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Scuttlers / Bunkerheads

“KH HFK CHK HK?” — A deep and insightful skokakrio idiom

Art by, MaggotsBoy

Part of the Zodiac collection

Emblem by Artem1s
  • Strength-9
  • Intelligence-4
  • Charisma-2
  • Endurance-7
  • Agility-4
  • Luck-0

Common Jobs: Hunter, Bodyguard, Assassin
Likes: Seclusion, nature, loyalty/being loyal
Dislikes: Claustrophobic spaces, crowds, being exposed

Attack Method: All-in, very aggressive. Known to sometimes fight to the death.

Homeplanet: Unknown/Not Important
Lifespan: 65 years
Size: 6'3 ft tall
Diet: Omivores, but leaning more towards Herbivores

Bodytype: Xpod
Type: Arthropod
Social Class: Low Class
Rarity: Rare
Common Traits
[Private] Neutral trait
This character will commonly keep to themselves and gets a slight boost to production while doing so. When in a group this character will get a slight decrease to production.
[Quick Thinker] Positive trait
This character is fast to think of solutions to sudden issues, and quicker to react to danger.
[Auto-Attack] Negative trait
This character will automatically attack anyone, including teammates, when a certain condition is met such as getting too close to them or saying a certain word.

Skokakrio normally do not honor or worship gods; there are some exceptions to that rule, but it is extremely rare.

Gods: The Neo

Original Creator: aC

Physical Description

A skokakrio is roughly tripedal in form. The head of a skokakrio can be best described as "spiky", with two or three carapaced protrusions sticking out of the skull. The face of a skokakrio is thickly carapaced in blue, or black, or anywhere in between, along with the rest of its body. On the face are four permanently closed eyes, and below those eyes are the mandibles of the skokakrio where it produces sounds, be it a click or dialogue.

The skokakrio has two arms; one is a normal three-fingered arm and the other, usually the rightone, is an oversized heavily carapaced arm that ends in a large claw. This "claw" arm is nearly the same height of the individual skokakrio, and can touch the ground when the skokakrio is in a standing position.

The legs of a skokakrio can be best described as a "tripod", with three crab-like appendages scuttling to keep the skokakrio balanced. Finally, the last defining feature of a skokakrio is its medium-sized tail ending in a bulbous stinger. The stinger does not actually produce any venom, but it will cause excruciating pain if one is stabbed by it.


The skokakrio society is a very reclusive and individual-based one. It is somewhat rare to see multiple skokakrio together, as most skokakrio will try to kill another of their species on sight. This is because skokakrio are known to hold grudges, almost to an unrealistic level - if one insults a skokakrio's appearance, expect that skokakrio's grandson, knowledge of that insult passed down through generations, to come seeking revenge on that offender one hundred years later. As a result of this extreme grudge-holding, every skokakrio remembers and judges other members of their species for what horrible atrocities they committed to each other in The Bunker, and try to maul each other when they get within a ten-meter radius of each other.

The species is also quite aggressive and violent, which makes them perfect candidates for jobs that involve a lot of death. However, this layer of aggression is normally there to mask their true emotions. Most skokakrio don't want their inner feelings and secrets to be let out into the world, though, making them distrustful of others and very secretive. To earn the trust of skokakrio, one must be loyal and willing to be walked all over by the skokakrio as they can get very manipulative and domineering; always wanting to get things done their way.

Skokakrios also have a knack for being efficient, focused, and amibitious. They will swiftly complete tasks and they make snap decisions, some that turn out to be right but others leading them astray. It is very, very hard to convince a skokakrio to change their mind when they're set on accomplishing something in a certain way.


Several millenniums ago, the skokakrio culture and society was very different from the present species. They were intelligent, collaborated with each other to build major cities and were just about to look towards the stars to further expand their horizons when scientists made a troubling discovery. There was faraway an asteroid heading straight towards the skokakrio's homeplanet. The scientists did the math - the asteroid would approach in roughly two hundred years, and it would effectively catapult the skokakrio's hompelanet out of their solar system and fling them into outer space, destroying their atmosphere. Anyone or anything left on the surface would surely die.

