[Cosmosdex] The Universal Encyclopedia


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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



The iconic image of the synthii is the mysterious being in brightly-coloured and garish robes, extending to the floor and billowing around them, with an overcoat or waist jacket added on top to finish. Most synthii clothing does indeed fall under these categories, considered a stylish and practical gown, modified to suit its purpose just like its user. Metalworking synthii gowns will be fire repellent, while an Ambassador's robe might be covered in a variety of common alien symbols indicating to the species of the universe that they are there to help and assist.


The taekings are smart, but they are doubtful, rude, and they don't like getting help from others unless in dire need. They are secretive and sly as well but lack in social skills. They can get easily hurt emotionally but tend to not show it if possible. They don't like being mocked or teased, and can lash out when either of those happen. Taeking don't speak much to avoid saying anything that may get them harassed.


Excitable and creative, tecats spend their free time writing stories and making plays about the gods. They gather in grand auditoriums to put on their acts and recite poems about the gods beyond their universe. The tecats love the multiverse. They cherish it more than anything else in their lives. The tecats believe that the 100-mile wide dome they live in is their whole universe. Should a tecat want to, they could pace from one end of their universe to the other end within a few days.


The personality of a tegyp can be described as...eccentric, strange, or even nonsensical depending on who you ask. Tegyps will occasionally speak in riddles or in puzzles on a whim, whether it makes any sense to the conversation or not, other times tegyps have been known not to speak at all, but instead to scream or use interpretive dance to convey their emotions. This all boils down to the particular tegyp's personality, but it is a common trait for a tegyp to speak in strange ways, tegyps are no stranger to their own quirks however and will speak "normally" if asked to.


The telenovas are one dimensional. They do not have any interests outside of doing housework. Talking to them equals having a parallel conversation. Not only do they talk only about housework, but they also dismiss any attempts of conversation aimed at them. Of course, if the other person wants them to do housework or wants to talk about housework they will be happy to. Telenovas can only feel delight.


The terrietes commonly carry a very regal aura about them, and while they're not exactly pompous, they hold themselves very high. They have tendency to hold grudges over even the most petty things. Terrietes tend to keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves, as they consider such things as not meant to be shared. They see it as something they have to deal with themselves, as dumping their problems on someone else would be rude.


The tilde communicate through the oddly universal language of spaceborn species, starspeak. They cannot make sound beyond the occasional flare-up, whistle-like noise, or static crackling. Some tilde learn sign languages to communicate with certain species, while others never bother.


Music is a significant part of tockhau culture. The tockhau are very quiet, until they are asked to play music. The tockhau are very passionate about music as well as other types of art and will do everything in their power to make a perfect art piece. Many tockhaus fall into a depression-like state if they're not allowed to make art or if the art they're making isn't good enough for them. Critics are a tockhau's worst enemy as the art they create is very important to them, so they see critique as a personal affront.


Flamboyant and often in-your-face, toreka treat life as one big game, which they will proclaim they want to be the very best at. They are very dramatic with their emotions, expressing blazing fury, deepest sorrow, and exultant joy all in the one sentence. Despite these theatrics, toreka are by and large very carefree and hard to truly anger or offend. Toreka may struggle to comport themselves in a situation where there's no competitive aspect, like a normal conversation, trying to turn socialization into a game as well.


Tourists are the reason the term "a tourist" became a widely used term. They were the first species picked up by notails, and they started to spread fast. Tourist love to hop around and see all the sights in space. While they aren't bad crew members, and are in fact highly friendly and willing to work, they are space hoppers and will jump from crew to crew.


Tripods only live for one month. Therefore, they tend to be a very carefree species, not worrying too much about anything. Every moment is a significant part of a tripod's life. For example, if you have just one conversation with a tripod, it will treasure that moment dearly and look back on it with fondness. Every item a tripod obtains is a very special item to the tripod, and if the item must be parted with, the tripod with often thank the item for the fond memories it had.


Above and beyond everything else, troads are known mainly for one thing; Their incredibly competitive personalities. To the troads, everything is a skill to be mastered or a game to beat, to the point that many troads will dedicate their entire lives to a single specialization; While this is sterotypically things such as sports or games, many troads focus on practical skills such as cooking, construction, or programming, approaching these skill sets with the same dedication and passion they would bring anything else.


Tweeps are highly social and endlessly chatting. They care not about science or what is considered "normal knowledge"; instead, they care more about chatting about social issues - all social issues, from politics to what the hot new Ms. Universe was wearing last night. Tweeps born into certain clans are more likely to follow what their clan thinks is the most important social issue and how to fix it.


Depending on the gender of a twerp one encounters, their first impression of twerpians could be drastically different. Female twerps, while less common than their male counterpart, are the true figureheads of the twerpian species. They are the only ones which have telepathic abilities, and are always seen in leadership positions or other important roles. They are happy to speak with anyone, and commonly seek to trade with those outside their homeworld. They will often speak out loud to those not telepathic as a courtesy.


Umailats are know to take machines apart and put them back together to make a better machine. Despite this most of their machines are actually known to barely serve a purpose. To others it is just a piece of near useless art, yet umailats stress that it is a better than before. Many of this species have a goal to make the ultimate machine, though each umialat has their own opinion what this machine would do, and as such, are unable to work together.


The typical unidolencian places an extremely high value on being able to reach their full potential, and the fruits of that state of being. Due to the nature of their society, most all members of these species are fully realized people who are perfectly capable of creating a variety of content and media. They thrive in the spotlight, and are often considered those who will not only do everything it takes to be on a stage, but will go the extra mile to ensure they stay on it.


Unuxi have deep beliefs in the spiritual realm and if you allow them the time, and a decent stash of narcotics, will never stop talking about the gods, the state of the soul during life and after death, or the mysteries of the universe. Despite their highly spiritual nature, unuxi are nonetheless very open-minded, and more than welcome input from others about their gods and existence. Some unuxis are a tad unsettled by the idea that so many believe the gods to be evil, but they accept others all the same.


Urolinds are calm and peaceful. When angered they jump into a passive aggressive state before considering any type of physical attack. The species is skittish by nature and when confronted with a foe they believe is more powerful than them, will flee into the nearest body of water. Many urolinds note feeling uneasy when they can no longer smell a body of water nearby and prolonged removal from water causes anxiety, despair, and dry damaged skin.


Uutzi tend to keep to themselves, even on their home world. On or off-world nearly all uutzi carry a firearm of some form, doubling as self defense and serving as a status symbol depending on the quality and type of weapon carried. For example a gunpowder revolver is seen as less than a laser rifle. Most non-uutzi are regarded coldly or ignored outright. If the uutzi happens to be a merchant, they'll likely want any interactions to be short and strictly business related. Risen uutzi will exclusively speak to other members of their race, and refuse to acknowledge converts as anything more than servants.


The vaeri are a bunch of melodramatic, boisterous, loud, and megalomaniacal B-Movie mad scientists. Calling them simply 'Mad' is a lot like calling a car a metal box, it's accurate but it doesn't get the point across properly. Beneath, or perhaps besides, this demented exterior, lies a near unparalleled intellect eager to advance whatever scientific cause it happens to be championing at the moment. Or perhaps more accurately, to determine what abomination unto the laws of nature they can get away with next before something kills them.