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Haunted Haylands

“Uh, booooooo I guess? I don't know what you were expecting I didn't plan on visitors...” — A bloop

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Dominant Residents: Spoopers

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Foggy, chilly, damp

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Homeworld of the spooper

Original Creator: nonexistentPumpkin

Physical Description

Dark and dreary like a graveyard at dusk in most places, which is essentially what it is. A mass graveyard of spoopers from the skeleton war. This air of death is contrasted only by the colorful candy-like fruits that the trees here grow.


The "skeleton war" took place here, and that's all anyone is willing to say on the matter. The bloops who still live on the planet either don't know, don't want to say, or in some cases don't know how to speak. The event caused all common spoopers to leave the planet, leaving behind bloops and no usable skeletons save for some too large for anything but a pumpkin patch, but that's all that is known.


The Spoopermarket: A very large abandoned store containing huge amounts of packaged candy and relics of the spoopers' sacred holiday. These relics are mostly battery-operated, and many still function despite being hundreds of years old. A low moan can be heard in some parts of the store, likely from an old plastic ghoul nobody can figure out how to turn off.

The Skeleton Mines: This used to be where spoopers would gather skeletons from the species they got their skeletons from before reaching the space stage. This species lived mostly underground, and so spoopers would have to dig out colonies once the ones that end up on the surface stopped being enough. This was by far the largest of these sites, and they were never able to confirm that all the colonies in that area were dead. There are rumors some of these mysterious creatures still lurk the tunnels, but they're just that. The species in question has long been extinct.

The Fields: Roamed by pumpkin patches containing many large pits and ditches from attempts to dig up more large skeletons. Many of the pumpkin patches are mismatched and incomplete as they try to keep themselves from falling to the ground. Some areas contain scraps of barbed wire fences, ruins of unidentifiable buildings, and other small artifacts that can't be identified due to the pumpkin patches not allowing anyone near them. One visitor thought they saw a weapon and went to pick it up, but as they held it up for the rest of their group they were crushed under the foot of a pumpkin patch.




• Spacefaring spoopers do not enjoy visiting their homeworld, going there only to pay respects. This is the only time a spooper will not attempt their usual scares and pranks, and stop being 'festive.' After leaving the star system they will return to their usual holiday spirit as though nothing happened.

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