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The Scorched Ruby

“ATTENTION ALL QUOTILLIC MILLITARY PERSONAL WITHIN TWO WARPS! -Btzz-DEMIOTI IS UNDER ASSAULT –btzz- PLANET CRACKE –btzz- REPEAT, –btzzzz-” — Demioti Tower Destress Signal, forever playing on loop

Art by, Lammar

Dominant Residents: None
Other Residents: Quotillic (Formerly)

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Extreme heat and solar winds

Danger Level: Extreme
Purpose: Quotillic Central Command and Homeworld (Formerly)

Original Creator: CmdrCade

Physical Description

Demioti is a world most notable for the fact that it has a massive chunk of itself completely blown off. The sudden loss of mass the losing of this chunk caused created massive changes to the planets atmosphere and magnetosphere, Both of which were almost completely lost, leaving the planet without any air and exposing it to the deadly solar radiation.

This alone was already enough to take Demioti from a lush, beutiful world into a lifeless, barren rock floating in space, but almost immediately after these changes occured the planet's star suddenly expanded into a red supergiant as it neared the end of its life, which began scorching the surface of Demioti with insane heat. For these reasons, Demioti is often called a piece of the Neo's punishment domain itself and is avoided by all but the most curious, suicidal, or unluckiest crews.


Demioti was once a lush planet, full of life and the homeworld of the now extinct quotillics. It is believed to have been the center of their command and military operations, given how extensively it was destroyed. It is unknown exactly how or why, but at some point in time a species that was hostile towards the quotillics invaded the planet and fired some sort of WMD at it, which completely obliterated a large chunk of it.

This event caused cataclismic changes to demioti, including the loss of the planet's magnetosphere and atmosphere, which turned the planet into a very literal hellhole. Additionally, shortly after this event, the planets star expanded into a red supergiant and began bombarding Demioti with unbearable heat, making the planet even more inhospitable. After these events, the planet has lied abandoned for good reason, and almost all attempts to explore it has ended in the crew in question being burnt alive, save for a few automated kaikian research posts and rovers.


Pit of the Damned: The Hellhole is the impact site of the WMD that destroyed Demioti. It is a barren, plain crater with almost nothing of interest other than a few automated kaikian research posts. It is somehow even more unforgiving than the rest of Demioti, containing large pockets of lingering gamma radiation, believed to be left behind from whatever weapon caused the Pit of the Damned's creation.

The Husk: The only surviving city on Demioti, the Husk is named due to the simple fact that it is no longer a city at all- merely a lingering remnant of one, an echo of a civilization that has fallen. No-one inhabits the city and the few surviving buildings have been scorched to the point where they might as well be mere spires of obsidian. There is a single distress signal emanating from the ruins of a large tower in the center of the Husk, which has been stuck on repeat since before the planet was hit by a WMD, and has made many travelers believe there are survivors or treasures inside, leading them to their deaths at the hands of the unforgiving heat.

The Shock-Wastes: The shockwastes are the areas unlucky enough to be caught in the shockwave caused by whatever weapon hit Demioti. Any cities in the area have been almost completely leveled, leaving behind nothing but piles of rubble and, occasionally, structures that were stout enough to survive the blast. Signs of skirmishes that took place long ago are ever-present in these wastelands, showing themselves in the form of crashed attack ships or ruined tanks, and a plethora of petrified skeletons, occasionally still bearing their armor. This region extends until it hits a large mountain range that surrounds The Husk, which softened the shockwave enough for The Husk to remain relatively intact.


Scorched Land: Though this planet was once perfectly habitable, it has been transformed into a slice of hell itself by some sort of WMD. It is completely lifeless, and is constantly scorched by the super-giant star that it orbits dangerously close to.


• There is a small asteroid field of destroyed ships and debris from the planet's destruction orbiting Demioti, the most notable of which being a large warship that is completely missing its front end and resembles no known ships. It is theorized that this ship could have been responsible for launching the WMD that destroyed Demoti.

• Many theorize there is some sort of lost treasure in The Husk, which has led countless explorers and treasure hunters to burn alive on the surface of Demioti.

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