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Two-Faced / Holy Bird

“I don't need you. I don't need anyone. I know what you're here for, and what you've done.” — Common Angel

Art by, BigBrain

  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-6
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-4
  • Luck-6

Common Jobs: Lookouts, Protectors, Bookkeepers, Storytellers
Likes: Tradition
Dislikes: People taking advantage of the weak

Attack Method: The species is prone to fleeing at the sense of danger, however if hostile will often engage in melee based on confusing the opponent with rapid movement changes.

Homeplanet: Unknown/Not Important
Lifespan: Indefinitely
Size: 5'6 ft tall
Diet: Insects, Fish

Bodytype: Arm Support
Type: Psychic Avian
Social Class: Classless
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Common Traits
[Security Blanket] Neutral trait
This character has an item on their possession that they interact with daily, or even during conversation. This provides light morale and sanity bonuses while they have it, but without it they will seek a replacement and can take light morale and sanity damage. The item can be anything, not just a blanket.
[Knowledge of X] Positive trait
This character knows a lot of info about X. This does not mean that this character can do things relating to X, only that they know the ins and outs of X.
[Distrusting] Negative trait
This character is slow to trust others and may not understand sincerity or integrity, believing that people must be motivated by self-interest. They may disobey orders or go against their own crew because they believe they are trying to trick them.

Angels have no set system of worship and just worship whoever they wish. Many angels feel they are closer to their gods and that they are even a holy being,

Gods: Helper, Sleeper, Divided, Mirage, Radical

Original Creator: nonexistantPumpkin

Physical Description

Angels are white-feathered avian creatures with a brightly shining head. This head is not bright enough to hurt someone's eyes, but enough to obscure their features. They have 3 pairs of wings; one on their back which they use as legs when not in flight, and two pair coming out of their shoulders that is always folded across their chest. Their wings may sometimes glow in a similar manner to their head.

Their arms are where you would expect their legs to be, and they have a long tail tipped with what appears to be the head of an eagle. This secondary head, while appearing fully functional with eyes, nose and a beak, does not have a brain. This secondary head also seems to be the only head with a conventional mouth, as no angel has ever been seen putting food into its main head. All angels carry a staff, and each staff has markings on it unique to that individual angel. The top of the staff is reserved for carving the names and faces of lost loved ones, and the bottom of the staff has the names and faces of those that the angel wishes death upon. Angels asexually reproduce.


Angels are solitary creatures and are distrusting of most species, as they think other species only try to use them for their abilities. They will refuse to talk to anyone who even mentions their abilities or any skills they have. Angels, when they choose to interact with galactic society, are often found taking an easy "lookout" post as their natural ability makes it practically effortless, despite that they will respond harshly if anyone acknowledges why it is or directly seeks them out for such. Some choose to be bookkeepers or storytellers of some sort, due to their longevity meaning that a particularly old one is a veritable wellspring of information.

Angels have very varied tastes and individuality. There's not much that is regularly shared between them, due to their absence of a collected culture, but many have an inherent respect for tradition or habits 'built into' people or species. This is likely due to the staves they carry with them and carve. Most angels understand their objective value as a "tool," and as such a highly common distaste is carried between them for anyone looking to take direct advantage of another.

Angels' staves are not somehow born with them. Angels will, upon reaching adolescence, begin to seek out a material to make their staff with. This is most often the nearest planet's approximation for a type of wood, but for some, it may be carefully arranged metal, something resembling plastic, stone, or otherwise. They will almost always carry a tool, as well, with which they can carve their staff.


When angels first started interacting with galactic society, they were the one of the most popular species in the cosmos and many fought over hiring one on their crew. Once the angels discovered that the only reason they were so popular was because of their abilities, most of them disappeared back to wherever they came from. One would be lucky to find one nowadays, much less get one to join them.


Seraphim: These angels look like large eagles and hawks. They are considered closer to the solar deer than common angel as they are extremely hot to touch like an open flame. They carry their staves in their larger mouth and walk on what would be a common angel's arms. Being visited by a seraphim is considered a sign to most people. Seraphims will yell loudly about something they feel extremely close to, and if the person is still there after their "lecture" the seraphim will leave a gift, most commonly a really neat rock they've picked up. Most people consider the seraphim touch rock lucky. Seraphims rarely know about anything beyond their interests and rarely if ever will be the person listening.

Cherubim: Cherubims are large bulky, and consider monstrous looking compared to the more delicate looking angels. They walk on 4 legs, which are more mammalian in form, occasionally standing and walking on their hind legs. They have 3 tails each with heads and instead of staves they have formed a symbiotic relationship with a creature called an ophanim, a spaceborn creature in the shape of a wheel that has wings and is also covered in many eyes. The cherubims provide protection while the ophanims are worn by the cherubims and alert them to any danger they cannot see.

Other Colours: There are angels with slightly different coloration but none of these are considered a subspecies.


7th sense: Angels swear they have a 7th sense and can tell when trouble is nearby. If the light on an angel begins to dim it means they sense or feel there's an issue nearby.


• Testing shows that angels are close cousins of the solar deer, meaning they likely always lived around stars.

• Angels apparently naturally produce a single offspring once every 150-300 years. What this process involves is unclear, as no angel has been seen to go through it on-planet, and attempting to have them stay in view to do so results in extremely hostile reactions, going so far as threat of self destruction if they cannot directly oppose the person keeping them. The child will be raised until self-sufficient, at which point the parent generally drops all attachment.

• Angels have been known to occasionally make nests on asteroids. What "nest" means exactly is variable depending on how willing the individual was to gather material.

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