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Flesh Factory

The Revolving Flesh Factory

Flesh Factory
“I have arrived through the door of Eden, to find myself at a quite peculiar place. What I’m standing on seems to be a mass of red bioluminescent flesh, pulsing in a slow but continuous rhythm.” — Unknown

Art by, Lulu

Dominant Residents: Chess pieces
Other Residents: Emozas

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: The weather is always clear, and the skies are always pitch black.

Danger Level: High
Purpose: A purpose no one is quite sure of.

Original Creator: Lulu

Physical Description

The revolving flesh factory is an anomalous planet consisting of bunches of tangled flesh clumped together into one. It’s rivers ooze with liquid metal, which flows slowly down the rivers, over and over, circulating the globe. The flesh seems to be bioluminescent, glowing in the pitch black sky that surrounds the clump of fleshy mass. The flesh pulses in a rhythmic rhythm, like a beating heart. It ticks like a well oiled machine.

At a certain point of time, one could barely see two slender arms of blue revolving around the planet with their naked eye. This is, perhaps, just a mirage. The only interesting thing about this planet is the tall tower built on the planet, which seems to be a factory of some sort. The factory seems to be always rotating counterclockwise.


It was assumed that the Revolving Flesh Factory didn’t exist, but after many statements from former hospital patients, it can be assumed that the RFF is a planet in a part of unexplored space. While every tell tale of encountering this planet is different, it all seems that the survivors of the planet went through the same process. An author who survived the RFF wrote a small article on his journey in the RFF, providing insight on the planet.


Undocumented: Due to how little have reached the planet and survived to tell the tale there is little documentation on its locations.


One way in: So far, it seems that the RFF cannot be found via ships, and can only be found by going through the door of Eden. An exploration pact was formed to find the RFF in exchange for a pot of gold, but it hasn’t been found.


• It seems that the RFF only allows weak and fragile people to enter it’s domain, as all of the previous survivors didn’t have any level of self defense. This could be a defense mechanism of the planet to prevent it being destroyed by clockwork hunters and such.

• There seems that there can only be 8 ‘emozas’ in the factory, as encounters recount that whenever there was one more, the ‘oomn’, (or the tourist, in some cases), will take away the new clone. If there was one less, they would yank the largest maggot from whichever one of the ‘emoza’s’ eye socket/mouthhole, and splatter it on the ground, which it would turn into a another ‘emoza’.

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