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Bring Your Own Atmosphere

“A thousand years ago it was just some rock, but now? It's home.” — Unknown

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Dominant Residents: Prunus
Other Residents: Varies

Fauna: Domestics and passive fauna
Weather: Sunny with occasional showers

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Colonization experiment, trading, agriculture

Original Creator: Voidtraipser

Physical Description

Freco-ofit was originally known for being an uninhabited moon orbiting a supermassive silicate world, and was only visited as a pit stop for deep space traders and the rare pirate crew. However at some point a group of prunus scientists conspired to experiment on the moon to see if barren worlds without an atmosphere could be turned into lush garden worlds. While they were laughed at in their sector of space they succeeded.

Today freco-ofit sits in orbit around it's gem-like host world colored in verdant hues. Large clusters of persephone ships and miscellaneous colonization pods or domes sit in regions of the planet while forests of prunii grow nearby. Ponds and lakes dot it's surface where the hades ships of the colonizers dug it's mineral scattered crust to pay for the investment the planet was. Some aren't filled but are listed on the local government's site as a later fill site.


Freco-ofit initially began as a conceptual project between a group of prunus scientists wondering if it was possible to create a communally geared planet out of a barren one. At the start, a single, self-sustaining colony pod was landed. It was then operated until a second pod was landed, and the two connected. Anyone was welcome to join, regardless of their grouping, as long as they could supply their own atmosphere, and connect to the primary colony pod.

The community grew until power was diverted from all pods to make a series of shield-based barriers to prevent matter from sublimating. A grid of ship shielding was erected to assist this. Gas tanks were built and when the settlement had what it was needed the first atmosphere was formed. All pods were still pressurized and contained units, but the atmospheric formation stage had begun.

The third stage was marked by the formation of larger scale atmospheres until the point where it was considered worth forming a global one. Almost all pods stopped bothering with pressurization except for those who felt a need for it. The first major terraformation, farming, and the introduction of a precipitation system began here. Near the end of it the planet had a few biomes in place.

The stability stage was where ecosystems were introduced and new settlements were founded with local government permission. Nomadic communes on the planet began during this stage.


Pod City: The capital city of freco-ofit is situated in a crater and composed of hundreds upon hundreds of shipping crates, habitat modules, and homes. The capital is encapsulated in a dome although the locals have casual dispute as to whether it is a protection from planetary emergencies or just for the novelty of having a dome on a formerly barren world. Most will still agree in the end that it's a symbol of the planet's culture and history, and probably a protective measure in the improbable event of planetary disaster.

Oldtown Station: This location is the original space station that orbited the moon known today as freco-ofit. It bears many scars from repeated territorial disputes, assaults, and the near countless renovations that were made since it was placed in orbit. Today it stands as a small town, staging point for shuttles to the surface, trading station, but most of all a museum to the founding of the planetary experiment. Most visitors refer to it as "an odd patchwork."

Scarpheap: A slowly growing abandoned town. During colonization the various settlements dotting the barren rock grew in size and complexity, and this inevitably led to sociopolitical and other internal conflicts. Scrapheap is notorious for such issues to the point that when it was actively populated there would be frequent emigrations for a less volatile environment. Currently it is the planet's junkyard and is only populated by those serving out community service sentences in the form of reclamation work, and the sanitation employees running the area.




• A few other worlds were colonized with the same bring your own atmosphere plan, although none have achieved the same popularity or success.

• Around only five percent of the planet remains barren, and it is estimated there will not be long before it is fully transformed into a meadow world due to the still growing biosphere.

• The prunus people make up the largest demographic of the planet, and are incentivized to settle their roots on-world due to their unique contributions to a self-sustaining ecosystem. The planet does not have a formal majority despite this, and is often phrased as a "melting pot world."

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