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The Menace from Polyvios / Plastic Love

“We are a proud and fearsome race! We are not cute!” — Unknown Polynoid

Art by, Sirblizz98

  • Strength-4
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-1

Common Jobs: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Likes: The Great Polynoid Queen, Soft Corners, Bubbles, Jesters
Dislikes: Sharp Edges, Most Aliens, Rude Comments about the Queen, Harlequins

Attack Method: Organized mass fire pattern with lots and lots of lasers

Homeplanet: Polyvios
Lifespan: 90 years
Size: 3 ft tall
Diet: Omnivorous

Bodytype: Tailed Bipedal
Type: Other Amphibian
Social Class: Low Class
Rarity: Uncommon
Common Traits
[Impressionable] Neutral trait
This character is easily influenced and will often try to copy the activities and mannerisms of others, usually for the sake of fitting in.
[Disciplined] Positive trait
This character has a certain behavior or way of working. This behavior is usually helpful to their group and commonly promotes teamwork. This character is less likely to disobey commands, is less likely to lose sanity and will likely follow routine.
[Xenophobic] Negative trait
This character has an irrational distaste of all things foreign. This tends to manifest in hatred or fear of foreigners specifically, but may apply to even concepts or objects from other cultures.

The polynoids worship no gods except their eternal queen, The Great Polynoid Queen, and they aggressively demand every being in the universe pay her the due respect they feel she deserves.

Gods: The Great Polynoid Queen

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

The polynoid is a small semi-amorphous cephalopodic bipeds that stands a respectable two to three feet in height. They have a fairly large head relative to their short round bodies, out of which sprout numerous tentacles, most of which are largely vestigial, but nonetheless still have limited functionality. Their most prominent tentacles are two sprouting from their torso that function as arms, and two below that function as legs.

At the ends of their arm tentacles, they have simple grasping assemblies consisting of four flexible digits similar to fingers and thumbs, but with more flexibility. Their bottom tentacles flare about in a sort of natural skirt, wiggling about their primary leg tentacles, and swaying about. While they somewhat assist in swimming, they are otherwise useless, and often removed. Their two primary leg tentacles extend down, and end with a simple single toed foot.

Their body is incredibly squishy and flexible, being filled with numerous capillaries and bladders that engorge with an oily liquid instead of bones, that run parallel to their complex cardiovascular structure.

Within this cardiovascular structure, polynoids have a slick and oily blood, that degrades only with the most reluctance, remaining bright and vibrant for decades. This blood comes in one of seven colors, which determines the polynoid's place in the blood-based hierarchy of polynoid society. The lowest being a vibrant red not overly dissimilar to that found in most species in the universe, followed by a rusty orange, a lemony yellow-green, a bluish spring-green, a vibrant cerulean, a prestigious indigo, and an imperious violet.

Polynoids are composed of a variety of exotic materials that are analogous to various synthetic polymers. Their hair has a waxy and smooth texture similar to bakelite, and has a glossy sheen. It is usually black, but it often ends up dispersing into one vibrant color or another, particularly at the tips and roots. They have a skin that has a flexible and pliable quality, like latex or vinyl, and is similarly as glossy. Usually found in a shade of light blue, but the polynoid's blood sometimes bleeds into it causing color impurities.

They have a largish head, dominated principally by their huge expressive mono-eye. The sclera of their eye is usually a pale yellow color, although due to uncertain "chemical bleeding" it can sometimes be seen in other colors, usually dependent on the polynoid's blood color. Their iris color is usually, but sometimes not, identical to their blood color, and serves as an easy visual shorthand with which other polynoids determine their caste position. At he bottom of their face, they have a elastic mouth, usually contorted in an indignant pout, and a small assortment of teeth, most prominently a pair of large beakish incisors at the center of both their jaws. On the sides of their head they have a pair of sleek elfin ears, that they can waggle on command.

Deep in their mouth, they have a complex respiratory "entrance" consisting of a series of valves and folds that open and close depending on whether they are underwater or in open air, allowing them to comfortably exist in both.

