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“What's an isment?” — Someone who had just seen and had an engaged conversation with an isment

Art by, aC

  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-6
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-2

Common Jobs: High variety
Likes: Ferrous Instruments musical or otherwise
Dislikes: Planets without a magnetic charge, Conspiracies, Meeting people who aren't new but the person they are meeting thinks they have never met said Isment, The Descent, Skeptics who cannot /believe/

Attack Method: Ismentian Military operates on a basis of high intensity hit and run, and long drawn out sabotage operations.

Homeplanet: Sepsim-Zeta
Lifespan: Indefinitely
Size: 5 ft tall
Diet: Anything edible

Bodytype: Xpod

Type: Psychic Anomaly
Social Class: Classless
Rarity: Mythical
Common Traits
[Enjoys Conspiracies] Neutral trait
This character enjoys whatever X is. While characters can like anything without having it as a trait, with this trait X is slightly more likely to pop up or be a starting item for the character.
[Magnekinesis] Positive trait
Character has a magnetic charge or can manipulate magnetic fields with their minds. Applicable things are metallic items or items with metallic parts. Actual aptitude or skill level varies.
[Cryptic] Negative trait
This character speaks in riddles, code, and tends to be extremely hidden about their words. Due to this it's extremely hard for people around them to understand what they are trying to say. This character might be so dedicated to their riddles that they are willing to endanger others with their unwillingness to stop.

Isments tend to worship "The Source", which is a source of all plots in the world in some way or form. They believe it is a network of entities that look similar to themselves, but with a singular glowing eye and wings atop their body. They will also worship Eris Godheads, seeing them as "Fonts", or lesser sources of these great machinations of existence.

Gods: The Source, Mirage, Divided

Original Creator: Ianflow

Physical Description

Like a pentagonal pyramid body with 3 claw-like legs. It tapers up into a curved point. The ismentian head floats for about a month, and eventually descends onto their head. They call it "The Descent", and depending on body chemistry, their head will stab itself onto their body's spike, and a fluid exchange will occur for a week. This is one of the only times their head's circulatory system and their body's are connected. They are often plagued by migraines for this time period, but some don't experience this symptom. They have two hearts, but they work by magnetic pulse. One in head, one in body.

Isments have anywhere from One to Seventeen Horns, and this is determined by what month they are born, and where. The harder the ground they have to crawl out of, the sharper. A 17 horned isment born on Sepsim Zeta is known to have absurdly sharp horns, and a 1 has a dull horn. This is because Sepsim Zeta's soil changes consistency based on time of year. Isments born on other planets will have a horn as sharp as needed to dig up 20 feet from underground, and a number of horns based on what month they 'hatched'. This will never be over 17.

Heads are generally a Pyramid that has a slight curve. Triangular, Rectangular, or Pentagonal pyramids exist. 3 eyes, and on the 'forehead' there is a Circle like that of a clockface with 17 points. Their symbol normally is a design that connects with as many points as their number of characters in their last name. Some Isments choose to have a symbol with less, or more. They also wear a body scarf/sash along their body. Typical isment's body is a metallic tone, and their scarf is a mix of neutral tones, and colors complementary to their neutral tones.

Isments can survive for a short deal of time in space (a day) due to their metallic composition, and will be chosen for short term jobs on the outside of a ship if an airlock is installed on-board. Gender/Sex is something they have associated with interactions with greater spacial society. The sex of an Isment is based on their eyes. Giver/Polar, Getter/Anti-Polar, and Raiser/Neutral are all the physical sexes of an Isment. Isment reproduction involves both parties donating genetic material and burying the result, which eventually burrows out. Parents will commonly inform a nearby Raiser or "The Government" of a child being conceived and buried. They may on occasion raise their child together, and this will happen when hybrids are made.

The first sex has eyes arranged as an upwards arrow, the second has ones arranged in a downwards arrow, and the last has arranged in a straight line (in any direction).

The isment diet is plant matter first, insects second, and all other matter last. Technically they have the ability to supplement their diet with soil, or metal, and while doing this may allow them to not need to eat as much that day, they will still need to eat some type of plant matter eventually.

Isments eat with their head, but they save a portion of their meal for later. Nobody currently knows what an isment does with the rest of their meal. Some significant others of isments claim to know, but they have been sworn to secrecy.

