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Species 54X-0


Species 54X-0
“After several days of discussion, this investigative panel has come to the conclusion that this unfortunate incident was not our fault, and the inquiry is closed with immediate effect. :D” — O-2

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  • Strength-10
  • Intelligence-2
  • Charisma-4
  • Endurance-9
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-0

Common Jobs: N/A
Likes: Recovered depictions suggest appreciation of botanical pursuits
Dislikes: Rapid movements (aversion observed by contact team)

Attack Method: Not observed in practice due to peaceable nature of only contact. Carvings at the spaceport-1 foundation site show an individual wielding knives while crouched, with supplementary arms appearing to be defending, but the meaning of this is not agreed on.

Homeplanet: Unknown/Not Important
Lifespan: Oldest dated individual was 34 local years at the time of death, or 53 standard years.
Size: 4 ft tall
Diet: Meat, Plants

Bodytype: Taur
Type: Reptile
Social Class: Extinct
Rarity: Extinct
Common Traits
[Unknown] Positive trait

Followed several pantheons of gods depending on geographical location. Most information lost.

Gods: Not known

Original Creator: Space Dorf

Physical Description



LOCATION: System ZZ973H. Co-ordinates SNAP 1949.7505.0249

INVOLVED PARTIES: Species 54X-0(Species self-designation not recorded), Colonisation Vessel KR-135 along with onboard colonisation facilitation teams.


12.2.0564: KR-135 enters system, crew begins scanning preparations

13.2.0564: KR-135 enters orbit over ZZ973H-4, hereafter referred to as 135-4.

14.2.0564: Preparations aboard vessel complete, atmospheric lifters detached

18.2.0564: Primary base online in temperate zone, terraforming crew begin seeding viable plant life.

20.4.0564: Plant life breaches compound security, seed dispersal not prevented by G-class personnel.

[One year of non-relevant primary base setup reports expunged]

20.12.0565: Terraformer crew's flora observed to spread rapidly, outpacing 135-4's endemic species of plants.

19.1.0566: Inability to locate planetary fuel supply restricts supply chain from orbit.

03.9.0566: Exploratory survey encounters six b Species 54X-0 members apparently investigating outbreak of foreign and unknown species. No casualties taken by survey team.

11.9.0566: In response to discovery of Species 54X-0, base commander L-8312 reprimands orbital survey team for lack of diligence and sends sends out a first contact party.

14.9.0566: First contact made with 54X-0. Large, reptilian species, six motive legs, eight tentacular arms. Head recessed into torso (genetic disability?) in many individuals, significance unknown.

15.9.0566: Contact team invited to large town. Report that the society seems friendly in genuine fashion. Society low tech but widespread with extensive contact between several open but disparate civilisations.

17.9.0566: Survey team locates mineral source for fuel manufacture, drilling equipment dispatched.

18.9.0566: Contact team returns to primary base, colony construction halted temporarily.

29.9.0566: Exploratory team returns to 54X-0 settlement, finds it abandoned, with masses of dead disfigured by notable skin discoloration in streets.

02.10.2966: Clean-up razes abandoned settlement and begins fuel refinery construction

05.11.0566: Detailed orbital and high-level atmospheric imaging from KR-135 and atmospheric lifters shows abandonment of settlements, widespread smoke clouds with organic traces, and mass movements of individuals of 54X-0.

01.06.0567: Climate department notes cooling of atmosphere, theorised to be due to recent spate of fires from burning settlements.

04.06.0567: Preliminary work on spaceport foundation renovation begun. Contact team dissolved due to irrelevance.

03.06.0567: Survey teams dispatched on mineral survey to continents 2 and 3. Survey team notes further abandoned settlements in continent 2, and an organic-rich soil area showing signs of burning, with remains left behind indicating incineration of between 1 and 2 hundred Species 54-X members.

22.10.0568: No sightings of live members of Species 54X-0 in 180 days.

23.10.0568: O-class command authorises resuming colony construction on permanent basis.

09.11.0568: Cleanup of decayed organic matter at secondary and tertiary sites begun. Spread of introduced plants found to be further than predicted, timescale for terraform updated.

11.03.0569: Construction of spaceport complete, large scale colonisation begins, KR-135 hands off authority to newly-formed colonial government.


Three major continents (A-grade) with central desert surrounded by barrier-type mountain range in continent 2. Continent 1, northernmost, deemed most suitable for long-term habitation (see climatology report)

Two minor eastern subcontinents with large-scale archipelago of smaller islands (C-grade)

Twenty opencast mine sites of high quality, co-ordinates and individual details on ore percentages attached in separate document for brevity.

Soil suitable to gene-tailored preferred genera of plants. (So much so that most native ground cover replaced with CN-brand cereal crop escaped from agri-fields)

Estimated most fertile locations attached in survey map ZZ973H-4-1

Local fauna largely unimportant barring large, non-aggressive insectoids on eastern continents.

Major artificial stone structures found in several depopulated locations. These are known to make useful prefabricated foundations for spaceport pads (attached locations). Three have already been repurposed for this use.

Colony prepared and begun colonisation at orbital map reference 4302.6844 on Continent 1.


Contact Team initial summary on Species 54-X attached in reformatted Cosmosdex-like form for completeness of planetary survey report.

Set of pictoglyphs at site of newly carved bas-relief depiction including a notail at largest located settlement attached below.

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