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Space Transylvania

β€œIt was a dark and stormy night... every night, sometimes it wasn't stormy, granted, but it was always dark.” β€” Tourist's guide to the universe

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Dominant Residents: Vampwelf
Other Residents: Oomn, Plague Doctor, Crawlerz, Spoopers

Fauna: Bats, Foxes, Wolves, Things that go bump in the night
Weather: Dark, Stormy, Foggy, Spooky

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Vampwelf Homeworld

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

The dark and foreboding second moon of the wispy white gas giant Nocturnis. The planetoid is fairly large, for a moon, and covered in roughly 50/50 split of land and sea. This land is divided into 3 continents, each of which is largely covered in dark and foreboding woods of grim trees, which loom ominously and far too closely, creating unsettling claustrophobic glades that are as eager to consume careless travelers as the beasts and monsters that stalk them. The continents are cris-crossed by impressive mountain chains, and dotted with solemn mounts, many of which are host to the iconic gothic citadels of the vampwelf.

The land beyond the trees and mountains is honestly, little better, for these are the battlefields of the vampwelf during their frequent wars amongst each other, and the centuries of death these things cause has created a grim air that attracts all manner of dark creature, not all of which seem entirely natural. Then there are the marshes of the lowlands, fetid bogs filled with disease and pestilence, and worse yet, though few survive who can account for what.

Scattered amongst this unforgiving land, lying in the shadows of the varied residencies the vampwelf noble houses, are dark and ominous cities, and squat and depressing villages. Formerly occupied by svlanoi, but now by oomn, and other spooky sorts, these unloving urbs are narrow and cramped, and surrounded by steep walls, both to keep the creatures of the night out, and the residents in. The days are short and the nights long in Transylvaar , and even the days are dark by any reasonable standard, as a thick covering of clouds covers the sky during the day, only breaking at night, except on such occasions when it deigns to storm furiously, which are frequent.


The dark and bleak moon of Transylvaar was not always dark or bleak. Once it was bright, warm, and inviting. In those days came a species called the svlanoi, an peaceful agrarian folk who worked hard and honest, and spread across the land. In another world they might've grown to join the universe of the own accord, but it was not meant to be, for from cloaked and shadowed corners of the world came another race, the vampwelf. While few know where the vampwelf came from for certain, one legend states that they came from "The Dark Isle" an island that to this very day is ever cast in concealing fogs and lingering under the shadow of dark clouds.

When the vampwelf came, to the land, they found the peaceful svlanoi, and menaced them in secret for months on end. Then, the vampwelf built a glorious citadel from hard dark stones, impenatrable, insurmountable, it was from this grim edifice that the vampwelf would escalate their terror on the poor locals. Within short order their attacks would grow so terrible and frequent, that svlanoi were force to relent, and surrendered to the will of the vampwelf. So it would be for ages, until one day a silver comet streaked the sky, heralding the beginning of a series of events that would end with the svlanoi's extinction and the coming of the "Long Night". The vampwelf broke asunder during this time, splitting into innumerable noble houses and clans, and began to war against each other, until, on the brink of annihilation, the most powerful vampwelf houses banded together to avert it.

The peace from this would be short-lived, as shortly after, a new dawn came to a world that had known perpetual night for years at this point. Then, an expedition of travelers from beyond visited the moon, and established relations with the vampwelf that saw them integrated with the galactic community. What happened next is a matter of controversy. The Von Drakken family holds, that their old rivals, the Von Elzensteins, were disproportionately favored by the meetings with the offworlders, while the Von Elzensteins hold that Draculas von Drakken threatened Vilkmar von Elzenstein at the meeting for for reasons pertaining to this old rivalry.

Whatever the case, war erupted on the world once more, with Von Drakkens and Von Elzensteins, and those who sought their favor, spilling blood on the whole of Transylvaar. This war lasted for over two hundred years, as both Vilkmar and Draculas were far too stubborn to entreat any sort of compromise. So it came, during the great battle of Castle Von Drakken, did the two great hosts clash. During this battle Vilkmar and Draculas met each other in the field, and in a furious battle that lasted an entire night and most of the succeeding day, Draculas triumphantly defeated Vilkmar.

But his victory was short-lived, as upon returning to Castle Drakkendorf to rest, he was betrayed by his own son, Vladok, who imprisoned him within the depths of the castle. Shortly thereafter Vladok, usurping his father's position as Head of House von Drakken and Prince of Drakkenhelm, was eager to negotiate peace with Valencia von Elzenstein, Vilkmar's daughter and heir, and peace was achieved for a time.


Ztsvlistadt: Pronounced 'Stihlistadt' apparently, is the largest city on the moon, with a whopping population of over 300,000, mostly oomn. Modern, by the standards of Transylvaar, it is the only city with an actual spaceport as opposed to a walled field, one of the seven cities on Transylvaar to have full electrical coverage, and on the only four to have proper plumbing. Fairly quiet as far as cities go, the city is regarded as safe by the standards of Transylvaar. The city lies under the ominous shadow of Castle Elzengradz, an ominous citadel in 'The Old Style' that being to be tall, imperious, gothic, and made entirely of a nearly indestructible black stone.