At the end of stalks on the top of their head, an a short prehensile tale out their backside, they have a series of glowing orbs they refer to as "glowbs". The glowbs glow a variety of colors in accordance to the polynoid's moods, though the exact relationship between the various colors is hotly debated, it roughly goes as follows: Pale Yellow for calm; Light Blue for Gloomy; Dark Blue for Sad; Golden Yellow for Excited; Red for Annoyed or Angry; Orange for Stressed or Anxious; Pink for Affectionate; and Purple for... "Romantic"

Most polynoids don't understand fashion, and usually crudely emulate the advisements of the higher class polynoids that do. As a consequence, most polynoids wear an "All-environments" "One-size-fits all" "Crash suit" made of a durable polyesters, with job-specific accessories. The color of these suits usually depends on the job and/or caste of the polynoid.

Polynoids physically reproduce in the "conventional way", though most modern polynoids reproduce with the aid of machines and precise genetic tailoring, to ensure optimal, healthy, polynoid children. Naturally born polynoids are gestated over about two weeks before being born as a small blob with a single large eye. These small protoplasmic spawnlings are wholly transparent and vividly show their blood color. Over the course of a period of about five months, these young polynoids will develope from waterbound spawnlings, gradually growing in size and developing rudimentary tentacle structures.

After about five months, the young polynoids resembles a sort of squid or octopus. it's skin will have the toughness and general poly-vinyl esque consistency of which polynoids are known, though it will still be in their blood color. It takes an additional five or six months before a polynoid has developed into a proper juvenile, growing a small beak and gradually developing a proper polynoid skin coloration.

At about four or five years old, polynoids will develop into their next phase, wherein two of their tentacles will begin to develope into rudimentary arms with claw-like grasping appendages. They will have grown a pair of rudimentary "glowbs" at the top of their head at this point, which will gradually lengthen into full stalks on their head over time. By the age of about ten or so for most, they enter the stage of adolescence, having grown a differentiated torso from their originally undifferentiated singular mass. Their head glowbs are fully grown in and most will have a full head of hair by this point. They will have developed a glowb on their posterior that will gradually begin to develop into a proper tail as the continue to grow, a change usually accompanied by increased bipedalism.

By the age of fifteen polynoids are for all intents and purposes, fully mature, having developed into a form mostly resembling their adult form. They will continue to properly develop for at least three or four more years, but at this point they are considered "mature enough" and given their first crash suit and expected to be a productive member of society.


The most obvious and observable fact about polynoids is the many many ways in which they are short. They are quite physically short, but more importantly, they are easily irritated, with easily wounded egos, and tremendously short tempers and patience for things they don't care for. It is very easy to get on a polynoid's bad side, especially if you're not a polynoid, because there seem to be a great many things non-polynoids do that polynoids find exceptionally annoying.

As one can guess, they are extremely xenophobic. They hold a fairly strong sense of distaste for non-polynoids for a number of reasons, chief amongst which is the fact that they don't pay their Queen the favor they all feel she is entitled too. But indeed, there are a number of other reasons they hate aliens, with particular hatred reserved for the rigid, and the angular. They quite simply find such attributes to be the most horrifically disgusting qualities any sort of creature can have. Indeed they generally seem to hate more amorphous and rounded aliens less than those, though they can hardly be said to like them.

They are a communal and orderly race with a tendency to follow in accordance to the whims of a hierarchal structure. Indeed the few polynoids encountered who are not part of the Polynoid Empire seem to, for the most part, prefer to be in positions of subservience to a properly authoritative being that doesn't offend their sensibilities too much.

But most polynoids, being highly insular and xenophobic, largely prefer to stay within the confines of their own society. Most people won't even see many polynoids that aren't part of the Polynoid Imperial Army. They quite prefer the comfort of their own kind and the stability of their own society and societal norms, preferably without any and all other alien races existing to remind them that other aliens exist. Polynoids are generally very patriotic and devoted to their Empire, and in the name of "The Cause", most, even though they will largely not be involved in an active military endeavor, are kept to a high state of military preparedness, and most adult polynoids are well trained as basic soldiers.

Polynoids are, writ large, a rather simpleminded people. They have no mind for things beyond the service of their empire and the pleasing of their Queen. They have an understanding of subjects like "creativity" and "fashion" which tends towards the crude and simple, and to the uniformed can often come across as "abstract" or "dadaist" but is quite actually simply poorly made. Their preference in past-times tend toward the easily understood, and militant, favoring combat games and uncomplicated sports with easily understood rules. Like football or laser tag.