Plant matter does refer to any form, whether this is poisonous to most species, or it is a shrub that has been dead for two months. This has led to confusion in the workplace, as an isment may confuse an office plant for a snack everyone is welcome to share.


Isments are generally kind, friendly, and open to everyone. They're likely to bring donuts to work for everyone to enjoy. They can also be likely to stab a person over people actually wanting to eat the donuts they brought. These things can happen depending on where an isment is on the two relevant scales/axis. Many believe the isments to be imaginary, or have no idea what an isment is. This is because isments have a biological ability to cause potential predators to forget that they exist, and as a part of their government (which they will refer to as "The Government"), it also attempts to erase evidence that they exist in the Universe. Their home planet is not targeted, as being perceived as extinct is completely fine in their eyes.

Most isments will take the fact that they are easily forgotten in stride, and may even embrace it. Over time they grow comfortable with the fact that people may forget them after first, second, or even a fourteenth time meeting. This leads to them being comfortable about lying about who they are, or what they're doing, and this may lead to them becoming untrusting of what is real, and what is fake around them. As such, many isments can be referred to as "irrationally sane conspiracy theorists."

Every isment over the age of 10 will have at least 1 personal theory about the universe, and as they age this number only rises. A healthy adult in ismentian society is considered to be involved in multiple ongoing conspiracies, and to be aware of or investigating a fair number more. Whether these are inconsequential (such as the voice actress for Sgt Aftik having to quit due to a fan requesting to make a hybrid, then using the actress's DNA along with that of their pet), or they can be fairly significant (Such as that chairs actually exist). None of them actually have to be accurate to the way things (really) are. Isments will also share their conspiracy theories with others that they meet, and these theories tend to stick in the minds of those they meet. This is why some people have reported having a sudden realization that led them to believe in a conspiracy theory. It was really just them forgetting about having met an isment and talking about that isments' conspiracy theory.

Most isments are hardcore pacifists. Rolling up a newspaper to swat a fly is at the same level of violence in their perception, as most humans perceive beating a pet dog with a tire iron. Accidental incidences of violence are treated the same as intentional, and this means that manslaughter is still considered killing someone. While isments traditionally abhor violence in all potential forms, their society does not have much in way of punishment for violent actions, or any crime at all. Murder is believed to be "a weight on the soul that the killer must bear forever, and be tainted by", whereas others are a sign of desperation for survival. Isments who commit violent acts are neurologically more likely to be able to commit violent acts in the future of the same scale. It is a slippery slope that can be likened to a mutant drakon's sliding scale of intelligence that leads to becoming a malevolent or an enlightened drakon. However, every isment has this, along with the sliding scale of nomadic behavior.

Isments traditionally have difficulty expressing nomadic behavior, but the more they do the more easy it becomes. However, an isment can recover this and once again become an extreme homebody, similar to how a violent isment can become a highly pacifist isment once again. Tthe scale is similar to a lawful to chaotic alignment scale along with a good to evil scale. Pacifism to omnicidal, and homebody to true nomad, they're both a sliding axis. The end result is that isments are often a mix of innocence, jaded violence, pacifism, omnicidal rage, lies, and paranoia.

Isment names commonly are a type of ore, alloy, mineral, gem, or something relating to their bodily composition. Children who are Orphans or Commune Raised are given a last name with as many letters as they have horns. Last names are inherited from the raiser isment, or in the case that they are raised by their biological parents, they take either name of their parents.

Some examples are, Onix Kieron, Ash Shalkpatuerlaonia (At names over 11 letters, they abbreviate to a formula like Sh.17.ia for example, showing the first two, number of letters, and then last two) Some isments may choose to go by their last name.

Isments tend to be employed throughout a variety of occupations. On settlements associated with the ismentian government, isments will tend to do any activity needed unless they are assigned otherwise or busy with a business they run.

The ismentian government tends to keep close tabs on how many isments exist so that they are the only ones able to fully use ismentian spies, assassins, or saboteurs. As a species they are greatly suited to those jobs for the reason that they can easily disappear. Due to their short term ability to survive the depths of space, they also make good engineers, as they are capable of leaving the safety of a ship mid-flight for a space walk, magnetizing to the hull, and performing maintenance on the outside of the ship, or even functioning as a gunner by launching scrap as a living rail-gun.

