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Kalogaries / Terror-Goats

“All beings have two faces, kindness and hostility. These faces are often hidden from view, we wear ours without shame” — Ariesa monk: S'thar

Art by, Hichico

Part of the Zodiac collection

Emblem by Artem1s
  • Strength-5
  • Intelligence-5
  • Charisma-6
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-5

Common Jobs: Spiritualists, Mercenaries, Therapists, Advisors, Captains, Craftsmen
Likes: Challenges, Comfortable Clothing, Freedom
Dislikes: Dissapointment, Inactivity, Being Ignored

Attack Method: Tactically well thought out battle techniques.

Homeplanet: Unknown/Not Important
Lifespan: 73
Size: 6'7 ft tall
Diet: Anything edible

Bodytype: Bipedal
Type: Other
Social Class: Middle Class
Rarity: Uncommon
Common Traits
[Calm] Neutral trait
This character tends to be calmer than most and is slightly more likely to be able to calm down faster in tense situations and clear their mind.
[Observant] Positive trait
This character notices things far quicker than most other types of characters. They are more likely to make observations about hidden passageways or certain special objects. They overall make better judgements than others.
[Stubborn] Negative trait
This character is commonly stuck in their ways and is unwilling to change their thoughts on matters. This character is likely to believe what they think is the best option and what everyone else should believe.

Both type of ariesa seem to hold many beliefs though there's not a huge overlap between the two.

Gods: Any

Original Creator: Hichico

Physical Description

The ariesa have a strange "Temporal Dimorphism" that splits their species. If conceived during the day the offspring will be of the "Sun" ariesa, and if conceived during the night, the offspring will be of the "Moon" ariesa. The differences between the two lead many to believe that they are two separate species, but they are most assuredly not.

The sun ariesa are smaller and faster, but much weaker than their night born brothers and sisters. Though they make up for the lack of physical strength with their extra set of limbs. The body of the ariesa resembles a ram mixed with some form of insect and avian, their faces are sleek, with broad noses, and they seem to split in sections as it goes toward the back. The sun ariesa have four horns, two on each side, that go backward before turning toward their face, much like a rams horns. The sun ariesa have satyr like legs that bend backward at the knee and then forward once again, ending in a hard hoof like foot that has two claw like protrusions in the front, and one in the back. Sun ariesa often dress in bright colored multi-layered garments that they make themselves.These garments are of a very fine quality and often highly praised by other fashion oriented species, such as the klannec. In addition, the sun ariesa have six eyes, three on each side, each of which has a rectangular pupil.

The moon ariesa are starkly different than their sun brethren, to begin the moon ariesa are much larger than the sun ariesa, reaching nearly 8ft tall at their highest. The moon ariesa also have a face much more reminiscent to that of a rams skull, complete with teeth showing. Unlike the sun ariesa, the moon ariesa have only a single set of horns, and do not share the same sleek sectional appearance that the sun ariesa have. Due in part to their physically larger stature, the moon ariesa are much stronger than their smaller brethren, and far more imposing. The moon ariesa also have bone like spikes that jut out of their back along both sides of their spine. These spikes do not make an appearance until the ariesa begin to reach their adulthood. It is also not uncommon to find a moon ariesa with seemingly random metal plates and/or weapons grafted onto their body, as it a common ritual for the moon ariesa to graft a part of their opponents armor or weaponry onto themselves, both as a show of victory and a sign of respect to their opponents. One thing both sun and moon share however is their second set of arms, though the moon ariesa second set is not nearly as strong as their main set.


The ariesa have two semi separate societies due to their temporal dimorphism, Sun ariesa live in large cities with a focus on a life of peace and quiet, while moon ariesa live in smaller nomadic tribes with a focus on combat and trial by fire. Though the personalities of the two ariesa are quite different, and would normally lead to constant conflict between the two societies, the ariesa have actually come to a peace agreement between one another. The moon ariesa barter and trade with the sun ariesa at discounted prices, in exchange the sun ariesa are allowed to call upon the moon ariesa for the sake of defense, or to act as an escort on trips off planet. Though they may have their differences, the ariesa share a common trait of loyalty, whether it be to their allies, or just their friends, the ariesa are fiercely loyal.

