[Cosmosdex] The Fictional Encyclopedia


Out into the wilds of the universe.....

The faunadex contains all the info you need to know about any fauna you might see out in the universe, including info about what they look like, where they tend to live, and how likely they are to eat all your crew members.



Wardens appear occasionally near places where lots of people have died, such as battlefields, the sites of disasters, and hospitals. They float around and hide in closets and closed boxes, as well as some other behaviour specific to subspecies. Wardens are non-hostile, even in self-defense, and will always attempt to flee if physically attacked.


Loyal but single-minded, this bio-machine was created to smash. Symbols and scents are used to mark out demolition spots. Certain combinations and placements tell it exactly how to do its job, thus making it difficult to operate without proper training.


Zeberbils are docile creatures and most will never use their fearsome power to hurt someone they know to be a friend. However, if something ever threatens a zerberbil, the zerberbil will consume it with no hesitation. Even the slightest provocations such as walking too loudly can cause it to try and consume you.


A bumbling and dopey, but nonetheless concerning predator of the air, zumblesnatchs are awkward creatures that bumble about in the air searching for any sort of prey. When they do locate such prey their methodology is quite simple; They swoop down, scooping up the creature in their large groping hands, and then upon flying up to a suitable height, simply drop it. As most creatures are incapable of surviving significant heights, this is a fairly effective strategy in spite of its lack of delicacy or cleverness.