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What the Tweep?

“XXxxLyv3-L4F-L0VxxXX liked this” — Z0KBG

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Dominant Residents: Tweep
Other Residents: Kuppa, Gigne, Itzel

Fauna: Cute animals
Weather: Breezy warm weather

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Gathering spot for Tweep

Original Creator: Hichico

Physical Description

A lush green planet, calm and quiet. At least, whenever you stay away from the more tweep heavy areas. The planet has no main large continents, and is instead broken up into a series of very large archipelago with the occasional larger sea in between.


Originally founded by one, Z0KBG, F4-C3BK was created to essentially become a "secondary homeworld" for the tweeps. A planet that fit the ideals for tweeps to live in, plenty of access to coffee, cute animals, peaceful areas for rest, a corruption free non government system, and most importantly one of the fastest free internet in all the known universe.

The creation of this "secondary homeworld" was originally met with concern from various parties. It was thought that creating such a planet might disrupt the tweep way of life, as well as be seen as giving tweeps a special treatment in the universe. However these concerns were met with the assurance that the planet would live up to the standards of its backers. And thus, the planet was born to a shaky start, people were unsure of whether or not to trust a planet that made so very many promises, but soon found that the planet was in fact quite enjoyable! F4-C3BK has been a phenomenal success ever since.


Farming Villa: A series of large farming areas frequented by tweeps and itzel alike, each are centered around a large concrete square in which farmers gather each weekend to sell their produce and converse. Visitors often find that their points are worthless here, and must be converted into a special "Farm" currency if they wish to buy anything. This would be fine, however no one seems to know just how much the conversion ratio of points to farm currency exactly is.

Cutie Corner: A lush pasture area in which tweeps often gather to look at and take pictures of cute animals for the sake of posting said photos on social media. The animals in rotation are determined by the number of "Likes" they receive per week, if an animal receives too few likes, they are shipped off to "Lyke t0t3s hmanes plasz br0. Fr Shur!"

Casa Caffeina: A large town centered entirely around restaurants and coffee shops, many different species come to this location as it is quite nice and has a wonderful selection of shops to choose from. It is quite common to see kuppa in this location tending the coffee shops and handing out samples. Visitors are encouraged to leave a review and like the stores webpage to be notified about the hottest possible future deals and sales!




• The Florida Man is expressly banned from entering this planet, if you should know the current Florida Man or happen to be the current Florida Man approaching the planet will result in your arrest and the use of deadly force if necessary.

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