The moon ariesa, while intimidating, are fairly nice individuals. Though they put combat and strength above all else, they are quite happy and optimistic individuals, much to the surprise of those who meet them for the first time. In addition to this optimism the moon ariesa also have an undying desire to face any challenge head on, no matter how foolish it may be. The moon ariesa society is highly combat orientated, from birth until death ariesa of the moon fight anything they can no matter how large. In fact, fighting larger and larger opponents is a common measure of a moon ariesa success. While the moon ariesa are fairly friendly individuals, they are known for holding grudges that can span entire lifetimes.

The sun ariesa live a much more peaceful and monastic lifestyle gathered together in small towns and large temples. Theirs is a life focused on finding their own inner peace, and as such they put a large focus on the individual's journey. The general belief of the sun ariesa is that the experience of each aspect of life is the path of true peace in death, and as such no opportunity should be left unquestioned. Due in part to this belief, the sun ariesa society has adopted a wide variety of jobs and skills, making them one of the universe's most popular trader societies, dealing mostly in arts, textiles, and other fine goods. While the sun ariesa are very gentle and kind individuals, they are masterful tacticians and advisors having been taught from a young age the many different arts, including that of war. This knowledge is not gained from a desire to lead battlefields of soldiers, but rather the simple desire to accumulate knowledge, though many governments will often appoint a sun ariesa as tactician for their forces. Though, not without the condition that a moon ariesa be extended an offer to join the war forces. Though the sun ariesa do not enjoy conflict, they understand that their moon brethren thirst for combat, and will more than willingly put aside their own pacifism to grant a moon ariesa the finest battle they can.


It is said that long ago, the ariesa were one in form. Large, but peaceful creatures, nearly mindless. However, a great calamity struck their world, and caused them to split in twain, creating the sun and moon ariesa. The truth of the history of the ariesa is shrouded in mystery and shadow, many scholars consider the history of the ariesa little more than fable or fairy-tale. But no scholar has yet been able to explain many of the ancient ruins scattered among the planet, nor the giant crater, and what may lie at its center.


None / Unknown.




BVo9: BVo9 enjoy getting into ramming matches with moon ariesa. It is up to individuals in the moon ariesa to understand that these are just for fun; if they take it personally, a small-scale feud may break out. This uncertain diplomatic situation is complicated by BVo9 being willing to offer their services to sun ariesa for protection and convenience, moon ariesa may see BVo9's intrusion as an attempt to edge them out of their traditional role as protectors of sun ariesa. As such, sun ariesa approach BVo9 warily, since cooperating with BVo9 too much may upset their peace. If a section of ariesa society is able to tread this fine line successfully, a relationship with the BVo9 can benefit both ariesa types greatly.

Gemimi: The ariesa and the gemimi walk a fine line with each other. While the gemimis love the sun ariesa, they do not trust the moon ariesa, and the moon ariesa are happy to say they share the same feelings. Whenever gemimis work with the ariesa the sun side of the ariesa ends up either having to mediate their moon half and the gemimis or ask that the moons stay out of the situation.

Due to this all the gemimi and ariesa do not commonly work together, as the ariesa are frankly unwilling to ruin the tight inner species relationship to deal with the gemimi.

Carcili: Originally the ariesa and the carcili first interacted when a slumbering carcili took over the body of a sun ariesa. This event would become well known to the sun ariesa as the "Completion of the path to enlightenment". This event spurred an increase in disciples of the sun ariesa's monastic teachings up until first genuine contact with the carcili, whereupon it was discovered that the enlightenment that the ariesa so yearned for was merely the dreamwalking of a large psychic species. Though this was a disappointment, the ariesa quickly recovered and determined that the act of being dreamed was a valuable experience and relations between the ariesa and the carcili have never been better. Though, the moon ariesa do occasionally challenge the carcili to a fight, as they are one of the largest challenges a moon ariesa may overcome.

