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β€œIt's time, to d-d-d-d-ddddddddecide which of our rental PGMs you'd like to take with you during your stay! I must again recommend the S-K, model, with the latest Delphik Digital Surround Sound...” β€” Front desk staff at the 2D6 Hotel, making sure a guest is properly equipped before heading out to explore Foyer.

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Dominant Residents: Toreka
Other Residents: Gigne, Geckrechaun, Delphik

Fauna: Sangoisse, Superb monike, Seizing birds, Octopups
Weather: Tropical climate with mild weather

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Homeworld of the toreka, and nonstop social gaming destination.

Original Creator: Schazer

Physical Description

Foyer is a planet studded with archipelagos, both natural coral reefs and torekan-engineered islands. All available land is heavily built up with multi-storey buildings, though most are thoughtfully designed with spaces that allow nature to flourish among the steel and glass.


The toreka had not moved beyond simple tool use, or for that matter beyond the shelter of their little cluster of lagoons, until the early AI era when a fleet of downed spacecraft caught their imaginations.

The technology on board, including a Selene unit who was sufficiently undamaged by the crash to be eventually reactivated, accelerated the toreka's cultural advancement. They reverse-engineered a range of technology on board for their own use, including a Circe chassis, notail mask screens, and inventory systems. Other than these quality-of-life improvements, most technological development went into enhancing the games the toreka played.

Foyer was periodically visited by ships during the Cooldown era, being a well-kept secret among a select few spacefaring game masters as a relaxing getaway to test their gaming prowess against a planet full of worthy rivals. When the planet was finally "officially" discovered, quite a few influential individuals stepped forward to advocate for the peaceful integration of the toreka into interstellar society. As a result, Foyer remains a prosperous, cosmopolitan hub and popular entertainment destination.


The 2D6 Hotel: All visitors to Foyer receive free accommodation at the 2D6, the planet's largest hotel. Like all locations on Foyer, it's also a game, albeit a very simple one that any visitor can take part in. All hotel guests have to roll two dice each day they stay in the hotel, and move that many rooms over. Optional extras include purchasing a starting room number which minimises the chance of suddenly sharing your room one night with a bunch of strangers. Duels will still spontaneously happen in the hallways of the hotel, but not more so than any other public space on Foyer.

Ludotech Mall: Consumerism capital of Foyer, gleaming showrooms market the hottest new games from Aglawjian Labs and top-of-the-line PGMs, alongside entertainment technology from around the universe. Individuals looking to be the first to acquire newly-released gadgets may queue outside these flagship stores days in advance.

Drifting Market: A sprawling collection of rafts and repurposed watercraft which drifts from island to island. Here, independent traders and artists sell collectible cards, prebuilt decks, second-hand PGMs, and mods kits or upgrades for gaming mats. Duels are a regular occurrence here as people haggle over prices, or decide who gets the single copy of a rare out-of-print card which just arrived in stock this morning. The largest derelicts are multi-storey auction houses, where a range of rare or dubiously-legal goods not necessarily relating to gaming are also traded.


Marine-o Party: Almost every available square inch of land on Foyer is made available for people to play games on, and almost every game in the universe will have a space on Foyer where its fans can meet up and have a friendly match or three.

Entire island chains are set aside for games with an especially large following. This is mainly so the game's subsequent variety of house rules and play formats can all be accommodated for.


• The remains of the downed fleet are preserved in a poorly-signposted but well-maintained museum located in the basement of Ludotech Mall.

• A range of transport options suiting all budgets are available for travelling between regions on Foyer, including public light rail, ferries, floating footbridges, and private aerial taxis. Other than the taxis, all transit areas are still considered fair ground for a game to take place, and are laid out to accommodate most PGM layouts.

• Foyer's sun is a radio star, a pulsar emitting constant radio waves with no discernible pattern. The relatively late discovery of Foyer by the interstellar community is credited to this star, which served to mask communications unintentionally transmitted away from Foyer in their own nonsense broadcast.

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