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Draco / Edgelord / Crybaby

“Is that? A man? An edgy man who can snap me in half? Hellooooo sir!~” — Draco, A few seconds before disaster

Art by, Dr9com9ge

  • Strength-9
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-9
  • Luck-0

Likes: Spiders, Cats, Ginger ale, Literally any spider species (Darknidows especially), Arises, Eros units, Apollo units,
Dislikes: Wouldn‘t you like to know weather boy?
Pronouns: He/Him
Gay?: Very
Commissions: Open!

[Crybaby] Negative trait
[Scatterbrained] Negative trait
"I forgot what I was typing—"
[Self-hatred] Negative trait
"Truly I am a blight on this very universe"
[Smitten] Neutral trait
"This is a nicer way to say simp I guess"
[Childish] Neutral trait
"I unfortunately still laugh at fart jokes."
[Humorous] Positive trait
[Protective] Positive trait
[Detrivore] Positive trait
"Thats alot of mircowave eggs buddy."
[Edgy man Magnet] Mystery trait
"The victims of the simpery"
[Misfortune] Ability trait
"Haha because Misfortuna!"

What you‘re actually reading?

Hi hello I am Draco no I am not a doctor but I will steal hearts! Literally. I will take the fist sized organ from inside of people. I have no charm what so ever to do that metaphorically But uh I draw stuff and write occasionally! I also continuously simp over edgy buff men! I also really like pink- Pink is nice I love pink.

I also just have a severe case of Fortuna/Cosmosdex brainrot

I got no clue what I‘m doing. But I‘m happy to be here!

You are still here??

Well. Uh… Good on you for being patient?? I would talk at length about Illusorii, Vixelsplick and Nukotii lore but those are tales for another day… And I am bad at writing things down

Thanks for visting! Have a lovely day!

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Artist of:
Vixelsplick | Darknidow | Illusorii |

Nukotii |

Squibbin | Yellwhale | Mystal |

Callisto |

Ceramici |


• I made Misfortuna and uh will get back to it eventually!

• I am but a giant spider.

• I really like Ginger ale and soda. I wanna drink one of those pink ramune but I can‘t find any.

• Hot weather sucks and I wish to sit in a fridge

• Full of wrath and vengeance, will bite.

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