All of polynoid society is oriented in a top-down manner akin to various sorts of autocratic societies. Every polynoid is bred in accordance to their assigned role in polynoid society and few polynoids ever deviate from this role in the greater polynoid machine. For the most part, each regards themselves as a simple cog in the grand machine of The Polynoid Empire, serving at and for the pleasure of The Great Polynoid Queen, as directed to them by the dictate of the Office of the Speaker of The Great Polynoid Queen. Each and every one of them is expendable for the glory of Queen and Empire.

The Great Polynoid Queen is the single most important aspect of polynoid society. All polynoids love their queen, as all polynoids owe their lives and plenty to Her beneficence. At the very least that's what polynoid propaganda repeats ad nauseum. Nonetheless, polynoids are fiercely loyal to their queen, and endeavor to please her in all respects, whether it be in their quest to subjugate and/or exterminate all other life in the universe, or their neverending quest to ensure that society meets her oft shifting aesthetic standards.

Their Queen is a dominating presence in their society. Their world is covered in statues and temples dedicated to Her beneficence, and propaganda spreading her messages and tastes prevail in all areas of their society.


Early Polynoid history is spotty and unverifiable. According to their own records they were once a fractious and tribalistic people. Thousands of tribes fought for dominance in the name of dozens of so called gods that they worshipped in those times. In those days the planetary environment was far more wild and chaotic, and resources were scare, hoarded under the auspices of Tribal Warlords, and Seer-Kings.

Unfortunately very little physical evidence of these times remains, largely due to the polynoid destroying them.

Then at some point Ten-Thousand years ago, the oracles and seers of the polynoid began seeing visions of the arrival of The Great Polynoid Queen. They began preaching to the masses that their divine and omnipotent matriarch was soon to come and lead them to a new golden age. They told of the Great Apocalypse that was sure to come to their race if they did not embrace this new societal paradigm, and of the imminent doom of their species.

Many, did not listen, at first. But then, The Queen Arrived.

The Great Polynoid Queen arrived with weapons and devices unfathomable to the polynoid at this time. Upon her arrival she blessed and armed her faithful with the mightiest of arms and led them in a grand crusade across the planet. Stronghold after stronghold after stronghold of tribal chiefs was either subjugated or toppled, and many dozens of bloodlines were permanently extinguished, and left unrecorded.

At the end of this Grand Crusade, all opposition to The Great Polynoid Queen was either subjugated or destroyed. As a reward to Her faithful followers The Great Polynoid Queen was said to "Still the Winds and Calm the Seas", and for Her the polynoids constructed a vast and grandiose Temple-Palace for her. It's construction took over a hundred years, and upon its completion, shut herself within it, taking with her only the most special and chosen of her devotees, and assigning the chief amongst them as her speaker.

Polynoid civilization existed in relative harmony for the next few thousand years, until they discovered the existence of other alien races, the first being a species of "hideously ugly" rock-men, whom The Great Polynoid Queen immediately declared should be exterminated.

Such is how things went on with the polynodis developing into a great and powerful Interstellar Empire. They proceeded with little opposition, until they encountered a species under the protection of The Federation. A Federation diplomat attempted to prevent the outbreak of conflict and further bloodshed. At first, things seemed to be going fairly well, and a measure of compromise seemed to be forming.

Unfortunately, the Federation Diplomat accidentally made a grave insult against The Great Polynoid Queen, at which point they were summarily executed, and The Polynoid Wars were declared. The Polynoid wars raged for hundreds of years, claiming millions of lives on both sides before the polynoid were defeated and contained in their sector of the Universe.

Several smaller conflicts would spark off intermittently from then on, with the polynoids ever looking for new inroads into Federation controlled space, and otherwise opportunistically conquering those who they could "on the side."

Home Planet

The polynoid homeworld of polyvios is an environmentally unusual world. It is a medium sized sphere obscured by a purple-gray atmospheric haze that covers much of the planet. Below this haze is a world beset by odd environs that appear like something derived from a cubist's canvas, featuring sweeping blocky geometries in a number of bright pastel colors. Everything on the planet feels as though it is made of some kind of plastic, from the flora tot he fauna, and even much of the geology itself.

The world is half covered in sweeping urbations and half in vast multicolored oceans filled with all manner of unusual and absurd sea-organisms. The polynoid have filled every nook and cranny of the planet they can reach with infrastructure for their society and war machine, from the highest peeks, to the lowest depths. Most notable on the planet is The Divine Palace, a vast compound of infrastructure and facilities centered around the enormous palace of The Great Polynoid Queen, sat upon an artificial island at the planet's northern pole.


