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Flowered Folk / Junk Collectors

“Nature's trash cans.” — A comedian

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  • Strength-9
  • Intelligence-9
  • Charisma-2
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-2

Common Jobs: Janitors, Artists, Heavy lifters, Historians
Likes: Junk, Gemstones, Mirrors, Precious metals
Dislikes: Fire, Darkness, Pollution

Attack Method: Throw heavy objects at their opponents. Always tries to keep their distance.

Homeplanet: Unknown/Not Important
Lifespan: 2500 years
Size: 5 ft tall
Diet: Water, Light

Bodytype: Tangle
Type: Plantoid
Social Class: Middle Class
Rarity: Uncommon
Common Traits
[Bio-luminescent] Neutral trait
This character emits light naturally.
[Never Sleeps] Positive trait
This character will never sleep and will not have any ill effects due to lack of sleep. Restrictions: This trait is restricted to kuppas and other species who naturally do not sleep. No other species can have this trait.
[Extreme Hoarding] Negative trait
This character is an hoarder to the highest level. They may or may not be aware of how much their hoard has taken over their life and if they do know they simply do not care or feel they have gone too far to go back. This character will become very distressed if any bit of their hoard is taken with or without their permission. While this character will regain both sanity and morale when with their hoard due to it being commonly a safe spot, they will suffer heavy damage to both if anything is taken. They will also likely take up a lot of space with their hoard.

Phylum have a trilogy of gods, one for the sun, one for water, and one for the air. The three gods represent the phylum's necessities and, as such, are revered as the bringers of life.

Gods: Neo, Radical, Sleeper

Original Creator: bappitybapcat

Physical Description

Phylum are rather strange creatures. They would be most generally described as sentient plants who build their own translucent shells, but this description doesn't give the species justice. The species, is, just a sentient vine that tries to be more that the mere plant that it is, but the way they overcome this is the strange thing about them. Instead of somehow manipulating a different organism into working for them, they make haphazard bodies of their own.

They start out as simply balls of vines that creep across the ground, looking desperately for some sort of glass or plastic to protect themselves with. They continue with this process until they've collected enough glass or other such translucent material to go about building themselves a body. Their bodies are just shells made of shards of see-through or reflective junk that they hold together with their many tendrils. They can make their shells into any form they can think up, but typically they have bipedal forms that are reminiscent of a notail. Since the shell is only held together by the phylum's vines, they are, generally, not very durable. If a phylum's shell is under too much strain, the phylum will usually let go of the shards that make up their shell or fling them out as projectiles if a damageable thing is causing them the strain.

As phylum are plants, they lack vocal chords, and thus, the ability of verbal communication. Thankfully, phylum usually either have detailed enough shells to perform sign language or they simply use their vines as makeshift fingers. Phylum also typically have small, bio luminescent flowers that grow on their vines that they can cover and reveal to flash out messages to others. This is often used by phylum when visibility is an issue, or it isn't feasible for them to use sign language.


Phylum are usually rather docile and friendly towards everyone unless they pose an immediate threat to their well being. Phylum also can't usually tell people apart from one another unless they have distinctive silhouettes, making some of their reactions seem incorrect at times. Some people because of this fact often take advantage of phylum who couldn't tell that they'd already met the person. Despite this, phylum continue their habit of being trusting and sociable to all that they meet.

Phylum are also compulsive hoarders, having an affinity to anything reflective or shiny, even if they can't incorporate it into their shells. They like gemstones and metals for this reason and will often go out of their way just to get another to add to their collection, even if that means breaking a few laws. Many people assume that phylum only steal things because they can't see that someone already owns them, and while this is partially true, some phylum are able to exploit this stereotype to its fullest.

They are usually rather crafty and often make sculptures of other types of three-dimensional art. Phylum generally record their history and current news in this way as reading from a written page can be somewhat unsettling for them. Because of this, they stay away from libraries and bookshops unless absolutely necessary and will opt to use digital versions of whatever they are trying to do unless none are available.


Nothing notable.


Rhodelum: These are phylum who grow rose-like flowers on their vines instead of the bio luminescent lights on normal phylum. Since the flowers on rhodelum aren't bio luminescent, their only form of communication is sign language. Besides their flowers, rhodelum are identical to phylum, and could easily pass as a phylum if they trimmed their flowers off.


Strobe lights: Phylum can rapidly cover and uncover all the lights along their body, which when paired with their shells can produce something like a strobe effect. They often only use this as a last defense though as continually doing this for extended periods of time can be quite tiring.


• While lacking any typical eyes, phylum are able to see in black and white by figuring out how effective photosynthesis is throughout their body and concluding where the most and least light must be.

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