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The Jumping Dump

“Think yourself a follower of chance? Got no idea where to travel? Just go Sumwher!” — Old tourist advertisement

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Dominant Residents: None

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Rarely cloudy

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: A famous tourist hotspot turned universally neglected garbage dump.

Original Creator: MysteryManOswald

Physical Description

The whole of the planet is covered in a thick layer of discarded waste from many different planets and civilizations. If someone was brave enough to take on the task of clearing away a few hundred tons of trash, they might be able to discovered a few buried cities underneath the rubbish. Any trace of plant life or fauna that may have once lived here is practically impossible to find. The planet is usually surrounded by a sphere of trash in its orbit, but sometimes this sphere may be absent due to its strange nature.


Sumwher was first discovered when it had suddenly replaced another planet seemingly instantly in a well-known area of space. When people were trying to recorded this strange, new planet, it had suddenly disappeared and re-appear elsewhere, orbiting a nearby gas giant. After the strange nature of Sumwher was discovered and the possibility of life was as well, both settlers and businessmen began migrating onto the planet.

From this, the planet had become a famous hotspot for tourists, or at least it would when it showed up nearby. At some point during its fame, when its next "repositioning" was scheduled, it disappeared off the face of any known star map. It remained this way for about 12 years, during this time its fame began to die out, before it spontaneously reappeared again. Any trace of life on it surface had been wiped clean, leaving it as if it was never found in the first place. Since then, when the true danger of Sumwher was revealed, it was simply ignored by all. Over time, people began using the planet as a waste dump, and for decades, the jumping rock piled up mountains of trash as it jumped from star to star, becoming the heap of garbage it is now.


None / Unknown.


The Attention Hog: About every six months, Sumwher will suddenly and without warning disappear from its location, and reappear in another star system with a planet inhabiting sentient life. It will always appear in an orbit around the star that is close enough to been seen from the planet, but far enough as so it doesn't gravitationally interfere with the target planet. Sometimes, between 20 to 50 "repositioning", the planet will disappear for an extended period of time, before reappearing once again, its surface completely wiped clean, leaving only the empty cities once built there.


• Despite the toxic conditions of the planet, the air always remains fresh and perfectly breathable. Apparently, the air is also always comfortably warm, and the sky rarely has a cloud in it. Maybe that's because it wants to draw people in.

• The planet is listed as an anomaly for its teleporting nature, one that mimics the famous, and also anomalous planet, Fortuna. No direct links have been found to the two planets. Attempts to record what happens to Sumwher on its extended disappearances have been attempted, but all have failed.

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