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The Empty Planet

“No one should go here.” — Everyone

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Dominant Residents: Aglaeca & Vayarasa
Other Residents: Notail, Tourist

Fauna: Nightmarish abstract monstrosities
Weather: Nightmarish

Danger Level: Extreme
Purpose: Homeworld of the vayarasa and aglaeca.

Original Creator: Hichico
Co-creator: Starlit-Drakon

Physical Description

Vacio-Reino is a seemingly barren planet covered in dull greyish purple wastelands, white and black sand deserts, and the occasional forest with white bone-like trees jutting out of the ground at various angles as if they were spears reaching toward the sky. The atmosphere of the planet has a variety of chemicals in its makeup that causes the planet to appear to constantly be bathed in nighttime.

Littered across the planet one can find a few very small notail settlements, these settlements often have very high walls built around them as they are very frequently raided by the vayarasa and the aglaeca. While the settlements are certainly much safer than the rest of the planet, "Safe" is a relative term to the planet as a whole.

Across the planet one can also find the various "settlements" of both the agleaca and the vayarasa as they are both native dominant species for the planet. The vayarasa "settlements" are often little more than open air villages created from the various abandoned and depreciated buildings one can find on Vacio-Reino.

Aglaeca "settlements" are not all that dissimilar, with the aglaeca choosing to create homes in whatever ruins or buildings they can find. It is not at all uncommon for an aglaeca to move houses regularly due to nearby aglaeca, or vayarasa for that matter, engaging in a "territorial dispute".

There is one location on the planet however that both species, for the most part, tend to avoid: The Obsidian City, named as such because it is a conglomeration of large skyscraper-like buildings appearing to be made from a black obsidian type of stone. The only species on the planet who get close to the city are the pillar aglaeca subspecies, who reside within and around the city itself, but not in the actual buildings as the pillar aglaeca are far too large for what appear to be fairly normally proportioned buildings.

Orbiting the planet are a variety of derelict ships and asteroids, the origin of which are unknown as both little work has been put into investigating them, and what work has been done is inconclusive.


Vacio-Reino was originally discovered by a notail expedition that was promptly lost and never heard from again. When a second expedition was sent and never heard from again, a third and final expedition was sent by a variety of high ranking officials.

They were also never heard from again.

Eventually the vayarasa and aglaeca, after much trial and tribulation, began appearing off of their own homeplanet. They were met with....less than positive opinions. The vayarasa promptly began, on learning of the universe as a whole's beliefs on gods, seeking out the creature everyone referred to as the "Neo" simply because they wanted to fight it. The aglaeca on the other hand, would immediately go on to do exactly as they had been doing on vacio-reino, with the difference of them doing it on different worlds.

Once the vayarasa and aglaeca had become known to the universe, Vacio-Reino had yet another expedition sent to investigate the strange new creatures which was luckily met with success and detailed the proper way of landing on planet and managed to send reports of various murals and ruins for the sake of investigation until the teams third report after which they were never heard from again.

From the recovered reports of the many lost notails, it was discovered that the planet may have been home to a different form of sentient life many hundreds of years ago, seemingly the murals depicted the original creators and ancestor species of the vayarasa and aglaeca, revealing that they may in fact have a distant common ancestor. The murals also depicted a bleak history of a world slowly dying and a mysterious black city. The meaning of this black city is currently unknown as all attempts by teams to make their way into the city have been met with either loss of contact on arrival, or loss of contact on entering in the rare few attempts.


Notail City J-Alpha:: A notail settlement that has miraculously managed to go fairly unscathed by the aglaeca and vayarasa raids. Likely the safest location on planet, and has a variety of notail researchers, tourists, and a few shops.

The Boneyard: A dense forest populated by very large white marble like trees that reach up into the sky. The Boneyard is mostly inhabited by feral and pillar aglaeca. A small research settlement has been set up nearby to study the makeup and materials of the trees. Researchers here are swapped out every few years to hopefully prevent more notail disappearances. These efforts are mostly unsuccessful, but the station has managed with what little it has for a surprisingly long time. Occasionally very old aglaeca have been sighted entering the "Forest".

The Obsidian City: A recorded radio transmission from the obsidian city, placed here for you to review:

[This is the captain of [............] X-32-TYCHE Class G, this message [............] to land here, [............] I REPEAT [............] LAND HERE. My vessel and crew [............], the pillars have been [............] Z-489 [............] severely injured [............] emergency medical assistance, [............] captain [............] reluctantly [............] die here, and am sending this message to [............] discover the secrets of this [............] place. The secrets we have learned here [............] and I shall see to it [............] perogitive is met.




• Many notails have died here, the universe is a better place without them.

• A kaikian visited the planet once. Kaikian is now considered a delicacy for the aglaeca and the vayarasa.

• Strangely enough, the only species to not be immediately killed when visiting the planet is the tourist species. They are met with confusion and nothing more.

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