None / Unknown.


Blood Caste: Polynoids are divided into seven distinct castes based on their blood color. These castes are each bred for certain tasks, and thus are all prone to similar physical qualities in addition to their blood color, typically suitable for the role they are expected to perform in polynoid society. These castes have been so thoroughly bred into polynoids, that even when they reproduce "naturally" they will tend to be born in these ways.

Red Blood - The Worker class of polynoid and the most commonly encountered on polynoid worlds. They are typically dimmer and stronger than other castes of polynoids, and are intended for physically intensive and mentally unchallenging work, most commonly being employed as factory laborers. They typically have a docile and industrious demeanor, and are very work-focused. Their basic suit color is a rusty red-brown, and don't typically include helmets.

Orange Blood - The Bureaucratic class of polynoids. They are entrusted with work that is not particularly physically demanding, but also not overly intellectually intensive, such as bureaucracy and low-level management. They have a servile and analytical nature, capable of enduring long stretches of mind numbing service work for hours on end with minimal complaint. They all wear light-gray crash suits, with black and orange-gold accents; Higher ranking orange bloods wear clip-on ties.

Yellow Blood - The Scientific class of polynoids. They are the most intelligent class of polynoid, and physically weakest, and possessed of a degree of creative thinking above most polynoids. The majority of yellow bloods work in the fields Military R&D developing weapons and technology for the Polynoid Empire. Due to the prodigious development of their craniums, a handful of yellow bloods develope psychic powers, the most dangerous of which are usually culled. Their suits tend to be white with yellow accents in accordance to rank, with appropriate safety-wear according to their needs.

Green Blood - The Cultural class of polynoid society. Depending on who you ask, they are the most important class on account of the level of control they have over their fellow polynoid. They manage the schools, propoganda centers, fashion periodicals, and most crucially the nursery labs where young polynoids are gestated and spend their early development. They are by design the most loyal and devoted polynoids, and are granted a tremendous degree of creative thinking and problem solving skills. As the "fashionable class" of the polynoids, they tend to have the most eclectic and outlandish tastes in attire and general fashion.

Blue Blood - The Military caste of polynoid society, and as a consequence the most commonly encountered caste encountered by aliens. They are bred to be quick and smart enough to grasp military tactics, but not smart enough to ask silly questions. They are curt, short tempered, and think very highly of themselves relative to both other species, and polynoids lower than them. They wear air-tight blue-gray crash suits with fitted boots and gloves, as well as air tank and "plastiglass" bubble helmet.

Indigo Blood - The Leadership caste of polynoid society, the Generals and the Politicians; Also known as the "Aristocratic Class" on account of their posh baring and pompous disposition compared to the average polynoid. Indigos, as the polynoids in charge of the majority of their society are bred for strength, smarts, and charm, designed to sway the minds of their fellow noid with elegant words and dashing fashion sense. Indigos wear their crash suits with the utmost of customization in accordance to current tastes and their oft eccentric whims.

Violet Blood - The "Chosen Priestly Caste", all violet blooded polynoids are constrained within The Divine Palace on Polyvios, regardless of how or where they were born. They are, indeed, the only beings, polynoid or otherwise, allowed in The Divine Palace other than the Queen herself. They perform all manner of tasks related to the care and service of The Divine City, and whatever needs Violet bloods are all, by polynoid standards, exceptionally beautiful and "extremely perfect", though they have a odd whimsical natures, and don't seem entirely in touch with reality.


• Occasional studies of the polynoid seemingly indicate that their blood color was not originally the array of rainbow tones it currently is. Indeed some evidence suggests it was once an oily black color that, due to its makeup, would shine in a rainbow pattern of colors. What this implies about their species is uncertain, as few followup investigations are possible due to their antagonistic nature.

• Some polynoids are know to engage in an obscure ritual involving two pair-bonded polynoids and an open ended cylindrical water receptical. While nobody is certain what this ritual entails, it is evidently extremely intimate.

• The Polynoid Empire is experiencing a minor water crisis. To avert this, it is rumored that they are sending operatives to underdeveloped planets in order to steal their water. And also to deposit various forms of chemical waste that they don't want to deal with.

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