[Cosmosdex] The Universal Encyclopedia


Out into the wilds of the universe.....

The faunadex contains all the info you need to know about any fauna you might see out in the universe, including info about what they look like, where they tend to live, and how likely they are to eat all your crew members.



Tohitas are a swarming animal, travelling in large groups of between a thousand and ten thousand, with the exception of mating season. During this time every swarm in an area combines to form a megaswarm of up to a million insects, all flapping brightly coloured dust around. Tohitas are mostly harmless to large sapients, though fairies and other similarly-sized beings should beware collisions with large swarms.


Trainhemoths wander around sniffing out coal deposits and will dig through the ground to reach it. It will then mark that area as its territory until the coal runs out, at which point it heads off to find more coal. Outside their territory, they are relatively docile and tend to ignore things smaller than them. Generally, the only time they become violent is when they are attacked, or when another trainhemoth tries to claim its territory.


To call it living is hard to say. To call what it does a "behavior" is like calling the way windchimes move in a light breeze a "performance." The tubuchick was created to refine the way factory farms work. They do nothing but eat and lay eggs. They have no personality, and other than the dilation of its eyes to show health, it is barely considered alive.


The turble is fiercely loyal to its owner, ready to follow them anywhere and give its life for them at any moment. They can be instructed to extend their legs and shell stalk on command, making them convenient companions for carrying extra baggage. Their shells make somewhat effective blunt weapons, but at their size they're hardly the best option for defense. They are, however, easy to feed and low maintenance, rarely showing discomfort or demanding anything. They rarely even make any sort of noise. Intelligent creatures, they can learn and readily respond to numerous commands without fuss, making them efficient helpers in W and G-class lines of work.


Twachis do not have any AI of their own whatsoever; all of their actions must be programmed in by their owners, or else they will not act. As such, they are typically given to P-rogrammer class notail children in order to train them for their future jobs in making notail tasks more efficient. Twachis come with certain functions preprogrammed in, but these are incredibly limited and simplistic; an example might be "take a single step" or "bend arm 1."


To understand the unicorn, one must first understand its history. Studies into the unicorn's past show that the unicorn wasn't always a male-only species, and in fact, they had once roamed the landscape, galloping across plains, investigating forests, and showing off in gardens just like horses did. One main male and his herd. It is hypothesized that unicorns had been psychic mind readers even back then. Unicorns would use their powers to see if other unicorns were friend or foe, or in an attempt to warn them off.


Vee's are communal creatures by nature, living in hives containing anywhere from eighty to several thousand vee at a time. How large the colony is depends on the region, with areas with more wildlife containing larger colonies of vee. When a vee colony reaches full capacity, members the hive can no longer support will leave to either start a new colony or join a colony that can support the extra vee.


The vivq's are very mischievous, and love to trick others. They will torment their owners by misplacing their belongings or popping up unexpectedly. Vivqs, when presented with a simple puzzle, will solve it with ease. Vivqs can also be taught many tricks, which makes them great for circus performances.

Voracious Frog

Younger voracious frogs start hunting early in life, lurking on ceilings, waiting to drop down. Due to how silent they are most creatures never see it coming. It'll eat flesh and plant with not a single thought in its mind. Anything that looks like food is food. Later on in life, the voracious frog will roam, looking for trees and carrion to strip clean. Often bigger than an elephant, moving voracious frogs are easy to spot.


Wardens appear occasionally near places where lots of people have died, such as battlefields, the sites of disasters, and hospitals. They float around and hide in closets and closed boxes, as well as some other behaviour specific to subspecies. Wardens are non-hostile, even in self-defense, and will always attempt to flee if physically attacked.


Waterskins are skittish and wary creatures, preferring to hide in wait for prey, rather than attack directly. They will use their gnashing teeth under their bodies to dig holes into the ground, and create a small well for themselves to hide in. While this normally wouldn't help it attract prey, it will usually only preform this action after it has ingested a large amount of liquids.


Yellwhales are led by the oldest female in the herd who takes care of the yell-calves. Most members are usually family members of the matriarch. Usually, males will wander off by themselves to find mates but then return to their family a short time afterward. This matriarch will lead the herd in a formation that consists of her in the front, the stronger adults around the edges, and the calves and weaker whales in the center.


The yukizoon is a scavenger and will wander an area looking for food. Most commonly they will eat other animals that have succumbed to the cold, often attacking the dying creature to guarantee it is dead and no longer a threat. Though the worms have difficulty discerning between a creature dying and a creature lying down to rest. This inability to differentiate has caused a lot of unprovoked attacks against children making snow angels.


Loyal but single-minded, this bio-machine was created to smash. Symbols and scents are used to mark out demolition spots. Certain combinations and placements tell it exactly how to do its job, thus making it difficult to operate without proper training.


Zeberbils are docile creatures and most will never use their fearsome power to hurt someone they know to be a friend. However, if something ever threatens a zerberbil, the zerberbil will consume it with no hesitation. Even the slightest provocations such as walking too loudly can cause it to try and consume you.

Zeta Cod

Zeta cods are crude rude, solitary creatures that meander about the oceans looking for easy prey. Indeed, while they are principally opportunistic hunters for their size, this description more refers to their desire to bully and abuse things weaker than them. Zeta Cods are exceedingly rude beings that seem to delight in causing others pain and misery through taunts, jeers, and various other forms of insult. How a fish came to be this way is uncertain.


A bumbling and dopey, but nonetheless concerning predator of the air, zumblesnatchs are awkward creatures that bumble about in the air searching for any sort of prey. When they do locate such prey their methodology is quite simple; They swoop down, scooping up the creature in their large groping hands, and then upon flying up to a suitable height, simply drop it. As most creatures are incapable of surviving significant heights, this is a fairly effective strategy in spite of its lack of delicacy or cleverness.