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β€œIt's a strange space base, that's pretty much all I can say.” β€” Local visting tourist

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Dominant Residents: L-Tariok
Other Residents: Galactic visitors and Spacers of all species.

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Air-conditioned to comfortably fit as many different species as possible.

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Unknown/None

Original Creator: Neferius Nexus

Physical Description

L-Tarioks come from Elltalpha. It is a rather gigantic space station, and is the largest and oldest space station controlled by the L-Tarioks. It consists mainly of four sections: A gigantic power core, providing energy to both the station and the occupants, a residential bay for the L-Tarioks themselves to live in, a guest and commerce bay, and an armory and military zone left over from the old days of the L-Tarioks' original deployment. Each of these areas is in its own wing, giving the station a + shape. In the central hub is a formidable defense system, usually turned off.


Rumours of the origins of this mysterious space-station range from an abandoned notail experimental facility built for the purpose of experimenting with prunus DNA, to a former athonae colony meant to defend against the abominations unleashed by the notail on the universe. The few extremely resourceful hackers and spies have over time gleamed valuable tidbits of data which seem to indicate the station and it's inhabitants have been engineered from the ground up with a very precise purpose: to counter and cleanse any and all outbreaks of the clockwork virus.


Power Core: Seems to rely on a "perpetuum mobile drive" capable of extracting energy directly from an unknown area of space. Seeing as how the exact design has not been successfully replicated by it's inhabitants or anyone else for that matter, the area is heavily guarded.

Central Hub: Functions as a makeshift senate floor and a fully equipped battle-station in times of crisis. The controls within the Hub are capable of controlling the station's integrated defense matrix, and even relocate the station should the need arise. Though that would instantly drain the station's power reserves and leave it dead in the water for a good few days.

Commerce Bay: Filled with the bustling of tourists and less annoying visitors from all the corners of the universe, the commerce bay is actually home to quite a few shops selling everything from priceless antiques to semi-legal genetic enhancement serums. In times of great need, the L-Tarioks have been known to temporarily reclaim the shop spaces in order to provide housing and facilities for many refugees.

While the central hub may be the brain of the station and the power core it's heart pumping precious life-blood, the commerce bay is it's soul and a small citadel-city onto it's own.


Space-station integrated defense matrix: The station is equipped with internal automated sentries to fight off any would-be invaders or particularly virulent infections.

It's external defenses are even more formidable, featuring a space-warping deflector shield, solid-photon cannons and a squad of unmanned attack drones. Even the kheiron have learned to not attempt the suicidal task of invading Elltalpha.


• Many are willing to pay a handsome sum for even a bit of info on the power core.

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