There was no time to lose. The skokakrio government resolved to a desperate plan: to excavate most of the planet beneath and repurpose it into an massive series of underground bunkers to house the population. The bunkers were massive - with whole rooms dedicated to stockpiling food and growing food on simulated crops, and an underground spring used for hydroelectic power. The skokakrio also harnessed the fact that when they dug deeper underground, they were closer to their homeplanet's core, providing warmth. When the bunkers were finally finished, the time came for the skokakrio population to evacuate into the bunkers. Just like the scientists predicted, the asteroid slingshotted around the skokakrio's homeplanet and disrupted its orbit, and it sailed into outer space.

What exactly happened in the few millenniums that were spent entirely underground are unknown, and no skokakrio wants to talk about it. It is theorized that a total collapse of social structure happened, and unspeakable atrocities were committed underground against their own species, explaining why most of the skokakrio population hold intense grudges against each other. During this time, it is also theorized that the hellish underground conditions meant that the light level was very low. This led the skokakrio's eyes to fall into disuse, and they graudally developed a language entirely made of clicks that doubled as their method of echolocation in the dark. Eventually, their rogue homeplanet, in an extremely lucky turn of events, ended up circling around another solar system, and after some hesitation, the skokakrio realized it was safe to exit the bunker. There, they were left to rebuild society.


Skisvio: Skisvio appear like normal skokakrio, but they are able to open their four eyes, unlike their blind counterparts. However, this is not normal vision - their eyes are quite light-sensitive. Skisvio do not need to speak in clicks and clacks and can sometimes speak comprehensible sentences, and normally have lighter shades of carapace than skokakrio.


Echolocation: Echolocation means that although the skokakrio are blind, they can "see" in another sense. By clicking loudly with their mandibles, they are able to analyze the echoes that rebound off of objects near them and create an "auditory landscape" in their minds. This allows them to navigate as a normal being would.


Ariesa: The ariesa and the skokakrio have have a relationship that involves the ariesa often tiptoeing around the skokakrio, so as not to accidentally offend them. Sun ariesa will avoid contact with skokakrio at all costs, as a generational grudge is not worth the time or effort of resolving. Moon ariesa will gladly insult the skokakrio as it guarantees a challenge down the line, one of which will be both unexpected and most certainly a fun fight. Needless to say, neither species generally enjoys the presence of the other.

BVo9: Do not get BVo9 and skokarios together. They enable each others' worst destructive impulses. BVo9 are often bored, looking for something to do and excited at the prospect of being part of something intense; skokarios are more than willing to conscript a few BVo9 to help them carry out a mission against one of their many grudges. If ones sees any groups of BVo9 and skokarios congregating, they should either try to break it up or run away as quickly as possible, as this almost always means that some serious nonsense is about to go down.

Gemimi: In short, the gemimi and the skokakrio do not like each other very much. Their strained relationship began when the gemimis decided to throw a surprise welcome party for the recently arrived skokakrios by waltzing over to their homeworld and greeting them, which is what they did frequently to other homeplanets in the zodiac system. To the unknowing skokakrio, this looked like an invasion, and reacted "appropriately" with death threats and aggressive warnings. The gemimi retreated from the homeworld, but they left a bad, bad impression on the skokakrios. Since then, the gemimi government has tried to improve relations with the skokakrios by pranking them and throwing more surprise parties (a thing that has worked before in other situatons), but the skokakrios simply are not having it with their happy-go-lucky attitude. They believe that the gemimis are a waste of time, a nusiance, and the whole puppet shtick is annoying. The cycle of gemimi parties and skokakrios lashing out aggressively at those parties continues to this day.

Carcili: The skokakrio and the carcili can be considered to be in some ways similar, yet in others greatly different. The two species, while very different, take solace in that each and every one is convinced that the vast majority of their own species are utter wastes of the universe's time. This provides a level of common ground between individuals, and long-distance friends often make jokes that would in most company be considered incredibly insensitive about each other and their own species.

However, more close relations are infrequent between these two, as the carcili are similarly distrustful, and too proud of their strength to be a doormat to the aggressive skokakrio personality, so these spiky 'friendships' are often kept at opposite ends of a phone line.

Leo: When the leos met the skokakrio they were warned time and time again to not get involved with the skokakrio. The leos were told that the skokakrio were agressive and picky by the sagittari who were, and still are, one of their greatest allies. Senator Farfletch notably warned the leos to little avail. The leos took this as a challange, and for the first few months relations betweens the leos and skokakrios were great. Then one day the leos sent a message to sagittari headquarters. "Actually I take it back. It was all true." After that "Farfletch was right" t-shirts exploded in popularity in saggitari-dominated settlements across the star system.

