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Sports capital of the universe

“I hate everything about this stupid planet! The noise, the crowds, the STUPID games they play...why couldn't they have just left us alone?!” — Annoyed soledade

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Dominant Residents: None

Fauna: Small mammals and birds that thrive in urban areas
Weather: Mild in most places; some areas have occasional monsoons and flooding

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Sports hub

Original Creator: Gold

Physical Description

Enys is a small planet with pleasant weather and low gravity. Most of the planet's surface is covered with hotels and sports arenas, and its central attraction is its capital, which hosts annual sports events famed throughout the cosmos. At this gathering, representatives from each species compete in a variety of events for prizes and glory. Thanks to its advantageous location around its star, the planet has very mild weather, with little variation in temperatures or seasonal change, making it an idyllic place to relax and watch a few games. However, although it is home to a broad base of the mostly sports-obsessed population, the planet also has a few peaceful rural areas, perfect for the travelers who may not necessarily be very enthused about sports.


Enys was first discovered in the early spacefaring days of the soledade. A wholly unoccupied and beautiful world easily suitable for farming, Enys soon became home to a number of isolated soledades that fell in love with the untouched paradise.

Of course, it was not to last. Opportunistic outsiders, seeing tremendous potential for residential development in a mostly uninhabited and mild world, soon began construction of many communities all over the planet. Because of Enys's low gravity, various games taking advantage of it became popular among the locals, and word of these games spread to outsiders, triggering the planet's growth into the thriving sports hub that it is today.

After year-round sports seemed to depress tourism, the planet's administration switched to having an annual competition known merely as the Games. While the first Games were a relatively fun, low-profile affair, the Games quickly gained notoriety and became increasingly competitive. Enys's development soon skyrocketed, with its capital, Olympia, becoming an enormous metropolis, and most of the rest of the planet becoming urban sports centers as well. As the Games have become famed more throughout the universe, Enys has become incredibly diverse, with representatives from almost every species participating in its events.

It is said that some of the early soledade settlers to Enys are still there today, incredibly unhappy with what the planet has become.


Olympia: Capital of Enys and extremely large, this city is home to the annual Games, where members of each species compete in many athletic feats and contests. Because it attracts tourists from all over the universe, Olympia is a crowded mess overflowing with traffic during the season of the Games, but in the offseason, it is relatively empty, and training athletes make up much of its remaining population.

Marshes: Civilization, likely haven't touched a few areas of the planet because of the wet, marshy ground and occasional flooding that renders them unsuitable for any structure. These marshes are a haven for those who might not be all that enthused about sports and are home to both peaceful farmers and incredibly annoyed soledade hermits.

Stadium: Generic settlers who somehow ended up on Enys, disliking the varied and exciting nature of its attractions, promptly established their own settlement which is isolated from all the others, called "Stadium." A vacation hub for generics across the galaxy, this city is, as its name implies, one enormous stadium where the thrilling generic game, "Sport," is played at regular intervals. Non-generics who have watched this game be played have described it as "the stupidest thing I've ever seen" and "a game that hardly qualifies as a game in the first place," but it attracts plenty of spectators nonetheless.


Low gravity: The acceleration due to gravity on this planet is about 1/3 the universal average, allowing for athletic feats that would be impossible on most other planets.


• The Games are often subject to extreme scandals, usually caused by overly invested athletes willing to do anything to win. Incidents have ranged from "merely" mind-controlling the judges to poisoning all opposing teams; at one point, the entire planet was shut down in the search for one time traveling cheater.

• A black market sports hub exists in the slums of Olympia, where sports that have been outlawed for being too dangerous or too deadly are played in secret. While most of the overeager warriors who participate in these games are promptly killed, those who consistently emerge victoriously tend to become extraordinarily wealthy. This hub is also a center for gamblers, some of which are former combatants themselves.

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