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Mob Free for Fifty Years!

“I repeat, the mayor is not in the pocket of the mob, those allegations are false!” — Mayor Salvas's personal aide

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Dominant Residents: Angel
Other Residents: Arma, Ashlaiz, Contractors, Tourists

Fauna: Basic fauna
Weather: Fair weather

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Barter and Trade

Original Creator: Hichico

Physical Description

A lush green planet with 3 main continents, two of which are connected via land bridge, and two large oceans. Each continent is covered in thick forested areas, with differing temperatures. As well, there are a series of large plains areas in which many settlements have been formed. Many say these forests hold many wonders and possible treasures, but this has yet to be proven.


Originally founded to be a rich benefactors private home planet, doulea quickly became a trade and barter location as the rich benefactor died before construction could begin on their home. Unfortunately their will did not leave the planet to any one specific person or group, so the planet was auctioned off to the highest bidder: The KORN group. KORN, or as they are more commonly known, The Keres Organized Racketeers' Network, bought the planet under the false name of KARN, or Keres Associative Rest-Stop Network. Using their funds KORN turned the planet into a front for their racketeering network, by creating a large barter and trade stop that quickly took off. While it common knowledge that the planet is a hot-spot for mafia activity, it is advised to not acknowledge said activity or mention it in any way, unless one desires to wake up with the head of an unfortunate ill formed native in one's bed.


Suburgh: The universes largest outdoor shopping mall, Suburgh! Shop till you drop from the shock of our amazing savings! Enjoy the wonderful outdoor air as you walk off that absolutely DEE-LISH coffee you got from our artisan coffee house! Maybe take a quick walk through our completely safe and 100% supervised park! Suburgh, you know you're gonna love it!

Slaughter Bend Springs: A naturally red colored series of springs, a common tourist attraction due to the unique coloration of the water, as well as the large villas set into the nearby cliffs. You too can feel like a rich big-shot by renting one of these villas! Call today for reservations! If you find a body in the water, your trip is free!

Phord: One of the largest barter and trade location in all the solar system, as well as the capitol city of boulea, a large bustling city separated into districts: Residential, Shopping, Business, and Casino Royale. Come to fuel your ship, stay because you've suddenly found yourself in crippling debt oh god why did you go to the Casino district you fool you lost everything your house, your crew, your ship, your precious memories, you're even loosing your li-

Come to Phord! Associates are on hold, just for you!




• Doulea is a legitimate business and nothing you say otherwise is true.

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