Virgora: The virgora and the skokario have a somewhat rocky relationship. Some skokario are able to bond with virgora simply because the virgora, too, don't interact with other members of their own species very much. At face value, the relationship between skokakrio and virgora appears to be stagnant and moving nowhere, but this is not the case. There is a lot of implicit, mostly wordless communication between the two. The virgora, being the more emotionless and analytical of the two, can look past the layer of aggression the skokakrio has and understand how they truly feel - this is something that the skokakrios appreciate greatly. There is a great amount of trust and empathy between the two species, however, that is not to say that everything is peachy keen. Often times, the skokarios may say something out of line, or the virgora may end up feeling too distant for the skokakrio's liking, and a fight may ensue. However, this does not normally last for a very long time and (unusual for the skokakrios), both sides will apologize. Truly, the virgora does bring out the best in the skokakrios.

Libraille: The libraille and the skokakrio don't get along very well. In fact, they've pretty much agreed to a mutual avoidance of each other's species. Firstly, the libraille believe that every species should be represented in their government by elected individuals, and the skokakrio are no exception. However, the skokakrio cannot choose amongst themselves who would best be able to represent their own due to the long-standing grudges everyone has against each other and their ensuing hatred of other members of their species.

For this, the libraille are frustrated. The skokakrio's aggressive and violent personality clashes with the libraille's diplomatic ways. They are further frustrated by the fact that, in their previous society, the skokakrio had become so technologically and culturally advanced that they spotted a comet hundreds of years before impact, collaborated to hollow out most of their planet and survived in a bunker for hundreds of centuries yet now, the most important part of skokakrio culture currently is the grudges that everybody holds against everyone else. This fact is a source of annoyance for the libraille; they view it as technology, culture and potential, lost. Because of these differences, they'd rather stay out of each others' way.

Sagittari: The sagittari and the skokakrio have a long-standing history of absolutely loathing each other. This history goes all the way back to before they even made contact with each other, when Geetee, the skokakrio's home planet, abruptly entered the Zodiac system and caused nearly permanent solar eclipses on the sagittari home world of Copsi. When the sagittari launched exploration missions to Geetee, they found the insectoid skokakrios, and quickly discovered that they were sentient, but only spoke in clicks and screeches. Very few meetings between the species occurred before the sagittari interpreted the skokakrio's clicks as calls of aggression and opened fire on them, sparking an interplanetary war that would last years before the libraille stepped in and brought the war to a close. Due to the skokakrio's unforgiving nature, they still hate the sagittari for the war, and constantly bring it up at meetings and discussions between the species, preventing the two from simply moving on and becoming closer.

Kapricanus: The kapricanus and skokakrio don't attempt to be on the same side as the other all the time, and yet time and time again the kapricanus and skokakrio can be seen constantly supporting the same issues. The kapricanus don't see why skokakrio seem to get such a bad rap, and are quick to call out other species who seem to be changing their choices on matters just because the skokakrio are supporting that choice. The kapricanus don't bother the skokakrio, and the skokakrio don't bother the kapricanus, and that's just how they like it.

Duckarium: The duckarium and the skokakrio hate each other so much that there's a week long system wide contest that the duckarium and skokakrio host to see which species is better. Incidentally every other species has declared this week official pretend the duckarium and skokakrio don't exist week, except the libraille who try, and fail to mediate this contest.

Aqualisces: The whole system might dislike the skokakrio, but not the aqualisces, the aqualisces are one of the only species who can actually get the skokakrios to communicate without also threatening someone with their claws. When the aqualisces and the skokakrio are working together everyone sleeps much safer at night.


• "Skokakrio" is not believed to be the skokakrio's actual species name, just a mispronounciation when a member of the species tried to say their species name and was unable to say the whole thing without clicking. The species name has already become so widespread that nobody bothers to correct the mistake.

• A skokakrio's claw-hand is literally perfect for crushing nuts. As in, one stroke could split the nut exactly perfectly in two. Nobody knows how this could be possible, but nobody's dared to try and test the phenomenon in a lab setting.

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