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Marketing Paradise / Advertisement Hell

“Man, this targeted marketing sure is working!” — A sneese, after having bought 10 pairs of shoes in a row.

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Dominant Residents: Sarax

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Pleasantly warm, though significantly lacking precipitation.

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Sarax homeworld, advertisement hub.

Original Creator: Oxy

Physical Description

Concrete spires erupt from where soft ground had once been, blanketing and snuffing out any chance of natural vegetation and flora, synthetic soil being deemed more profitable and convenient. Gray, cloudless skies stare down at its residents.

Peppered with cities and advertisements, Fyrrn is what one could call a souvenir paradise. While the majority of popular services are tailored towards its primary inhabitants, compatible aliens are able to enjoy them as well. Eye implants, fur and hair dyeing, and styling are among the most popular for foreigners, both temporary and permanent variations for each offered. Buying custom resin horns as an interesting trinket also happens to be a common occurrence. With every service provided is a gorgeous store and atmosphere to go along with it.

Every major city seems to have a metaphorical bubble of excitement and buzz around it. With bright lights and peppy music at every turn – alongside the uniquely interesting inhabitants – the planet is a joy to visit. Even from afar, the planet's massive cities can be seen, billboards and flashing arrows pointing and promoting Fyrrn drifting within its orbit. Some advertisements can even be found so far as multiple planets away.


Decades ago, when sarax had still been isolated from the rest of the universe, the planet was teeming with life. Domesticated fauna pranced around as dedicated shepherds trailed after them. Rich soil ideal for crops blanketed fields, expert farmers making use of it as best they could. Despite being only a humble species at the time, they knew how to take care of their environment and how to take advantage of their resources. Fyrrn, in general, had always been a hospitable place to live. Early artistic depictions show the planet having pink skies and green liquid covering parts of its surface, not to mention the various shades of orange and yellow that the majority of flora would come in.

Many had assumed that as soon as sarax had technology, they had begun working on cities and its advertisements stemmed from the market that came of it. However, this assumption was disproven during an interview with a sarax who was a part of the advertisement ring on the planet.

As was revealed, the beginnings of the species-tailored industry was one that starkly contrasted the impression of innocence that many had.

Right before their introduction to a world with much more than their own, the amount of sarax with interests that were considered unusual at the time began to grow. The majority of interests were ones that were job and material based, so for a member of their species to have one based on a look or idea was rare. For these sarax, the uncomfortable questions of how they could express their interest began to rise. How was one supposed to look like something that they didn't have? Their limited options for clothes at the time was no help either, and many began to distress.

However, as more and more of these sarax began to meet and bond over their strange interests, more ideas began to come of it. First, one discovered the dye for their garments could work on fur too, and then, one found out they could use a coarse material to file down their horns into a rough shape. All of these new discoveries became an instant hit within their communities. Even some of those outside their circles began to use what had been learned, many taking a liking to how it allowed them to feel even closer to their interest.

As these practices rose more and more in popularity, there was one sarax in particular who took an interest not in what was being done, but rather who was doing it. It was still too early for any sarax to have taken the act of these discoveries as an interest itself, so many had been doing it themselves, their skills of doing so ranging from poor to mediocre. Even those who knew how to properly dye fur found it significantly different from dying clothes and fabric. Therefore, said sarax decided they would take matters into their own hands.

They began showing their children – who lacked interests at the time – different materials, ushering them to do tasks related to a specific job that they had in mind for them. Fortunately for them, the majority of their impressionable kids were quick to grasp onto what was being shown and learnt to them. Before long, they had made sarax who had interests in just what they wanted. Dying, carving, sewing, all had become experts in their field after years of honing their skills and, almost immediately, their parent promoted them as such. With such advanced skills in a field that very few had experience in at the time, many began filing in to make use of their skills upon seeing the adverts and hearing the recommendations of others. It wasn't long before others with the same interests came onto the scene. However, none could compare with the popularity that the family had at the time. Many credit to the fact that they were the first in the field, though some know the truth, the power that its commercialization had.

The power that advertisements had would continue well into their discovery of the rest of the universe, the initial family that had begun advertisements continuing on to help with forming its first few cities. Its interest on body modifications would only spread and continue. With each new customization option discovered, the family would be quick to try and capitalize on it first, never having a lack of young sarax to impose the interest onto. No one truly stopped or questioned as to how it was always the same family, how some adverts may have had a different business listed, but it always led back to the same one.

As society grew, it became clear that what the family was doing now soon wouldn't be enough. Other businesses had grown large enough to be able to rival them, threatening to pull the rug out from beneath the feet of the long-standing commercial ring. Therefore, they had to resort to putting all the funds they had saved up to use. They began spending a worrying amount of money towards being the first to grasp onto trends, all caution thrown towards the wind as materials were being used up faster than what could be naturally obtained. To remedy this, imports began to be prioritized, and the planet's health was ignored in favor of getting what was needed as soon as possible. Through careful commercialization and covering up what was being done to make said products, the family's business boomed once again. They even began secretly buying out other, smaller businesses to put into their growing empire. No one could stand against them now.

While many inhabitants of Fyrrn are aware of the corrupt advertisements that plague their planet, many lack the enthusiasm to truly care and push back against what is being done. This is due to the fact that the main business at large supplies such a huge selection of goods and services, that many sarax believe they wouldn't be able to live comfortably without them.


The Heart of Hrrb: While there may be a surplus of cities filling the planet to the brim, the most popular one sits at the very top of the planet. Previously having been an icy wasteland, the location is now considered the ideal place for new guests. It holds the record for the most stores and services out of all the cities available. Apartments and hotels are always open and offered for those who need it, and its main dock for ships offers a valet service.

The Alleys: Between cities are large strips of land, covered in concrete as the rest of the planet is, though lacking any supervision or commercials. Most residents usually take a form of transportation between cities in order to avoid these strips, though some have decided to make their homes here. Should one visit, they will find shady deals and whispers of rumors.

The Moon: If one looks past the flashy signs, they may just be able to spot the only natural-looking part in the area, the moon. Unlike the planet, the moon still remains relatively uncovered, ignoring the huge factory that hides on the outward-facing side. The ground lacks any kind of grass, soft dark gray dirt layered over its entirety. The whole moon gives off a strange hum. This comes from the factory, which extends into the moon itself. This factory offers a small gift shop in the front should one decide to take a peek at it, though some of the items may be considered a bit questionable, with multiple accounts of words being carved into the cardboard or packaging.




• With the rumors regarding the advertisement industry coming out, many have come to theorize that the planet's ratings on the well-known business review site "Woop" were bought and faked, boosting their stars to five in order to lure more people into visiting.

• Some say that their secret dealings go well beyond what was revealed in the interview, though with no evidence to back up these claims, and many of those making them seemingly disappearing abruptly, they hold no weight and are mostly used in jokes poking fun at the conspiracy theory.

• Sarax who are a part of the extended advertisement family are seen as celebrities, some considering even being just distantly related to the main branch to be an honor.

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