have the most appeal. To the hokkan brain, making sounds and figuring out their meaning is a joyful puzzle, especially in more difficult situations where they may not understand the context.


Homuncustien are quiet folks. Most have gone through a great deal, whether it be the great infection, dying, having family die, most have a story they can tell of tragedy. However, they're also a rather celebratory people. Whenever something particularly good happens, expect them to find some way to find more joy in it than most, even if they're also left all the same quiet calm afterwards. The average homuncustien has an odd relationship with death.


Honklits crave attention. Without it, they crack.

They are loud, hyper, and are always looking for an audience, positive or negative. It doesn't matter to them, for attention is attention, and that's what they want. Due to this, they are rarely serious and opt to hop around and laugh uncontrollably at minor things instead of looking at a situation in a serious light, no matter how deadly.


Disgusting creatures. What they look like under their suits doesn't matter anymore. They're all the same now. They fought so hard against each other over minor differences in looks, now they have lost all their vanity. How does it feel, to have no skin? All humans look like old astronaut gear, which they can never take off. Simple, LIKE THEM. Their face cannot be seen unless you get close.

Don't do that. For you will go mad.


The husses are very creative and will solve issues in the most creative way they can think of to a fault. They are known for talking in puns as they believe it is the greatest of comedy and humor is held highly to husses. An easy way to impress a husse is to tell them a great joke.


A hyuran colony's personality is usually a composite of both the original AI's personality and the personality of the colony, which is generally helpful when possible, but self serving. As such, their traits depend on the AI inhabited.


Ibelluts are organized and studious about their work. Design and appearances are important to them, and the insect shells they wear generally have some sort of personal flair to them, being spiffed up with paint or other accessories. Hobbies in the arts often lead to proudly showing off their detailed creation and asking for advice. If an ibellut is uncomfortable with their physical appearance or feels too afraid not to have an anonymous lifestyle, wearing masks or full body coverings made from their insect shells is not unheard of. This is not to say that most ibelluts prefer to be perfectly preened at all times, but rather that if there is a prettier alternative to their appearance, they will take it.


Powerful, Distinguished, Chivalrous.

These are the common words to describe a typical ieiernapwgtia. Their chivalrous behavior shrouds the fear and disgust at everyone and themselves, for what they and the universe had become. Every day they wake up to drag themselves to attain the impossible goal, to make the universe virtuous.


First and foremost, ignalisks value song above all else. They are always humming or singing, and if their voice is shot they will not be able to stand not having at least some kind of white noise. The concepts of song and story share a word in ignalisk languages, and songs of historical events, songs of passed loved ones, and songs of anecdotes are all sung with the same enthusiasm.


Ignivis are a very friendly race. Even if their prices are extremely high, some people would rather buy from the ignivis due to their charm. Each clan has different beliefs however. Rounds believe the only way to succeed is with wit. Pointeds believe it must be done with magic, while Fours believe only with physical combat can this be done. Even with their differences each clan will often trade with the other, and if any ignivis sees another from a different clan, they will often have a friendly reunion.


The illusorii are a quite timid bunch, preferring to stay far away from the spotlight. Sometimes they choose to go anonymous, whether for job purposes or because they are just weary of being recognized. These anonymous illusorii can be any shade of gray and wear the plainest most boring clothes they can find. They will also go under names that give no link to their identity like Anon.


Skittish and untrusting, inermi are the main prey animals of their homeland. Inermi always live in family groups of around 10-30 individuals that are constantly mobile, feeding on the thin grass and roots on the cliff sides where they live with their powerful tusks. The inermi are incredibly family oriented, with most groups consisting of a few mated pairs, their parents, and their children. Inermi children are able to walk and run a few hours after they are born, and expected to keep up with their families as they roam and feed.


Isments are generally kind, friendly, and open to everyone. They're likely to bring donuts to work for everyone to enjoy. They can also be likely to stab a person over people actually wanting to eat the donuts they brought. These things can happen depending on where an isment is on the two relevant scales/axis. Many believe the isments to be imaginary, or have no idea what an isment is. This is because isments have a biological ability to cause potential predators to forget that they exist, and as a part of their government (which they will refer to as "The Government"), it also attempts to erase evidence that they exist in the Universe.