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The Universe got Talent

“Innovation. Adaptation. Unity.” — Gorson motto

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Dominant Residents: Scretsen

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Highly varies

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: The scretsen homeworld.

Original Creator: TangledAlmond

Physical Description

Scretsens originate from the planet Gorson, a planet that is half land, half ocean. The land half is dotted with lakes and the ocean half is dotted with islands but it is still estimated that there is an equal amount of landmass and water mass on the planet. Scretsens are primarily terrestrial, and so inhabit the landmass. The official name for the stretch where land and sea meet is called the Riverine Equator, but is colloquially referred to as the Boundless Coast, while the points on the land and ocean halves furthest from their opposite half are called the Land Pole and the Sea Pole, respectively.

Land is split up by the scretsens into districts, each one with a different "theme" that serves to categorize each special talent. For example, there is a space travel district populated by scretsens with skills that would come in handy on a spaceship or in interacting with aliens. There are many districts, and each district consists of multiple towns and cities. The biggest district is the general district, which consists of schools and resources devoted to helping scretsens hone their special talent, as well as many marketplaces and the government capitol. Scretsen children are sent here to learn about their special talent at the specialty schools, and after graduation a scretsen is sent to the district most appropriate for their talent.

Due to how many scretsens want to share their talents with the universe, many choose to leave their home planet, and so they are a fairly abundant species. One would be hard-pressed to find one with a specific talent though, due to how few scretsens have the same talent.


Not important / Unknown.


Tourism district: This district is specifically catered to servicing interstellar travelers. It is full of shops and services dedicated to providing those traveling on spaceships with what they need, and also many places facilities such as restaurants and theaters made to let scretsens show off their talents to those deciding to visit the planet. All places are run by scretsens who are masters at their craft. This district was made to welcome visitors to the planets, and with the incredible specialized talent of the scretsens, it does this extremely well.

Space travel district: This is the Gorson district which specializes in researching and developing new advancements in space travel. While you may not be able to find general supplies here, it is a very good place to go if you are interested in buying new ships or ship upgrades, or hiring an engineer for your crew. Most of the scretsens here do not have talents related to interacting with others though, so they may be more socially quirky than those in the tourism district.

General district: The general district is where young scretsens receive their education and find out how to hone their talents. It also houses the residential area and the government capitol. Going here could be a good way to recruit scretsens of all kinds of talents, or to talk to the scretsen government for whatever reason.


Geography: The Land Pole and Sea Pole are fascinating places geographically. Situated on the Land Pole is Gorson's highest point, the peak of a volcano known as the Rubino Volcano. Conversely, Gorson's lowest point is at a location deep underwater known as the Zaffiro Trench, located at the Sea Pole. Despite the scretsen's advancements in exploration, these locations have shown to be far too treacherous and deep to explore, and so not much more is known about them.

A legend commonly woven by scretsen storytellers tells of two legendary beasts lurking deep within these places, one god of the land and one god of the sea, who fought long ago against each other, vying for dominance. Evenly matched, they retreated into their respective lairs to rest and build energy for the day when they will finally emerge and settle the score. This, the legends say, is why there is an almost equal amount of land and water on the planet.


• Some hunters have been exploring the planet, hoping to find the gods of legend.

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