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The Door

β€œIt's just a door. It isn't even part of a house, it's just... there...” β€” A visitor to Eden

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Dominant Residents: None

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Always clear skies

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: A single door.

Original Creator: Notailfacts

Physical Description

Eden is an extremely barren place, and the only interesting aspect is a single door. The Door is extremely normal, without any unique aspects. The Door isn't attached to anything.


Nobody knows how The Door got there, and it is unlikely anyone will ever figure out who put it there, if it was even put there by someone.


The Door: The Door can appear anywhere on Eden, it being random. If someone were to open The Door, they would be led to a random area, or will sometimes just find that The Door doesn't lead anywhere. It is impossible to go back through The Door once you have closed the door it sent you through, occasionally stranding people on other planets. Sometimes The Door may not even be present on Eden, and will have mysteriously disappeared.


Off: When people visit Eden, they report it as having an "unatural and wrong" atmosphere. Many people leave as quickly as they can when they figure out that Eden doesn't have anything on it.


• Some people report The Door sometimes taking them to the past or the future, but many of these people were already deemed mad, and none of their claims should be taken seriously. The Door cannot timetravel, it has been tested. However it does seem the door might be able to alter one's mind to make them believe they have time traveled.

• There have been some attempts to destroy The Door, but whenever it has been destroyed, it has always reappeared when someone else visits Eden.

• The door on Eden is listed as an anomaly, but as it causes no major problems, well, most of the time, there have been no attempts to contain and get rid of it offically.

• There have been many attempts to live on Eden, but most people and their houses disappear without a trace within a few days.

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