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“And when I discovered my talent, I knew then in my heart that I was going to become the world's greatest ornithologist.” — A scretsen, on her rise to greatness

Art by, GuardianofAllator

  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-5
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-6
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-4

Common Jobs: Anything and everything

Likes: Their career, Using their talent to help others
Dislikes: Things that distract from their career, Trying new things

Attack Method: Primarily uses their stinger to try and pierce the foe

Homeplanet: Gorson
Lifespan: 130 years
Height: 8'5 ft
Diet: Meat, Fish, Plants, Insects, Raw food

Social Class: Upper Middle Class
Rarity: Uncommon

Common Traits

[Resourceful] Positive trait
This character is able to easily come up with new ideas and may be able to lessen the cost for current items. In a tough situation this character is likely able to use simple items to create make-shift weapons or items.
[Show-off] Neutral trait
This character boasts about their skills, and often want people to watch them do things to show off how good they are at it.
[Picky Eater] Negative trait
This character will only eat things from a personal list. Whether it’s all meat has to be seasoned with a specific spice, or they will only eat certain plants when prepared certain ways, this character is willing to starve themselves when they don’t get to eat the way they prefer to.

Patrons and Gods

Religion and spirituality is a funny subject for scretsens, as it doesn’t relate to any sort of “talent” a scretsen can have. Due to this, there are very few places of worship on Gorson, and scretsens just do not care too much about the concept in general, just saying they worship the Dragon because it aligns with their interests. While there are of course some who do practice worship, scretsens overall just do not see it as that big a deal, or see much of a point to worship, believing the best way to honor the Dragon is to just get out there and live life.

Patrons: Hephaestus, Vulcan, Eos
Gods: Radical
Original Creator: TangledAlmond

Physical Description

Scretsens have a small horn on top of their heads, as well as a long stinger-like appendage protruding downwards from their face. They have four bug-like arms, and a beetle-like carapace. Scretsens are quite tall, growing to 8 feet on average with some reaching up to 9 feet. Individual scretsens are distinguished by their body and appendage’s color scheme. The shell is always a dark shade while the appendage is a light color, but other than that, both of these colors can be any color possible and seems to be random with no regards to parental traits. Many scretsens wear clothes for utility or for fashion, but there are also many who simply choose not to.

A scretsen’s face-stinger is not truly a stinger at all, and only serves to slice and stab things. Evolutionists theorize that they were used in survival situations to kill prey and fight predators before scretsens developed special talents. Indeed, a scretsen’s stinger is very powerful simply by virtue of being large and sharp.

Personality & Traits

Scretsens are most known for their "special talents". Every scretsen is born with an innate ability for something, and they will naturally excel at this.

Special talents are numerous and varied and could be practical skills like construction work, shopkeeping, ship navigation - or they could be more obscure skills such as matchmaking, bug-catching, and photographic memory. Some scretsens are born with special talents that seem to defy their physiological capabilities, such as flight, deep-sea diving, shape-shifting, danger-sensing, and night vision. Special talents like this are often called special abilities. Special abilities seem to only be limited to things that other species are able to do.

Careers are a very important part of scretsen culture, and their society is built off of the goal of letting everyone find their special talent and build a career off of it. Scretsens naturally have a passion for their special talent, and as their main focus, a scretsen’s main goal in life is to build their entire lives off their career. Therefore, scretsens are not inclined to invest in things that would get in the way of their career, such as having a family. Scretsens who do not have a passion for their talent or do not want to build a career off of it are seen as neurodivergent.

Along with their innate special talent, scretsens develop a set of 2-3 sub-talents when they begin training in their career. These talents are not innate, but rather, once a scretsen has solidified exactly what kind of career they want to have based off their special talent, the other talents required to excel in that career come naturally to a scretsen. These are the only non-innate talents they are able to become experts in. A scretsen's sub-talents develop solely to naturally hone their special talent, and therefore most scretsens don't know how to use their sub-talents well outside the context of their career.

Scretsens capabilities at using skills unrelated to its special talent are mediocre at best. When a scretsen tries to use a skill unrelated to their special talent, they tend to be not very good, and take a much longer time getting better at it than most other species. It has also been found that even after years of practice, they are only really able to become average at best at these skills. It has been hypothesized that there may be some sort of physical limitation that causes scretsens to not be capable of developing skills that don't involve their special talent. Due to this, many scretsens are reluctant to try new things and may refuse to try doing a job or even a simple task that doesn't match their special talent.

A scretsen's special talent can be nearly anything, so with the vast amount of special talents there are, there tends to be only 5-7 scretsens with the same special talent in the universe at one time despite the species' high population.

Scretsens are also very good at survival situations, and can usually think of ways to use their special talent and stinger to do what they need to survive if the need arises. This is partly what makes them so resourceful, along with the training they receive in their schools.

Scretsens are omnivorous and will eat meat, fish, plants, and insects. They do not require food to be prepared or processed and so most eat it raw, simply because the only scretsens that go into food preparation cook gourmet dishes due to their talent. Therefore, on their home planet, food is not mass-produced and is either simply sold as it was when caught, or used to make gourmet dishes in fancy restaurants. As a result, a scretsen's diet tends to only consist of raw food and gourmet food, and a scretsen will usually not enjoy eating prepared or processed food that isn't gourmet.

The species has only one sex, and so any scretsen can reproduce with another and produce an egg. A scretsen's gender is simply part of a scretsen’s identity and used as a personal identifier, and is determined by the scretsen itself. Scretsen genders do include male and female but can range through a wide array of genders, and a scretsen’s gender can be singular, plural, or nothing at all. Many scretsens change genders every once in a while and this is simply akin to changing a fashion style in the eyes of scretsen society. Some never do, however. Actually, fashion styles are pretty much a perfect analogy for what it’s basically like for them, in that they usually try a lot out when they are younger and tend to settle on one when they become an adult.

Scretsens who choose to have children will not raise them themselves; instead, eggs are taken to childcare centers stationed in the general district, where they are taken care of before and slightly after they hatch by scretsens whose special talents are better suited to raising children. From there they go on to the special talent schools, and then career training, where they solidify their life’s direction. Scretsens will never raise their children on their own, seeing childcare as a task that they can’t perform well (and therefore refuse to do), and seeing the commitment as something that will distract from their career. Therefore, scretsens will usually not have children if they can’t get someone else to raise them, causing most all scretsens to be born and raised on Gorson. Because of all this, no scretsen knows their genetic parents, but this is never an issue as this is simply the way scretsens are.


Not important / Unknown.






• Scretsens are a very practical-minded species and as such, they have may have a hard time understanding and adapting to social customs of other races that don’t make sense to them. It doesn’t help that social skills are skills and therefore something that most scretsens are bad at.

• Scretsens usually do not have opinions on things that don’t relate to their own talent, as they don’t trust themselves to make good opinions on issues they are not an expert on.

• Many scretsens will freak out and panic when seriously being asked to do something they don’t know how to do, and, if put in a situation where they are forced to do it, may become so overwhelmed that they shut down completely.

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