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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



A vanderglory is a creature driven by their passion for justice. The urge to act upon heroics is both cultural and down to an instinctual level, as almost no vanderglory can stand aside idly while there is crime to fight. Whenever possible, vanders will put aside time to actively help others in one way or another, making vanderglories a collectivist species, as well as social butterflies.


The vayarasa are very violent species and to most are seen as just barely above feral. In truth, while the vayarasa are not incredibly intelligent they do have a mind of their own and do have their own opinions on the world. To a vayarasa most, if not all, problems can be solved one of two ways: you can either fight and determine a winner by combat, or you can get over the issue and go have something to eat.


Having developed on entirely different planets from one another, vect societies developed very differently, but being within the same system, they were aware enough of each other to form a surprisingly tight-knit community for eight populated worlds. This seems to have translated into a general open doors policy to their system and positive attitude towards other species. Some of the more naturally suspicious groups of the species prevent this from being an absolute disaster of falling into the wiles of less savory types, but they do have a reputation of a certain naivete.


As an extremely social species, venopinae tend to startle most with their explosively friendly personality. They view socialization as the solution to any problem, since that's worked for them so far. Many of them have so many friends it's hard to count, yet they're somehow able to keep in touch with every single one of them. For a lot of them though, interacting with someone once in their entire life counts as being friends with them.


Without their robots, venserras lead a rather dull life. They inhabit barren solar systems, knowing they would be fought off if they tried moving to populated ones, and live solitary lives without any feasible way to communicate with other venserras or anyone else. They drift from gas giant to gas giant, absorbing the gases within for food, and observe the orbits of nearby planets to more carefully plan out their path of travel. Being able to live a far more exciting life through their robots, they greatly dislike conducting matters outside of it, often acting bored or distant when thinking about their true selves, even when controlling their robots.


Vibecaps, first and foremost, like to have a good time. While it could be said most species do prefer to enjoy themselves, vibecap society has built up almost entirely around keeping the mood high. This is mostly accomplished by way of the party, their area of expertise.

It's rare to find a vibecap that doesn't love to party. Throwing them, attending them, and almost always doing their part to make sure the party goes as smoothly as possible.


The viedafo start as a liquid "maggot" of sorts that will crawl around in search of a suitable skeleton to build a body out of. Once they have found a skeleton to use, they begin to take in rocks and soil from the surrounding area to build their body. While this process does take several years, once the body is fully-formed they are able to control it immediately. They did, after all, custom-build the body for themselves.


Virgora are often described as being cold and unfeeling, however the truth is that they don't feel emotion as strongly as most other species. They have a very logic based way of thinking and have very low intuition. Due to this, virgora have a harder time understanding more emotional species in their actions and reactions. Space faring virgora will sometimes try to imitate emotional response from their friends and crew mates, however they're liable to misunderstand, over exaggerate, or mix up certain adjectives to describe their feelings.


The vixelsplick are very rude and uncaring. They will have no problem insulting people who slightly annoy them. They also tend to say unsettling things in an attempt to intimidate others, but surprisingly they will be very caring toward friends and will go to ridiculous lengths to protect them. It is also noted that vixelsplicks are brutally honest when asked for opinions or critiques. They have an unsettling tendency to talk about how certain species' flesh tastes like.


The vocangen, despite their hardships, are a very friendly race, they have always adored meeting new people and learning new information and skills, and even now after being thrown out into the harsh universe at large they still hold true to their original beliefs. As a society the vocangen have always taken delight in performance and arts, to express ones' self interests is tantamount to freedom for the vocangen, their lives were lived in a constant striving for improvement and growth.


Known for being brash and insensitive, this is a creature that speaks their mind and never cherrypicks their words unless they're the lowest ranking member in the room. Volkronns pride themselves on their business sense, which is ruthless and sometimes quite literally cutthroat in nature. Money equals power, and each wants nothing more than to have the most power. They are known to get into heated disputes with rivals, sometimes even escalating to full-on wars between companies.


On the deep water planet of Polaber, several aquatic species evolved into sentience simultaneously, however due to the physical abilities of the wactite, all other species were quickly brought to extinction before they could form significant societies or works. Once the last of their competition was killed off, the wactite began to settle down in clusters and farm seaweeds, sponges, and small shrimp-like fauna.




Waylends are a self-sustaining species in which everything they are relies upon their upbringing. In short, they are cowboys who've taken up the role of both the cow and the boy: Due to an event best described in their history section, the evolutionary line of waylends was split down the middle, granting half the population with consciousness and leaving the other half completely unaltered. Mostly.


Nearly all weñar are excellent fighters. Their prowess in marksmanship is only matched by their skill in hand-to-hand combat. They have a nearly universal distrust of AIs and notails. Most do not talk much, and when they do, it is in an accent. They have incredibly disciplined minds, and do not allow themselves to do, say, or even think something pointless, disrespectful, or counterproductive. Due to this discipline, they have a high tolerance to pain and hunger.


The wolrids are a peaceful race when it comes to fighting amongst themselves for territory, and is generally settled with dialogue. However when other species get in their way, which is not often, it is an entirely different story. The wolrids as a whole like music and the arts, culinary included, but when trying something new, if harshly criticized, will curl up and cry, as opposed to when they are good at something and are harshly criticized, they will build on that.


Wozzee are little perfectionists with microscopic precision. While this varies from community to community, they are generally dedicated to making their homes look as nice as possible so other species can gawk at their beautifully maintained communities. Citizens like to dress the part, wearing brightly-colored clothing that helps them stand out from surfaces, and sometimes will even groom their fuzz into quaint styles. With the right materials and proper guidance, they can handle just about any job they set out to do.


Xurtains tend to be pretty active and friendly, most of them like to run and socialize with other species. Their personalities can change with their eye form as well. While they can be friendly, their trust is pretty low, due to some species wanting to kill them for their blood which can be used as fuel. If a xurtain feels threatened they will get pretty nervous and run for their lives, this is why xurtains are not seen on ships that much.


The ybe are a very unagressive race, who consider escape a better solution to fighting in most circumstances. However, they are far from passive, and ever since developing spaceflight and joining the galactic community they have been avid explorers, their natural armor serving well against accidental injuries far from home. They feel an instinctive need to run, and may be edgy or nervous when cooped up in enclosed quarters for a long period.


Living yersinias are frequently described as pleasant, studious, and festive. Most morticians, literal animated corpses, are described as cold, aloof, and emotionless. The concept of life is one that yersinias hold highly. They live in the moment and would rather do something now than later, after ages of pondering it; they're a decisive people. They spend great amounts of time as scholars after knowledge, studying competitively to become the most educated, but rarely do they let any shortcomings consume them.