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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



Most sirrhingis are convinced that they are immortal gods, normally believing themselves to be a god of a specific thing which is often some kind of academic field. A sirrhingi engineer might think they're a god of machines and a sirrhingi farmer would think of themselves as a god of the sowing and harvest. Sirrhingis think that their 'godhood' makes them extraordinary at their jobs, far beyond the ability of 'mortals'. However, while sirrhingis can be very clever at their jobs, the vast majority of them are nothing extraordinary.


Skabels are obsessed with creating things. If one meets a skabel, chances are they're "taking a break" from working on a project. Whether this project is a massive sculpture, a new invention, or a small painting, a skabel will almost always be creating one thing or another. However, their perception of breaks can often be skewed, causing them to take year-long absences from their relatively small projects. Skabels are an incredibly optimistic species overall. It's in their nature to look on things positively and have hope that the future will be good.


Skarfes are highly intelligent beings, able to create quite eldritch-looking buildings and inventions. Observant, fast-thinking, sometimes cunning. If their host was a villain, a skarv would be the best sidekick butler they could ever have. They often repay the people who did something horrible to them with distrust and passive-aggressive hate, making skarfes a race of unforgiving creatures. It's unwise to be enemies with them.


Most sklams live by a honor code with three central tennets: Fight honorably, honor your slain by taking their skulls, and don't put your personal glory above the common good. These last two principles are commonly taken to extremes: Sklams don't just take the skulls of the people and creatures they kill on purpose, they take the skulls of anyone or anything whose death they deem their fault.


The skokakrio society is a very reclusive and individual-based one. It is somewhat rare to see multiple skokakrio together, as most skokakrio will try to kill another of their species on sight. This is because skokakrio are known to hold grudges, almost to an unrealistic level - if one insults a skokakrio's appearance, expect that skokakrio's grandson, knowledge of that insult passed down through generations, to come seeking revenge on that offender one hundred years later.


Voraciously hungry, slarym have a bad reputation with other species for being hyper-aggressive. In truth, they are no more aggressive than most other carnivorous species. However, they are very curious, especially in regards to flavors and meat. They desire to try as many different types of meat as they can, and this has often led to some rather brutal encounters.


Sweet and simple folk, smeepers are characterized as being a very peaceful species. They are rare to judge a cover by it's book, and have historically welcomed other species with open arms and naivety. Smeeps are excited by the prospect of meeting new species, as it is a chance to learn of the worlds outside of their humble home planet, as well as a chance to offer or sell wool to foreigners. Wool is of high cultural importance to most, if not all smeepers.


The features of a sneese call back to their reptilian ancestors, and for good reason. Their whole civilization remains in a primitive mindset, despite the whole galaxy opening up to them. Sneese are not very sociable outside of their own species and quite wary of most modern technologies. Space travel is the one technology they have embraced, as it fits quite handily to the nomadic lifestyle they religiously follow. Sneese loathe to stay in one place for long, rejecting an easy settled life in favor of finding new challenges to test their survival skills.


While individual behavior varies widely, to the point of there being few agreed upon social norms, there is one trait that comes instinctively to soledades. They are a species that seeks solitude; to inhabit isolated places. Much as the term "a tourist" comes from the tourist, the word "solitude" comes from a translation of this species's name.


Most soothals are extremely curious, exhibiting an almost child-like nature at times. Great wisdom belongs to them, although they have no idea how they got it or what the knowledge is used for, making it so any conversation with them is rather strange. They live in a pseudo-medieval society, with kings and queens, merchants, and peasants, but most of their technology is based off of steam and advanced learning.

Species 54X-0


LOCATION: System ZZ973H. Co-ordinates SNAP 1949.7505.0249

INVOLVED PARTIES: Species 54X-0(Species self-designation not recorded), Colonisation Vessel KR-135 along with onboard colonisation facilitation teams.


Speddaris love to spend money. They often walk into shops, excitedly buying knickknacks for themselves and anyone who is lucky enough to be present, or walk into restaurants to order tables full of food. They will do this until they're broke and they often have trouble paying any kind of monthly or weekly expenses. In contrast to their fun loving nature in their off hours, most speddari are peaceful and businesslike while they're at work.


The spiraji are a very sneaky, cunning race. Due to their helpful ability of temporary transparency, they often become lowlifes, taking unethical jobs for as much cash as they can get. Despite their rather sinister professions, the spiraji tend to be a rather likeable species once you get to know them, willing to hook you up on discounted products if they're selling or give advice on what tools are better for certain situations. Otherwise, spiraji aren't the one to talk much and some ill-informed individuals may mistake them for simple henchmen when in reality they are usually the brains of the crew.


Spoopers have a holiday where they scare each other for fun and give free candy to anyone who's a good sport about it. Problem is, they will insist that it's always this holiday, so they're always trying to make people scream. However, they know when they've gone too far, and will do whatever they can to make it up to someone if they make them cry. Spoopers have a very odd sense of aesthetic, and will find things that most species would consider cold, creepy or disturbing to be warm, cute and friendly.


Steinculi tend to have an incredibly wide range of personalities and behaviors, considering the fact that a completed specimen may be made up of a minimum of six different people. Completed steins are most commonly described as 'eccentric', and may come off as a little strange in their actions. The individual organs work together to make decisions, but it's not uncommon for them to argue among each other.


Living distant from each other in space, the stellavis create their homes among asteroids. These homes contain gemstones, which the species as a whole seems to have an endearment for, in addition to trinkets from travelers. The shape and structure of the houses vary wildly, but they are almost always brightly contrasting with the surrounding area and usually contain a nest-like bed made from assorted pillows and blankets. A stellavis is likely to be more than happy to invite any worn out travelers in for tea or at least to hear their story and trade jokes.


The stomatopoids are nothing short of an enigma to species everywhere. While they are clearly advanced - perhaps even one of the most advanced species in existence - their only method of communication is by changing the colours of their carapace, mostly through the ultraviolet spectrum. They have difficulty interpreting both pictograms and sounds, so communication with them has been incredibly basic. It has been only further hampered by their territorial aggression and refusal to let anyone study them or their technology.


Incredible telescopic vision, and advanced auditory capabilities capable of pinpointing sources of sound easily. When interacting with other species, they often assume stereotypes to be true for an entire race. An example of this is that all notails battle with powerful creatures. This is derived from their tendency to assume certain roles in society based on their tribe.


Long ago on Transylvaar, there lived the svlanoi. At this time, they were tall and proud and happy. The lands were bright and peaceful, the woods were a comforting blanket of green and the creatures within no more frightful than typical of beasts. All was well. But then a strange darkness came upon the land, and hunters began reporting sightings of strange bat-like creatures stalking them in the dead of night.


Summarized, they are benevolent to a fault. That is not to say that they are incapable of finding any person or action despicable, but that they would attempt to save the life of even a hardboiled war criminal were they given the chance. As far as the swollows care, regardless of how abominable their patient may be it is not up to them to judge them, as their duty only calls for them to make it so that said patient can live long enough to face said judgement. All swollows believe in second chances, and they would much rather everyone get to live long enough to get to attempt change.