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Dungeonland / The Web

“Odd how the melodico try to control the past of their planet, when they only try to control the populous everywhere else.” — Telibro the dobro

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Dominant Residents: Melodico

Fauna: Waterskin
Weather: Snowy

Danger Level: Extreme
Purpose: The major hive of the melodico empire. It is host to the major melodico queens too stuborn to branch out and obtain their own planet.

Original Creator: Kenshi

Physical Description

Even without being the center of the melodico empire, Discord itself would be a gloomy site. The planet is mountainous, much of the land covered in the shadows of the large ranges formed upon its surface, and even more heavily shaded by the massive webs the melodico have weaved in any open area they could find. Due to the melodico's overwhelming presence, very few creatures are found openly on the surface, though many plants and animals had started to adapt to the webbing, with many flora slowly growing atop the webbing, to reach available sunlight, and even many creatures secreting a wax so they can effortlessly climb atop their web.

The rest of the creatures on Discord found their way underground, hiding away from the world in crevices the melodico might not search, or be able to reach. These caverns are quite small in size, but branch far underground, though only the smallest of explorers can effectively search through them.

Besides the mountains, the second most prolific feature of the planet is where the remainder of creatures live, deep within their ocean. Lights can be seen down under the depths of the waves, with massive sea creatures breaching the waters, covered in thick kelp. Melodico, being adverse to swimming, are unable to go into the depths of their ocean, and due to their aggressive nature not many have tried to see what lies beneath the waves.


Discord was once a beautiful, mountainous planet, as the records the melodico have given access to have shown. The precursor species that ruled Discord built vast temples and towers along the mountain ranges, working the planet itself to suit their needs. Many fauna that live on the planet, and were not wiped out, show this in spades. They bred creatures to eat rocks for tunneling, store and carry water for long expeditions, and even powerful beasts that only stun and consume excess material from their targets for combative training.

Records speak highly of the dobro as one of their prized experiments, beasts that could carry, grow, collect, and care for them as they explored the land. Most other records have either been destroyed, or are kept hidden by the melodico, to spite their own creators, as the melodico were also made to work for their precursors. After the meldico gained their hive mind from their first queen, they took out their creators, scouring the planet in search of food and power.

What once was a land of growth and power became a land of death and decay, though over the years the land grew accustomed to its new spider overlords, especially once the melodico became aware of how powerful prey can increase their own strength as well. Melodico are known to now let explorers come to its abandoned temples to train, in hopes that those explorers can grow strong as well. The melodico have stayed out of some dungeons, refusing to explain why, just letting others know that powerful tech could still be lying in wait within.


City of the ancients: The main hub city of the precursor species. Free melodico take up home within the city, repairing what they can. The buildings are heavily destroyed from the melodico's original rampage, so many buildings are held together using hardened webbing. As most cities on Discord are made purely of webbing, this is the safest and least sticky place for people to trade in, should one avoid queen Terrisar resting in the center, as she leads her hive. If one were strong enough to catch her attention, they would be dead before reaching the city borders.

Timeless temples: One of the few areas on Discord that isn't full of webs, though the temples are usually covered in webbing on the outside. These temples can be found high atop mountains, roars of beasts heard echoing from within. Many of these temples have small, compact robots patrolling the outer areas of them, seeming to ignore creatures outside of their range. The melodico mostly ignore these robots, seeing no need to fight such enemies, though they appear to be keeping anything from getting in, or out.

Mysterious Seaport: A small oceanic studies lab is build near the coast, melodico seen running about it as they seem to try and figure out what they can do to explore the ocean. A few submarines are set up outside the lab, and occasionally odd signals can be heard coming from the communications equipment.


Hardy Training: Exploring the planet can be quite tough and dangerous, and those who come out of it usually find themselves stronger than when they went in.


• Discord is full of ancient tech from the precursor species, used to shape many fauna on the planet, including the dobro and melodico themselves. The melodico use some of this tech, yet do not openly search for it. Due to this the temples are free game for explorers to try and steal their treasures. Unfortunately if someone were to be able to force their way in, there would be an abundance of melodico that would see a powerful target they would have interest in.

• While Discord is dangerous to explore, weaker species have almost no risk of the melodico targeting them, though easy prey gathers other attention.

• Melodico don't like people messing around their oceans, claiming the contents are theirs and they won't let others in first.

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