Castle Drakkendorf: A dark bastion precariously perched atop Mount Drakk, deep within the Drakkenwald. It is the seat of power for the Princes of the Drakkenwald, the esteemed House von Drakken. The citadel is noted for it's vast aviaries housing a prodigious number of nichtendrakk, and for being, until recently, nearly impossible to reach without the Von Drakken's permission.

The Dark Isle: An Island perpetually shrouded in a concealing fog, and dark hanging clouds. It is a grim and foreboding place, according to legend, none who enter ever return. The vampwelf, otherwise fond of telling stories of their land and lore, will not speak of it. Asking about it will silence any conversation, and produce stares of magnificent ferocity for their silence. "Noone goes there." they will say "We don't speak of it." they will as well.


The Noble Houses of Transylvaar: Transylvaaran, and by extension, vampwelf, society is not quite a unified state, rather an union of noble clans and houses bound together by ancient law and mutual disdain of outsiders. These The greatest of these houses form the "Council of Six" The six most powerful vampwelf houses. The names of the lower four fluctuate frequently with changes of fortune, but the top two are always House von Elzenstein, and House von Drakken. There are thousands of these clans, but some of the notable ones are listed below.

House von Elzenstein: One of the oldest remaining houses, House von Elsenstein is the largest and most widespread of the houses. Noted for their diplomatic nature and decorum, they have secured their power largely through entertainment of foreign guests, much to the chagrin of their peers. They rule The Dukedom of Elsestein, the largest single state in Transylaar. Their symbol is a black rose on a white field.

House von Drakken: One of the other elder houses, House von Drakken is, strictly speaking, rather small, but their power is far disproportionate to the size of their house. Belligerent and Bellicose, they have the control the largest, most powerful standing army on Transylvaar, and are more than willing to use it. This has made them somewhat unpopular, but few can argue against their might. They rule the Grand Principality of the Drakkenwald. Their symbol is a Black Nichtendrakke, Salient, on a red field.

House Volkairn: A relatively young house, that nevertheless has rose to great prominence due to their tremendous skill at political maneuvering. Renowned for holding amazing galas and parties, though they are subject to more than one rumor about the... less than legitimate source of their rise to prominence. Rule only Castle Volkairn, a small castle in the woods. Their symbol is a trio fo Red Tulips on Green and Black field, Halved.

House Karleit: An old House, House Karleit was never the most powerful of the legendary houses, but their current state of affairs is still a shadow of their former self. Secretive, Reclusive, and Paranoid. Little is conclusively known of their doings or going ons, but their are many rumors, rumors of grim happenings within the depths of Karleit Manor. Their symbol is a fanged skull on a black field.

House Vamplesster: Noted as among the richest of the noble houses, they're a clan of bankers and businessmen who, in the modern age, make great investments in extra-planetary affairs. They are notoriously untrustworthy despite this, as it is an open secret that outside of the strictest strictures of a business deal, they're a bunch of sleazy crooks out to screw over those stupid or greedy enough to work with them, which is a lot of people strangely enough. Their symbol is a coiled serpent on quartered field, gold and black.

House Bathor-Holstein: The union of the two vaunted houses of Bathor and Holstein. Noted for being matriarchal in a society that is almost universally patriarchal, and for being vicious, devious, and rebuffing the strictures of vampwelf society whenever they can get away with it. They're at odds with most of the other houses due to their unorthodoxies, and have been the second greatest source of conflict after the Von Drakkens. Their symbol is halves with the symbol for house Bathor -A rain of blood over a black castle, on a dark blue field- on the left, and the symbol of House Holstein -A white nettle leaf on a red field- on the right.

House von Blehken: A house of devious louts with no semblance to honorable conduct or good nature. These are not entirely condemning in vampwelf society but they are blemishes to their reputation, which is rather important. Most noted as the backer of innumerable slaver organizations, which is not a crime on Transylvaar, House von Blehken is very wealthy due to this, and noted for their bizarre parties featuring their slaves. Their symbol is a Black chain in a double helix twisting around a skull, on a red and white field.

House von Reckenstein: The posh sophisticates of House von Reckenstein exemplify vampwelf conceptions of honor and dignity. These ideas don't always align with other peoples idea of noble conduct, but nonetheless the von Reckensteins are among the nicest and genial of the Transylvaar noble houses. Their symbol is six fleur-de-lis on a checkered red and gold field.

House von Blakk: A shady and mysterious house, largely believed to be extinct as no extant members have been seen in centuries. In their day they were feared by other vampwelf and accused of being a house of sorcerers and dark alchemists, creating all manner of monsters and horrors even such that the vampwelf gave them a wide berth. Their symbol was a face streamed with black tears on a black field.


• The planet is host to two very different, similarly named creatures: The Drakkenbatte, and the Nichtendrakke. One is a giant bat that, while ornery and stand-offish, is not particularly more hostile than any predatory beast. The other is renowned and feared as a living engine of death for millennia, striking fear into even the vampwelf.

• Transylvaar is riddled with old castles and manors, only most of which are still occupied by anybody. Some of them still seem to be homed though, though nobody knows who or what are occupying those places now. Rarely a long lost member of the original owning house will try to reclaim them, to mixed results.

• It's something of an open secret that there's an epidemic of the "safe" strain of the clockwork virus amongst the vampwelf noble houses. There are occasional rumors of an outbreak of a more serious strain breaking out, but nothing definitive, if it does happen, the noble houses usually deal with it.

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