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Space Castlevania

“What a terrible place to bare a curse..” — Unknown

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Dominant Residents: Vampwelf
Other Residents: Oomn, Spoopers, Crawlerz

Fauna: Nichtendrakke, Dire Wolves, Undead
Weather: Dark, Storm, Sometimes Rains "Blood".

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Bats, Conflict, Adventure

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A Grim and dreary planet of above-average size. Mostly consisting of a large ocean with a dozen decently sized continents scattered about this vast sea. Notably, these vast oceans, and indeed, all waters originating on the planet are tinged a deep crimson color, evoking the image of seas and rains of blood. To most, this would be a rather unpleasant and macabre sight, but to the Velsteins who colonized the planet, it's just the most charming of features.

The land itself is a grim and uninviting wilderness of dark forests and fields. Foreboding, evil looking trees congregating in vast unseemly hosts that one dares label a wood. A light fog coats the ground during most times, growing only thicker following the somewhat frequent rainfalls to become quite obscuring. Dark ominous clouds hang in the sky during most hours, and thus even during the day the planet is rather dark and uncomfortable.

The lands are mostly untamed, as the vampwelf are wont to keep it. With civilizations, such that it is, is mainly in the form of dense fortified settlements in and amongst the tangled woods and eerie fields. Each of these settlements is a grim little urbations, populated mainly by oomn and others, while the vampwelf live in lavish, fortress-estates on the outskirts of these settlements overlooking things with grim indifference.


Drakellar has the distinction of being one of the first vampwelf colonies to be established, and as with most things vampwelf such an occasion cannot simply go by without some tale of debatable accuracy. While the Velsteins, a minor family affiliated with the Von Elzensteins, were the primary sponsors of the colonization, they were accompanied by the Count Vladdas Drakalar. Vladdas was once a member of a notable branch family of house von Drakken, but had been exiled for practices considered too abominable even for the vampwelf.

At first the colonization went smoothly, the Velsteins constructed their towns and homes, while Vladdas set to work constructing a mighty ediface of stone, to rival the great castles of Transylvaar. Work proceeded smoothly, too smoothly for the liking of some, as something struck them as odd; Vladdas had arrived on Drakellar with only a cabal of only his most loyal retainers and servants, yet his workforce swiftly numbered in the thousands. Odder still this seemed to coincide with the disappearances of Velstein colonists.

Alas, they did not learn the truth until it was far too later, for shortly after the completion of what was dubbed "Darkwood Castle" Vladdas struck out. It became clear to most that the most heinous crime for which Vladdas had been initially exiled, was in fact the most abominable and ill-advised art of Necromancy. And thus began a desperate war against the undead, a fractional re-enactment of a great conflict that once had struck the entire universe.

Fortunately for all, things resolved in a similar fashion: As shortly before the war entered its Fiftieth year, a brave Velstein retainer breached the defenses of Darkwood Castle and fought their way to Vladdas himself. Thus followed a grueling battle that lasted "All throo[sic] the night into the morne[sic] and unto the following sunfall agayne[sic]." At the end though, the Velstein was victorious, though at the cost of their own life.

Vladdas' body was never recovered, though, and his mortal servants escaped. The surviving Velsteins suspected that Vladdas would thus return, and established, in uncharacteristically heroic manner, an eternal vigil against Vladdas' returning threat. And indeed he came again, and was struck down again, starting a cycle that may last forever.


Darkwood Castle: A massive ediface of black stone, imported directly from Transylvaar, erected on a rocky outcropping rising indignant out from the Dark Wood from which it takes its name. With a size and scale rivaling the great castles of Transylvaar, it is indisputably the most magnificent construction on the planet. Alas, it is also the most dangerous, as at any particular time it is infested with the aimless undead servants remaining from Vladdas' latest attempt to seize the planet, and often enough, host to Vladdas himself.

Velburg: The de-facto Capital of the planet. A tight knit winding urban sprawl of around five-hundred thousand, centered around the luxurious Manse d' Velstein, home of House Velstein. Surrounded by its thick, twenty foot high walls, It is regarded as the safest place on the planet, which, in typical vampwelf fashion, only makes it marginally safer than just roughing it in the woods. At the very least no one will get eaten by a undead horror in their sleep.

Darkened Copse: A Darkened Copse in a nonspecific dark forest, of which there are many on the planet. This one in particular, wherever it is, is rumored to be where Vladdas' minions retreat to hide when He is inevitably defeated.


The War Eternal: Every hundred years of so, the servants of Count Vladdas Drakalar, having secured their master's increasingly debased corpse recuperated their numbers, sneak into Darkwood Castle, and resurrect their master. Shortly after, the increasingly deranged Vladdas declares his neverending war against the Velsteins, in a very prominent manner. Responding to this the Velstein's send a champion, usually one of their number specifically trained for the very task, to strike him down. This cycle has proceeded as such unabated for centuries at this point, and most are deeply concerned that it shall, until the end of time.


• House Velstein is regarded as one of the more unconditionally kind and altruistic houses of the vampwelf. That said, they are still vampwelf, and one should not get overly cozy with their "better than average" treatment of aliens.

• Vladdas was once incredibly active in his centennial assaults on the living, but gradually over the centuries, grew further and further secluded within his castle. Nobody is entirely certain why this is, but at the same time, no-one is excessively upset by it.

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