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Terra Electronica

“Home of the hottest, most electrifying beats in the known universe.” — Bi-Polar Electron Magazine

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Dominant Residents: Vaeri
Other Residents: Tockchau, Klannec, Tweep

Fauna: Zappy Bugs, Electrovores, Magneto-horzz
Weather: Electrified, Cool, Slightly Cloudy

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Music, Parties

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A large, cool blue and gray planet. It was once a land of blue plains and soaring mountains, framed up by vast swathes of blue forests. The skyline was, and is, always a tad overcast, though generally not enough to truly block out the sun during the shorter than average days. A rather common sight on the horizon are bolts of lightning striking either the ground or some hapless building.

Nowadays, the majority of the land is occupied by the massive metropolis also called Elektrovox, a glowing cosmopolitan expanse of towering spires bristling with lightning rods, clubs lined with glistening lights at all hours, a seemingly endless number of spotlights, and a constant thumping of music.

The planet had two continents, but they have since been bridged by urban development. Most of the sea, which makes up a significant portion of the surface, is still untouched, dotted with numerous islands that are generally less built up than the main continents. The seas are noted for being a turbulent mess the majority of the time, due to the planet's peculiar atmospheric conditions.

Said atmospheric conditions include a disproportionate amount of electrical activity in the upper atmosphere, which makes landing on the planet somewhat perilous, though there are established protocols for that.


Originally a no-name backwater, similarly colonized by a bunch of hard-nosed no-name colonists who just wanted to get away from people. At some point, an esteemed, and mildly eccentric musician and business owner moved onto the planet, and was inspired by the electrical atmosphere, to build a club on the planet. He invited some of the most famous musicians of the day to his club, which attracted fans of their music, and things quickly snowballed from there. In but a few short centuries, the planet became the booming, glowing urb it is today.


Section 7: The high-end part of the metropolis, dubbed 'Diamond Section', and filled with all of the hittest clubs and bars. Out of all the places on the planet, it is the most abuzz and aglow with the lights and sounds of the city's zeitgeist. Most prominent here, is Club Heterodyne, the very same club that set the world's course, a massive installation several stories tall and covered in glowing neon and chrome. Aside from the clubs it's also filled with High-end stores filled with all sorts of expensive stuff, and high-end apartments, filled with people capable of spending at those stores.

Section 19: The more low-end, middle class part of the city, it's quieter and slower than the rest of the city, though that's not saying much. Unlike most parts of the city Section 19 still has remnants of the city's more humble past, in the form of simpler, more working-class friendly establishments, and less neon.

Club Zedromeda: A Zeus ship repurposed to serve as a flying Nightclub. It is the most exclusive and popular club on the planet, albeit it's hovering several thousand miles above it. It's generally found in the higher parts of the atmosphere, coming down on special occasions, or simply to get a re-supply.


It's Electric: The planet's atmosphere is constantly 'buzzing' with electricity, this can have some odd effects on people, but the general feeling is 'energetic'. Robots though, are generally irritated by it, equating to a constant itch, that also sometimes wipes out portions of your memory.


• The planet is THE place to be for party and musically inclined sorts. For this reason, the planet tends to be filled with wanna-be musicians and artists who want to make it into the 'Big Time'. It is similarly filled with Music Company execs, fighting over the latest up-and-comers.

• Some rumors persist that on one of the islands is a cult to some sort of lightning spirit. Some of these rumors even suggest that the cult has infiltrated the ruling class of the planet. Some of the more condemning rumors point to Club Zedromeda as a front and recruiting ground for this cult, the club management, of course, denies such allegations.

• B100Screen rated this planet 0/10, for having too much electricity. Subsequently he was banned forever, which lasted for 50 years, when he was finally forced to apologize on tweeper.

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