The common ismentian is likely to carry ferrous poles with a spiked tip, and when the situation becomes necessary, they will rapidly shape a magnetic field around the pole so it is launched at their target like a rail gun's projectile.


The isments had several flourishing monarchies on their planet. Their species eventually invented the ismentian random teleportation apparatus to deal with wildlife encroaching on their settlements. Originally designed for the teleportation of other creatures to "somewhere else", it was noticed that teleporting oneself away from the location was much easier.

Their tactic was used primarily for personal teleportation, and it began with short distances. Anywhere 5 feet away from where they were. Then it was 6 feet. Or 7. Or 5 yards, or 10, or 30, or 50, or 200. Soon the teleportation device became able to teleport someone miles away from where they were, and eventually it became able to teleport them into space. Eventually the device allowed teleportation to anywhere in the known universe.

This has led to isments being reported all over the universe, long before first contact with them. Isments are a creature supposedly of legend, and the only incidents where they interacted with someone who spotted them resulted in the name isment being correlated with "I have no idea what the fuck that was at all, but it just attempted to talk to me."

Eventually, known society on Sepsim Zeta began to collapse. This was after agriculture began to collapse, and 3 separate dynasties had attempted organized cannibalism. The Royalty was saved by "Indefinite Magical Calmness" (current Archaeologists theorize this is Stasis or Cryogenic Storage), but the people had to fend for themselves.

The shadow triangle government began to form. They had a single aim, and it was to not only organize The ismentian people on a universal scale, but to be a people once more. By the time the new government formed, the isments held a seat in universal senate. They were talked over, ignored, and every time they were responded to it was "What the fuck are you people, where did you come from, and who are you?".

Around 50 years after the shadow triangle government was formed, first contact occurred. It was a major news story that people had been seeing this species for nearly a century around the entire universe, and yet nobody had contacted them as a species or made it public knowledge. This story ran in the news circuit for 12 hours approximately, and within 24 hours after no longer being run, only 1/5 of the people who had paid attention even recalled what the species looked like. At this point, isment became synonymous with "I don't know what the fuck that was, but it was talking.", hallucinations, and sentient jackalopes. This is likely to never change.

The Shadow Triangle government remains unknown to non-isments that haven't been sworn to secrecy. They currently operate on a Universal scale ensuring that every known isment is raised culturally as an ismentian, and is given access to the IRTA, and joining their society at Maturity.


Environmental: If an isment is born on non-heavily metallic soil, they'll take on characteristics of the soil/environment. Examples include molten-shell'd isments, glass isments, mud isments, and more. Isments who have a low body metal content can still have magnekinesis, but it will be at minimum weak enough to where their head will float and they can use metal hands, but not much else.

Spaceborne: Formed from two isments dying in space. a survival mechanism will kick in, and the isments will attempt to fuse, forming a child within the molten core of their combined corpse. the reaction that forms the child will keep them safe until a couple days after emerging from "gestation", and the gestation itself will form a natural 'distress signal' to passing ships these isments will be pure black in shell, but with stars shining in the depths of their dark 'skin', and red eyes. Magnekinesis abilities will be the combination of both parent's total ability/aptitude, rather than half of each, or environment based.


Forgettable: Isments are forgotten once they are no longer present in a room, or out of sight due to a survival mechanic. People with high intelligence can normally remember seeing the isment but everyone else will completely forget it ever existed.


• It is believed that ismentian ghosts are the same as isments in that they can randomly teleport. However they believe ismentian ghosts don't teleport by choice. It's entirely random when and how they do. All isments do as ghosts is try to persuade those they meet that the conspiracies that isment believed in when alive, are real ismentian conspiracies tend to range from simple to wild. The simpler/smaller scale the conspiracy is, the more personal and anxiety based it is. Such as the belief that there is a conspiracy plotted by the 14 generics they think are secretly living in their house, that is to just only take the 14th thing of food, whether it's an apple or a potato chip once the 14th becomes apparent, it disappears. These ghosts are of course, likely a myth.

• Ismentian conspiracies may be entirely true, or entirely false. They may have no evidence, or high amounts. Often isments will alter their daily behavior to fit these conspiracy theories so that they might be able to get in on them.

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