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Spikmews like to get attention of others no matter if it's one of their own or another species. Spikmews get attention by either tapping someone softly with one of their front claws or meowing. A spikmew without attention will slowly start to become either skittish or aggressive.


Fowthicks are usually aggressive and territorial. The sight of a cluster of fowthicks fighting over a piece of food that has already been taken isn’t particularly uncommon. It is why fowthicks are commonly seen with scars and torn fins, occasionally to the point of having almost no fins left. Fowthicks’ territory often overlaps with other fowthicks, leading to more fights when they accidentally meet.


Noxichos are cave-dwelling insects that survive on moisture and are attracted to noise. Noxichos have evolved special hairs that will vibrate and repeat the last sound they've heard. This is likely designed to scare away animals by repeating their own growls and roars, although they aren't very effective at this.


Phoverls are rather peaceful creatures - if their immense heat and threat display doesn’t scare a predator off, their tough skin will make it hard to chew on them. They are also rather unintelligent creatures. For most of its life, a phoverl will simply orbit a star, feeding on the sunlight. However, they are easily confused creatures - there have been multiple cases where a phoverl has drifted around near a planet, instead, thinking that the lights below are just multiple small stars.


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