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Grave of False Stars

“Who needs Fortuna when you can make two hundred wishes in an hour on Unity?" "Fair, but if you're applying for a Stargazer's Visa, going to Fortuna might be faster...” — Two tourists, in Embassic immigration

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Dominant Residents: Libraille

Fauna: Marsh-dragglers, Far too many insects
Weather: Obnoxiously humid

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Libraille homeworld, meteor showers

Original Creator: Schazer

Physical Description

A lush and muggy planet with shallow seas, extensive swampland in low-lying regions, and thick jungle at higher elevations. From space, the effect of a long history of meteor impacts is visible through the numerous ring-shaped mountain ranges.

Multiple major meteor impacts have left Unity rock rich in metals, and millions of Stayd libraille live and work in a globe-spanning network of tunnels.


Not important / Unknown.


Embassic: A modern, if architecturally uninspired, city/land-based space station. It's on a raised plateau, so the weather is cooler and the hordes of insects are less of an issue. Here, the tiny non-libraille population of Unity can be found living and working, usually in either liaison roles in libraille government or in interplanetary trade. Leaf libraille are an uncommon sight in the city; Stayd are extremely rare. Merged libraille comprise at least half the population of Embassic, outnumbering foreigners and unmerged libraille combined.

The Belt: Unity is the planet closest to the system's meteor belt, which provides a steady source of shooting stars in the planet's upper atmosphere. The Belt is a crucial source of metals and minerals, and the resource belongs to the star system's twelve native species collectively. The libraille manage claims and mining rights, on the condition they do not mine in the Belt itself and can only gather for themselves whatever gets caught in their planet's orbit. The Belt is a dangerous space to navigate in large or poor-maneuverability ships, and the relative safety and preparedness for travelers varies widely between different mining settlements and the species which run them.


The Persephone Network: The libraille government, in a unilateral decision following first content with aliens from beyond the Zodica system, purchased enough Persephone units (and convincing fakes) to deter ships from landing anywhere outside government-designated spaces. This is done partly out of respect for the Stayds, but primarily due to the delicate immune systems of the non-merged libraille.

The libraille provide ample warning of this fact and leave the discovery of trespassers to the discretion of Persphones and Leaf-libraille. The latter will often deceitfully lead intruders to the ministrations of either the Persephones, or - if they're feeling sadistic - marsh-draggler colonies.

The installment of the Persephone Network also gave the libraille a defense against catastrophic meteor impact, which has been used to break down asteroids of threatening size.


• Unity is famed for its frequent meteor showers, which have served as sources of both inspiration and much-coveted metal. The most spectacular of these are rare chances for visitors to travel beyond Embassic's walls, with merged-libraille guides taking tour groups to prime viewing locations. Spaces for these tours (and the necessary visas) must be reserved+prepared more than a year in advance.

• Unity is the closest planet to the Zodica system's seat of government, a space station several times larger than Embassic. While a sizable number of merged libraille work there, it is explicitly neutral territory.

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