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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



The personality of a plantolk heavily depending on the individual. Many wish to settle down and become immobile trees, while others avoid that fate at all costs. The "settlers" are honorable, traditional, and narrow minded. The "avoiders" are open minded, roamers, and tend to be self centered.


The most obvious and observable fact about polynoids is the many many ways in which they are short. They are quite physically short, but more importantly, they are easily irritated, with easily wounded egos, and tremendously short tempers and patience for things they don't care for. It is very easy to get on a polynoid's bad side, especially if you're not a polynoid, because there seem to be a great many things non-polynoids do that polynoids find exceptionally annoying.


Pon are completely monotonous individuals with few (if any) traits telling them apart from other pon. Pon have almost no needs or wants, and are frequently used to pad spots when filling out a crew. Pon have no physical need for sleep, but regularly fall unresponsive for eight hours each day. When not assigned to work, the pon will usually stand in place or wander the vicinity until new orders are given.


Poppets have a callous treatment towards life, as the only way to create a new poppet involves the killing or injury of either another poppet, or a suitable living entity with a relatively workable skin, and a decent-sized pile of meat. Incidentally, this tends to net poppets roles where disposal of organic material is involved, and they are always happy to trade a fellow poppet off to passing crew for more supplies, as long as its enough to make another poppet, at least. Generally, they prefer to let other, more friendly races do the talking however.


The prunus species tend to be slower moving and lumbering, however they are also extraordinarily resilient. Their "skin" is effectively hardwood and they can, over the course of weeks, months, or even years, regenerate wounds. This regeneration can even regrow detached limbs. Prunii can eat as other species do, but due to their nature also possess the ability to slowly perform photosynthesis and absorb nutrients from soil. Due to resins and sap in their bodies they are rather flammable by nature.


Similar to how puds do not have a uniform shape, neither does the society they have built for themselves. Pud culture features no distinct customs, hierarchies, or strict rules other than their annual hibernation event, which can be different from region to region. Instead, it seems most puds are content at living life opportunistically, fitting whatever molds they need to survive. This means either squatting in used and unused homes, hiding in basements, entering city pipelines and sewers, entering the caves of nature reserves, and/or mooching off passing crews.


The putleys only see in infra-red. They claim to see the souls of people and are very into learning about gods. Putleys never stick to one god, and almost all of them believe in many, both from their home planet and from other species. Putleys believe in helping others before themselves, and will always save others before themselves in a life and death situation.


Homeworld pyronians have a relatively primitive social structure. Every pyronian on the homeworld is part of a tribe that worships a certain god. There don't appear to be any physical differences in members of different tribes at first glance, but pyronians are usually able to tell whether another pyronian is a member of another group through some sort of sixth sense.


Though not as hardy as some races, quelans are resistant to disease due to the fact that their biology is a mix of animal and fungus. Mentally, they tend to be intelligent and eccentric in a wide variety of ways. Fashion tastes vary greatly, and "trends" in the quelan fashion world are nigh-nonexistent. All quelans have some amount of control over their own flesh and the flesh of others around them; this is commonly called fleshwarping.


Most queolchrost tend to outwardly seem very polite and calm. This can either be considered how they normally are, or as a facade depending on how one wishes to view it. When a core belief of a queolchrost is questioned, many will have a chance of snapping, sometimes into physical violence. Additionally, most queolchrost tend to have a core goal or set of goals. These goals tend to be one of the most important parts of the queolchrost's life.


Quishidi are very deceptive in their personality, doing their best to appear as attractive and flattering to others as possible only to burst out in anger when they get insulted or lose in a game or contest. They are incredibly narcissistic and go to incredible lengths to show off themselves, their belongings, and the person or pet they are partnered with. This narcissism results in contests being an essential part of quishidi life.


From what little data is able to be salvaged from quotillic vessels and documents, it is believed that the quotillics were a violent, warmongering species. They took glory in combat and killing and they solved the majority of their problems with these two methods.


The richife live to serve. They are orderly, tidy, efficient, and often control drones giving them more hands to work with. In addition, they are usually skilled planners and leaders, fully able to keep your domicile in tip-top condition while you are busy with your own life.

At least, that's the usual spiel. In reality they are natural plotters and schemers, having little to no care for most individuals that are not them.


It would be less accurate to describe the ruhi as a species, and more as a single person. After all, that is precisely what they are; a single mind scattered across many, many bodies. Ruhi is just Ruhi. Ruhi does not refer to each individual ruhi as a ruhi, but instead as the various vessels of Ruhi. They are all one Ruhi, simply split into many parts to interact with many people.


Sagittari are usually friendly people, if you can keep one around long enough to actually chat with them. They are notably shy of other species, usually because they're scared others will see their zombie-like appearance and toss them out the nearest airlock. However, they love making new friends and will gladly befriend anyone willing to look past the fact that they are literal zombies.


Starting from a young age, sarax are expected to choose something that interests them, and cling onto it. A few examples of what this interest can be is an emotion, a person, and even just a general aesthetic. Anything that a sarax finds interesting can be clung onto. The sarax will then proceed to mold their life around this interest, such as changing their appearance to reflect their interest. However, once and a while, a sarax will stray from these ways and will be recognized as being different from the normal sarax.


Scretsens are most known for their "special talents". Every scretsen is born with an innate ability for something, and they will naturally excel at this. Special talents are numerous and varied and could be practical skills like construction work, shopkeeping, ship navigation - or they could be more obscure skills such as matchmaking, bug-catching, and photographic memory. Some scretsens are born with special talents that seem to defy their physiological capabilities, such as flight, deep-sea diving, shape-shifting, danger-sensing, and night vision.

Sea Angel

Despite their small size, sea angels are fierce ambush predators, usually hunting in packs to take down prey many times larger than themselves. After surrounding the prey, they have been observed to surround and "play" with the soon-to-be-dead creature, usually with a creepy "smile" on their faces. Outside of hunting, though, sea angels are very sociable creatures, preferring to make friends with other species rather than fighting them.


Selachim are valued across the galaxy for being hard workers, capable of applying great diligence toward any work they're convinced will benefit selachind. Due to Mare's limited natural resources and demand far outstripping supply for top-of-the-line hulls, upgrade recipients are chosen based on merit.


The rise and fall of the shrapnihil centered around one simple anomalous ability, albeit one nearly unparalleled in power. Shrapnihil could alter and copy matter in any way imaginable. They could change the shape of a stone, instantly making it into a sculpture, change the atomic structure of a stone, turning it into gold, and could even create an image of the stone in their mind, alter the air in its image, and effectively make a perfect copy of that stone.