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Factory Planet

“Home of the filthy” — Titanus, an Arma

Art by, Babybowser101

Dominant Residents: Kloegarb

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Smoggy

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Producing machinery and robots for traders or selling the machinery outright to buyers.

Original Creator: wyatt

Physical Description

A rather large factory covered by a force-field, this factory is held up with two gigantic rockets. The force-field is filled with a translucent smog being pumped out through the factory. On top of the force-field is an exhaust pipe where most of the smog from the factory gets pumped out through directly into space.


Not important / Unknown.


Xushueria: The capital of Uthenia, hosts the mother's home. Xushueria is also where most of the military bases reside. Xushueria's sector name is Sector-STAR, because of it being incredibly important as it hosts the mother and military. It's hard to pin-point exactly why the kloegarbs called it that. The Xushueria is composed mainly of rich kloegarb and kloeber dormitories.

Clovania: Clovania is where most of the hospitals reside and where a lot of the medical professionals and klougart dormitories are, other then that, Clovania isn't really that special. Clovanias sector name is Sector-MED.

Mastrela: Where most of the factory part of the planet resides, along with a ton of kloegarb dormitories. There's even a large warehouse where you can buy some of the machinery produced from the factory for some credits. Clovanias sector name is Sector-IND.




• Their home planet being a factory is what gave the kloegarb their endurance as they adapted to the smog.

• The factories highest sales have been circa 1 billion credits.

• The kloegarbs don't have houses, instead they have use dormitories mainly because their planet is just one gigantic factory.

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