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Here be sea monsters

“Dude, look at the size of this fish! It's as big as like, two fish!” — Someone showing off their thalaprian vacation photos

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Dominant Residents: Sklam

Fauna: Sea squirrels, Various sea monsters
Weather: Sunny and dry above water level, wet below.

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Sklam homeplanet, hunting grounds

Original Creator: curiousFellow

Physical Description

Thalapria is a watery planet with only a small amount of land sticking out of its ocean. Cities dot the ocean floor, and planets water is dominated by flocks of sea vermin that the sklams don't enjoy hunting. Traffic on Thalapria is often held up by sklams getting out of their aquatic vehicles to harvest the skulls of whatever kind of sea squirrel they just hit.


Thalapria used to be an extremely dangerous place, filled with giant sea monsters. Thanks to the sklams' efforts the planet has since become more urbanized, with the sklams making a deliberate effort to create habitats to preserve the remaining sea monsters in caves and chasms for hunting purposes.


Tiny Ted's diving emporium: Tiny Ted's diving emporium is a giant shop for diving gear and supplies located near the only above sea level landing spot on the planet. It was created by Tiny Ted, a geckrechaun entrepeneur who offered to take care of the island if he could build a shop there. The sklams agreed to this as they found the island an extremely dry and boring place to work.

In the present day, the diving emporium is surrounded by a ramshackle scaffold of piers, lit only by the electric signs pointing to Tiny Ted's shop. These above ground piers form a network of hiding places for pirates and other criminals who have taken to hanging out on the island due to Ted's mismanagement of its security.

Though sklam officials are itching to bust open this hive of outlaws, they are currently caught up in a legal battle with Tiny Ted who claims that since it is his job to take care of the island, it would be illegal for the sklams to try and police in his place. Rumors say that Tiny Ted is recieving generous bribes from the pirates, and for the safety of visitors the sklams strongly reccomend to visit their planet in a water ready vessel with any neccessairy diving gear already purchased.

Clamver: Clamver is the capital of Thalapria. It is the highest settlement on the planet, being located near its main above-water landmass. Clamver is the main tourist destination of Thalapria, and comes with souvenir shops, museums and air breather friendly restaurants.

Besides having plenty accomodations for air breathing visitors, Clamver also organises tours of the nearby chasm where tourists can watch and photograph the local wildlife from the safety of an armored submarine.

While hunting in the chasm is not prohibited, the Clamver board of tourism regrets the high death toll the chasm has taken on recreational hunters and recommends visitors to only try to hunt there after taking a course in underwater hunting and purchasing proper hunting gear.

The death reserve: The death reserve is a subteranian network of tunnels that serve as a habitat for the planet's most dangerous monsters. Most caves and chasms on Thalapria contain an entrance to the death reserve so as to keep the planet's ecosystem interconnected. The tunnels are home to massive and violent sea creatures such as the burning morray, the murderous death squid and the bone crusher crab.

The walls of the tunnels are lined with various bioluminiscent crusteceans and slugs that feed on the leftovers that the giant sea fauna leave in their wake, and are able to endure the heat of the thermal vents that spring open due to the tunnels' proximity to the planet's core.

Though these bioluminiscent creatures are carrion eaters, they have been known to break the diving equipment of scavengers who swam too close, presumably taking them for dead. Such stories of scavengers getting into trouble in the death reserve are common as even the well equiped sklams that brave the tunnels die there somewhat frequently, leaving their expensive hunting gear laying around ready to be collected.




• While hunting in the death reserve is discouraged for all but the most experienced hunters, the sklam bureau of tunnel hunting asks that any visitor who kills a sea monster in the reserve informs them for bookkeeping purposes. The bureau has authorized its members to high five the successful hunter and give them a celebratory cake.

• Sklams prefer iced coffees over the regular kind, as they don't come with the risk of dissipating in the water. The sklam barrista association has contacted cosmosdex staff several times to protest this entry reffering to this frozen treat on a stick as an 'ice pop', insisting that sklams would not do something so silly as eat ice cream on their morning commute.

• Every settlement on the Thalapria has at least one entrance to the death reserve nearby, but only one person has ever managed to travel from one city entrance to another once the tunnels had been constructed: A sklam who famously lost their way in the tunnels and survived for months while fighting off flocks of megafauna. Upon their reemergence they were promptly chastised for not keeping proper track of their way out of the tunnels.

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