Leo: The sun ariesa find the leo to be far too competitive for their peaceful ways, and will always politely decline any offers to consume a ripened body part. Doing such a thing is a completely foreign concept to the ariesa, and will be met with confusion and disgust. The moon ariesa view the leo purely as competition and will challenge any leo they meet without fail. The leo are seen as interesting challenges of strength, and must be taught their place on the TRUE pecking order, in which the moon ariesa reign at the top.

Virgora: The ariesa find the virgora on occasion difficult to understand due in part to the virgora's seeming lack of emotional understanding. Despite this however, the ariesa remain patient with the virgora, and will attempt to understand them as best they can. Though they do not always get along, neither party holds much, if any, ill will toward the other and will gladly assist the other if in need.

Libraille: The ariesa view the libraille in a positive light as fellow seekers of peace, and often find themselves partaking in friendly philosophical debates with the libraille. Libraille will oftentimes find themselves consulting with ariesa when trying to make a decision, and the ariesa are happy to help. The ariesa will often ask the libraille to explain their "merge" so as to learn more about them, this can lead to the occasional awkward situation between the two as the ariesa are very conflicted on how to feel about such a thing. While the merge is certainly an interesting topic, it can also be seen as a horribly dreadful affair with the "death" of one individual.

Skokakrio: The ariesa and the skokakrio have have a relationship that involves the ariesa often tiptoeing around the skokakrio, so as not to accidentally offend them. Sun ariesa will avoid contact with skokakrio at all costs, as a generational grudge is not worth the time or effort of resolving. Moon ariesa will gladly insult the skokakrio as it guarantees a challenge down the line, one of which will be both unexpected and most certainly a fun fight. Needless to say, neither species generally enjoys the presence of the other.

Sagittari: The sagittari are a cause for concern among the ariesa, though there are some ariesa who believe the act of becoming a safittari's host could be a valuable experience, there are far more who believe the zombification of the host outweighs the worth of any experience. Sun ariesa will begrudgingly attempt to get along with sagittari, on the condition that they keep a few steps away from them while speaking. Moon ariesa do not enjoy being anywhere near the sagittari and will become much more aggressive and protective of the one they guard whenever a sagittari is near.

Kapricanus: The ariesa and kapricanus dislike each other, but both have to admit that when the other says they're going to do something there is no lies or trickary. Both mean excatly what they bring to the table, and for that reason the ariesa and kapricanus will begrudingly form pacts when times are tough.

Duckarium: The ariesa and the duckarium have a fairly good relationship with one another, the sun ariesa enjoy creating and providing new pots and pot making techniques for the duckarium, while the moon ariesa enjoy acting act guardians for the younger ducks. Though the relationship between the two was rocky at first, it quickly escalated to one of mutual benefit. The duckariums are provided pots and guardians for their young, and the ariesa are provided a new trade partner and the occasional new disciple or student.

Aqualisces: The ariesa try to get along with the aqualisces as best they can, they will remain patient with the aqualisces and give them as much time is necessary for them to warm up to the ariesa. The ariesa will gladly tell the aqualisces stories, keep them company, and generally just care for them as they would any other species.


• Sun ariesa live typically for 80 years and stand at 5'5 tall, while moon ariesas live for 65 years and are 7'7 tall.

• Ariesa are very protective of their horns, as many have been sold on the black market for their "Special Qualities". Of which they have none, ariesa horn is neither a medicinal amazement nor an aphrodisiac.

• Ariesa often greet species they meet for the first time with a small bow, followed by a greeting in their native language.

• Ariesa are known to give many gifts to visitors to their home-planet, especially so if it is the visitors first time arriving.

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